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Why do people suffer from boredom? Why do people get bored? Every single person has a career and a family with events, gatherings to attend, or some type of responsibility.  With all of that going on, how could anyone be bored? This is something that I have been mulling around in the back of my mind for a while. I cannot tell you the last time “I’m bored” was uttered out of my mouth. Now, does that mean I’m crazy? (…maybe, but let’s not tug on that thread!). Anytime I have ever heard the phrase “I’m bored” come out of someone’s mouth, it never comes from someone that doesn’t have a job and spends all day watching grass grow. Every single person has a career (oftentimes their own business) and most of the time even a family, they all have things going on so with all of that how could anyone be bored? 

The majority of humanity goes through life without knowing their true north or their life’s purpose. Most people (not you, of course!) have never been intentional about planning out their lives or had huge, audacious goals that they are working towards. If you have not done this, chances are pretty dang high that you have never actually sat down and planned out your day in order to be sure you are working towards those goals, because why would you? Here lies the problem. By default, people will not plan their weekdays, let alone be intentional about their weekends, so then they find themselves just going through the motions of life and becoming stagnant in personal development. 

Anything you want to grow or improve takes one thing, which is focus. Whether you want to improve your relationship with your spouse, be a better parent, grow a business, travel the world, build something with your bare hands (insert Tim Allen man growl here), or anything else, you have to have a plan because without a plan, you suffer from boreDUMB (see what I did there?). 

Whatever you want to no longer be in your life, all you need to do is to not spend any energy or focus on it and let it die. Whether it is your faith, your family, career, friendships, relationships, pets (GASP), or anything else, a lack of focus equals death. On the flip side, anything you focus on will improve and prosper. So, set goals you can work toward and set small achievable DAILY tasks for yourself. Just by completing these on a daily basis, you’ll start to gain momentum which makes accomplishing the next task even easier. When you start to gain momentum, or gain traction towards your goals, checking things off becomes fun! Whereas, the longer you put it off the more overwhelming everything seems and you slip into the dreaded “boredom” phase.

Make sure you are going through life each and every single day with a compass, with purpose, with intention. Otherwise you too will suffer from the terrible, success killing disease known (now) as borDUMB.

October 21st, 2019

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