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The Power of Rich Habits

This month Clay had all of the business coach team read Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals. There are 10 habits that Thomas Corley gives for anyone looking to live a successful life. This week I implemented 2 of the Rich Habits into my schedule. The first one was Rich Habit #1: I will form good daily habits and follow these good daily habits every day. The second Rich Habit I implemented was Rich Habit #2: I will set goals for each day, for each month, for each year and for the long-term. I will focus on my goals each and every day. 

Rich Habit number one forced me to look at my daily activities and find where I have been dropping the ball, this is an uncomfortable task to do because I have to look at where I went wrong and dive into the problem. In the past I have always acknowledged something went wrong but decided to move forward and forget about the issue, telling myself I’ll do better next time with no plan or actionable step to course correct. Throughout the week I have been observing my daily patterns and have a list of my top four bad habits and inverted them into good habits. Instead of just telling myself to do better and making the same mistakes over again I now have 4 actions I can do every day to fix my poor habits and turn them into stepping stones to help me succeed each day. This habit has been difficult to implement because it requires me diligently following the good habits EVERY DAY. After I had made the list I was surprised at how simple the bad habits are to correct, you just do the opposite of what you have been doing. 


The success I am seeing isn’t lofty or unattainable, it is diligently repeating good habits every day, and then the next day and the next day too.


Rich Habit number two is a habit my husband (who is also a business coach) and I are making together, we each have the daily goals we work on every day and we have a whiteboard in our office with our long term goals but we did not measure how our daily goals were moving us toward our long term goals. We have now set aside an hour on the 1st Sunday of every month to go over the tasks that need to be completed that month to move us forward with our path. By sitting down 1 hour a month we connected our daily goals to our long term goals and can course-correct month by month on what we have done, what hasn’t worked, what we need to change, what we need to do in the upcoming month. 

I have implemented two of the rich habits and by doing so have had a more productive week,. Now, instead of shoving my faults to the side and just going about my day I look at my business coach habits list and choose a good habit to work on each day. My husband and I by sitting down and making monthly goals for September are about to move into a home we enjoy and hit one of our fun goals. We wouldn’t have known we could take this next step so soon if we had not sat down, looked at our next goal, and broken down the steps with end dates. The success I am seeing isn’t lofty or unattainable, it is diligently repeating good habits every day, and then the next day and the next day too. Thank you, Jonathan Kelly and Clay Clark.

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