Wins of the Week | The Bronson Schubert (State Farm Insurance) Success Story

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Insurance Agent, Bronson Schubert shares how he has been able to increase his sales by 100% while experiencing the best month that he’s ever had in the past 5 years as a result of implementing sales scripting, sales systems and the business coaching systems created and documented by Clay Clark in his Amazon best-selling book, Start Here.

  1. We will teach you the systems, we’ll guide you down the path and help you to do what you can’t do for less money than it costs to hire a full-time $10 per hour employee. But, nothing works unless you do.
  2. Bronson Owns a State Farm agency in Edmond Oklahoma and has been doing the coaching program for a couple of months now. He is a diligent-doer who is implementing what we are teaching which means he is making copious amounts of cash.
  3. Wins:
    1. This January was the best month they’ve ever had in business out of 5 years
    2. They experienced 100% of production growth in January for both car and life insurance
    3. They sold twice the amount of car insurance policies
    4. Our office has a positive atmosphere. Employees are having fun and celebrating when we make sales.
    5. They’ve implemented call scripting. Having that in place allows their new people to get up to speed faster. They had a new guy go through the script twice and already sounded better than someone who has worked there for months.
    6. The scripts have helped build their employees confidence and got them selling quicker.
    7. “The coaching has been a great fit for me because you all have already been successful. I want to learn from people who are better than me and who are already successful.”
    8. They are in the top of their industry out of the entire company.
    9. They have been a successful and award-winning business for 5 years and now they are pouring gasoline on the already raging fire.

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