If you are unduly nervous, turn it around make your vulnerability an asset.

If you are unduly nervous, turn it around make your vulnerability an asset.

Clay Clark, former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and Business Coach, has been sought after by many businesses for his expert strategies and marketing tools. Businesses such as Boeing, Barber Cookies, Farmers Insurance, Bama Companies have all received Clark’s strategies and taken their businesses to the next level. You don’t have to be an established big business to utilize these services. Clark has designed it so it is affordable for every business. Check out their website to see some of the testimonies of those he has helped, the Thrivetimeshow.com. 7 Steps to quitting your day job and starting your dream job. That sounds like a winning topic. This subject and thousands more are discussed on the radio show hosted by Clay Clark and Dr Z. These two personalities share a dry sense of humor. When combined with brutal honesty, informative topics and shared business strategies, these two turn a dry subject for radio into a hilarious 2 hour tour. The Thrivetime Show is a radio show you as an entrepreneur do not want to skip. It is basically like having a business coach in your car, at your home, in the office, really anywhere you can listen to the radio. And if you don’t get an Enough Of them they’re you can find them on the iTunes business podcast. I would highly recommend that you subscribe and write a review that way you get notified every time there is a new episode. You can also go online and fill out a form to get a free business code consultation To help you identify where you are currently atVersus where you want to be in your business. This is your year to stop surviving to start thriving, the choice is yours.

– Michael Levine


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