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Paul Pressey

Paul is a committed husband, father, coach, and mentor. Having grown up in a financially tough situation, he has overcome poverty and the slim odds of making an NBA roster. He started his college career at the junior college level. Due to his impressive work ethic and...
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Business Coach : Progress Like Pressey

Business Coach : Progress Like Pressey -Daniel McKenna here. Folks, today, Clay Clark, one of the business mentors, will be sitting down with the highly intelligent and successful Paul Pressey. He’ll be talking to us about deciding to thrive every day you are...
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Why You Need to Buy Life Insurance

If you die today is your family taken care of? Learn from business coach Clay Clark breaks down why you need to buy life insurance to make sure you are doing the responsible thing and taking care of you family even after you are gone....

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Pt 1 – 7 Steps to Increase Sales by 700% This Year

Are you looking for ways to grow your sales? Do not let your sales system be dependent on YOU. Join the best business coach team, Clay Clark and Dr. Zoellner for the specific action steps you can implement to increase sales and scale your business. STEP 1 –...
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Business Coach Homepage

Dr. Robert Zoellner ThriveTime Show CEO / Optometrist / Entrepreneur / Venture Capitalist Clay Clark Founder of ThriveTime Show / U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year GAIN TIME&FINANCIAL FREEDOM The World’s Highest Reviewed Business...
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The Road From Richmond To The NBA – Episode 3 – Part 2

Paul Pressey has been here with us at Thrive15 sharing his success story of becoming an NBA coach. Watch this episode where Paul Pressey talks about the journey of becoming one of the greatest coaches of the NBA. Business coach and Thrive visioneer Clay Clark begin...
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