Birds In A Row With One By Itself.

Social Distancing

Unless you live under a rock, you, your family, your parakeet, and everyone you know all have heard of social distancing. In fact, most of us are actually required by law to practice social distancing where we cannot hang out with anyone that does not live with us, and all “outings”, unless they are deemed essential, are banned. If you haven’t heard of this current phenomenon, then you are probably never going to catch the Coronavirus anyway because you apparently have removed yourself so far from social activity, you are safe. 

Now, before you roll your eyes and click off of this article claiming you are sick and tired of hearing about the Coronavirus, hear me out. I am about to get controversial (which…let’s be honest, is probably the only reason you read my blog). No, this is not just another article about the Coronavirus, but I would like to take advantage of the term “social distancing”. 

Right now, we are having to cut out of our lives people that are not living with us. Personally, I am a big fan of this idea of cutting people out to continue after the pandemic ends. I want to encourage people to social distance themselves from ALL people that are not actively helping them reach their goals because guess what…they are either helping you or hindering you.

People affect you whether you like it or not. They are either encouraging you, pushing you towards your goals or they are stealing your time, focus, energy, and resources away from accomplishing your goals. There is no in-between (if you read my previous post here, you would not be shocked by me saying this). People let precious time slip by hanging out with people, or even family, that is simply wasting their time. I am here to tell you that it is OKAY to “social distance” yourself from these people.

Here is the hard part (you knew it was coming), you need to do an audit on everyone that you have currently chosen to allow into your life. Do they take up your time for the positive or negative? Are they helping you towards your goals or hindering you from them? If you actually want to reach your goals, you need to cut out friends, and sometimes even certain family members (GASP!), that are not actively pushing you forward. If you want to get serious about achieving your goals, you have to get very comfortable with saying no to things and people that do not align with where you are going. Let’s try it out! 

Buddy: Want to come over to my house tonight and play tiddlywinks?
Me: Uh, one…that is weird all by itself, and two…NO!
Conversation done.

It really is that easy. Unless your goal is to become the best tiddlywinks master (is there such a thing) in the world, go hangout. But, if that is not your goal, you need to focus on working towards achieving your goals instead. 

Your action item is to ask yourself one thing and it’s not “SHOULD I social distance from people holding me back” the question is “WHO should I social distance from to be able to achieve my goals?”.

April 3rd, 2020

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