Passion is Sexy

There is nothing sexier than passion. WOAH! Before you get uncomfortable and start to shift your eyes from side to side to see if anyone is silently judging you for reading something so risque, let me explain my point. Because, let’s be honest, that’s why you read these blogs, right?! 

Passion is attractive. You can’t lead without it. People latch onto it and crave being around it.  

Why is this? People cannot help but get caught up in the purpose that comes when someone has passion and shares it with the world.

Hitler, for example, had a massive following. He had a vision, was passionate, and effectively communicated that passion. NO, I AM NOT CALLING HITLER  SEXY but you get my point. Dude led a horrible cause, yet with passion so people followed. Now, for a much better, happier example that we can all relate to – Gary Vee. If you know who this man is, you know one thing about him and it is that he is passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing, advertising, and the grind. You cannot deny feeling inspired after watching one of his videos, even if it is a rant about something that you don’t even feel strongly about. 

The moment that you lose your passion for a particular subject, cause, or whatever it may be, is the moment that people start to find themselves no longer interested and move on. The danger here is that most people do not know how to create their own passion on a daily basis. Many people treat passion like their new diets or hobbies (too much??), they can sustain it for some time but eventually it fades. Rather than fighting for their own passion, they move on to the next thing and the cycle repeats itself all over again. 

There is a certain irony about me writing a topic on passion when I am not currently passionate about writing it but by being honest about this, it proves a point. 

Passion should be more than just a feeling. It should be the motor that drives you, a purpose, something bigger than you that you believe in. A true passion is not a feeling that comes and goes, it stays with you. I may not be passionate about writing a blog post in the MOMENT but I am passionate about the cause. The goal of writing a blog for entrepreneurs and getting things out of my head and communicating them in an efficient way. 

Consistency brings results and results refuel passion. I know you are thinking “Gah! Why do you always bring up consistency! Find a new topic!” but consistency is king. Everything revolves around it, everything lives and dies by it so I will consistently preach about it (see what I did there?).

If you’re going to do something, put time and effort into that thing, and be passionate! 

Remember, passion is sexy.


May 23rd, 2020

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