Business Conferences Testimonials

  • Business Conference Reviews | Falgun Patel

    “Being here I feel like I’m surrounded by people that want to succeed in life and in business.”

    Falgun Patel

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Donna Saunders

    “By coming to the workshop I learned that a lot of my business ideas are validated.”

    Donna Saunders

  • Business Conference Reviews | Carrie Pitts

    “Clay has more to offer and his teaches practical steps.”

    Carrie Pitts

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Marty Lehman

    “Clay is a very inspirational speaker with a lot of humor injected.”

    Marty Lehman | Safety and PR, Mining Company

  • Business Conference Testimonials | Dr. Melissa Leedy

    “Clay is really funny, but there’s a lot of practical information.”

    Dr. Melissa Leedy

  • Business Conference Reviews | Jon Kelley

    “Clay’s delivery and presentation style is raw and real.”

    Jon Kelley

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Precision Calibration

    “Clay’s presentation and teaching style is very engaging. It’s the keys to business success.”

    Travis Ryan | Precision Calibration

  • Business Conference Reviews | Barry Landon

    “Clays’ a never-ending energizer bunny and I really enjoyed all that he had to say.”

    Barry Landon

  • Business Conference Reviews | Melissa Shay

    “During this conference I have learned more about marketing and SEO than I ever have at one time.”

    Melissa Shay

  • Business Conference Testimonials | Tammy Harrison

    “Even though there are a lot of suits and ties, it’s been a lot of fun.”

    Tammy Harrison

  • Business Conference Testimonials | Augustine Iocapelli

    “Every time we come, we take away great tips and ways to grow our business.”

    Augustine Iocapelli

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Matt Casey

    “Everybody here is a like-minded.”

    Matt Casey

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  • Business Conference Testimonials | Charlie Adams

    “Everybody makes you feel more welcome than other conferences.”

    Charlie Adams

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  • Business Coaching Reviews | Lori Kroh

    “Everyone here is friendly, everyone goes above and beyond”

    Lori Kroh

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  • Business Conference Testimonials | Virginia Carol

    “Everyone I’ve met is very enthusiastic.”

    Virginia Carol

  • Business Conference Reviews | Trey Vial

    “Everything that he says is backed up by people who are succeeding in their industry.”

    Trey Vial

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  • Business Conference Reviews | SGI Event Attendee

    “Extremely Motivating and Engaging”

    SGI Event Attendee

  • Business Conference Reviews | Kevin Burgees

    “He can teach you how to watch out for the landmines of business.”

    Kevin Burgees | Owner, B7 Athletics

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Adam Fitzgerald

    “He does a very good job of keeping everybody involved.”

    Adam Fitzgerald

  • Business Conference Reviews |  Kaitlyn Gibson

    “He doesn’t beat around the bush and you can expect honesty from him.”

    Kaitlyn Gibson

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Lead Monkey

    “He explains it in a way that just makes sense and its an easy process to follow.”

    Brian Zimmerman | Owner, Lead Monkey

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Mike Stockdall

    “He gives you good examples. It’s not just theory, but there’s fact and evidence to back it up.”

    Mike Stockdall

  • Business Conference Reviews | Andrew Drake

    “He helps you realize what the strengths and weaknesses are of what you’re doing.”

    Andrew Drake

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Danielle Rosalia

    “He is in there talking with you and not at you.”

    Danielle Rosalia

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  • “Like Disney Land for Entrepreneurs.” class=

    “Like Disney Land for Entrepreneurs.”

    Mike Summer

  • Business Conference Testimonials | Derrick Lynch

    “He keeps it engaging.”

    Derrick Lynch

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Adam Wilburn

    “He keeps it interactive and keeps you entertained the whole time.”

    Adam Wilburn

  • Business Conference Reviews | Cheryl Geiger

    “He keeps you engaged and laughing out loud.”

    Cheryl Geiger

  • Business Conference Testimonials | Marsha Miller

    “He kept you hooked the whole time. It’s fun.”

    Marsha Miller

  • Business Conference Reviews | Kim Knause

    “He makes it seem like he wants to share all that he knows, even if he doesn’t make any money from it.”

    Kim Knause

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