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Give Up On People Faster

As a business owner or manager, one of your core jobs is helping mentor and train those around you. This causes your business to be stronger, makes the people on your team better, and makes you a stronger and better leader. To mentor and train someone, you have to invest the most precious thing anyone has, time. The honest truth is that not everyone is worth your time and you need to move on. Give up on people not valuing your time and investment faster. 

We live in a world where businesses act like a church, continuously trying to help people. They are wanting to give people a second, third, and sometimes even a fourth chance before giving up on them. Many people are not worth this investment. No matter how much time, effort, and knowledge are poured into them, they just are not going to do anything. Give up on people faster! Learn to spot these kinds of people to avoid wasting your time with ungrateful, unworthy people. 

Some people are worth your investment. They are worth mentoring, teaching, helping, and investing your time and energy. These people absorb everything that you are teaching them like a sponge. They are grateful for learning, they write things down, they actually implement and make changes, but the ones that don’t are just clogging up your life. 

Now, if you are asking yourself, “Self, how do I spot these people faster?” Let me give you a few clear warning signs of these people:

  1. Always ask for advice but never actually follow it.
  2. Never write anything down.
  3. Seems to never learn from their mistakes.
  4. Ask the same question SIXTEEN THOUSAND FREAKING TIMES! (I’m not upset)
  5. Show up late to anything and everything.
  6. Their name is Skylar. (Just kidding to any Skylar’s out there….maybe…)

All of these traits show that they do not value your time or advice, so do not give it to them! Learn to mentor deep and few not wide and shallow. Focus your energy and attention on those that value your wisdom and investment. 

You are probably thinking, “Dear God – this is more harsh than the other Rhinopreneur posts I have read!” To this I say, “You’re welcome”. 

Stop trying to change or save people, unless you are a church. Jesus is much better at that than you. Just give up on people faster – I bet you are better at that than Jesus!

December 11th, 2020

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