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Business Coach Closing Deals

Transcription provided for the business coach program a

Robert Zoellner: It’s a practical show. We’re giving you practical steps from a business coach point of view. I’ll tell you what, in the box that rocks with me … I’m not kidding you thrive nation out there. I have to my right now, used to be to my left, but to my left I just have a … just a wall. Just a wall. To my right I have a gentlemen who is the world and I will stand behind this till the day I die. The worlds best business coach. This dude is business coach on steroids. It’s like if you took a lot of steroids and business coach stuff and you pumped it into a dude.

Vanessa Clark: Put it into his business coach mind.

Robert Zoellner: And maybe robotic. You would end up with business coach Clay Clark.

Clay Clark: That’s why I have such acne flare ups and I’m always freekin out. Cuz of all the steroids. Okay. No, but seriously thrivers. We’re honored to be here with you. Today we’re talking about how to apply pressure when you agree with the motive. Specifically this motive is closing more deals, which allegedly, when you make money you can spend it goods and services that you would like.

Closing deals, this is what I see all the time. There’s three issues and I’m gonna unpack them for ya. This to closing deals.

Robert Zoellner: Alright.

Clay Clark: One is-

Robert Zoellner: Let’s unpack them.

Clay Clark: You’re meeting with a prospect and you know that your product is the best.

Robert Zoellner: Yes.

Clay Clark: And they say, “well I’m gonna think about it. I’m gonna compare you versus the other guys.” That’s one, it’s compare you versus the other guy.

Robert Zoellner: The compare game. Yes, yes. Their buying time by doing the whole … yeah

Clay Clark: So now you’re on number two. Is somebody ask you directly “what do you do?” What, they just ask you what do you do. They’re not even comparing you. They’re just say, “what do you do?” You’re a fence builder, you run into someone, at a chamber of Commerce event. They go, “well, what do you do?” How do you convey that in a persuasive way? The third element I see with closing deals, is indicating some sense in time pressures, so you actually get paid before you pass away, right. You wanna make some money. You want to close the deal before die, right. You wanna make some money. You don’t wanna just have those deals that are drifting and drifting.

Z, I wanna ask you, if you’re going face to face with it’s you versus another optometrist, hypothetically, the patient says, “I’m thinking about using Dr. Zoellner and Associates or I’m gonna use blah blah blah” some national company that you can find, hypothetically, in a mall somewhere. Okay. You’re sitting down with the patient and I just ask, I put you on the spot. I say, “I like what we see here Dr. Z, but we’re looking at maybe going to the mall and finding a different national … we’ve looked at a different company, I just don’t know.”

How would you respond to that?

Robert Zoellner: I would respond … if they’re in my office-

Clay Clark: Yeah

Robert Zoellner: They’ve already got an eye exam-

Clay Clark: Oh yeah

Robert Zoellner: Oh, they got an eye exam, now they’re purchasing their glasses is that it-

Clay Clark: I’m thinking about going somewhere else to get a better deal. They think. Or-

Robert Zoellner: Right, right, right. Okay. What I would do is, I would say, “We’ve taken the mystery out of it for you. We’ve done the shopping. Here are the numbers and how we beat the competition of price wise. That’s not what it’s all about. We also have a guarantee, a free frame warranty that we stand behind our frames for two years. We have not only the best price, we also have our guarantee and we also make them right here in house with our high end, high tech lab. So you really get the best of everything, right here. There’s really no need to go anywhere else.”

Clay Clark: You would not have a problem saying that your company’s better than the other guys?

Robert Zoellner: Not at all. Otherwise, if I don’t believe it, who else is going to believe it?

Vanessa Clark: And it’s up to you to make it the best, right?

Robert Zoellner: Absolutely.

Vanessa Clark: Yeah

Clay Clark: This is the thing. This is what I do. I encourage all the thrivers to do it. Vanessa you’ve seen me do this.

Vanessa Clark: Yup.

Clay Clark: I will research the competition and I will make a spreadsheet of everything that they do well. Then, I will try to beat them on as many of the variables as possible. When I’m sitting in front of a bride … I remember with DJ Connection back in the day … this happened every single wedding. Except for Shannon and Clark’s wedding. You remember Shannon?

Vanessa Clark: I know specifically who you’re talking about and it broke your soul.

Clay Clark: It’s the only wedding Z I did not book at all during the Broken Arrow Brigade. We were there booking for three years-

Vanessa Clark: And it was not because of anything that we did and actually ended up, from what we heard, regretting that decision.

Clay Clark: Here’s the deal. This is our … I’m sitting there talking to them and they go, “how do you stack up versus this company?” I said no, first off their gonna give you four hours of DJ’s. With you get unlimited done. But, with the other guy you get four hours. Two, any music that you want, if we don’t have it, we’ll get for you. Three, we’ll work as the host, to host the event, to lead the way. To plan the event. We’re not just gonna be a bystander. We’re gonna help lead the way. Four, we do professional sound and lights. Five, we have a guarantee. If you’re not happy you get all your money back. I’ll like to give you a list of references you can read through and I’m gonna go upstairs and prepare all the paperwork, but you guys can keep this it’s the cell phone numbers of about 100 brides we’ve worked with. You could give the brides and grooms a call and we’ll come back …

I come back downstairs, only happened one time. And I said, “do you guys want to go ahead move forward? Which package makes sense to you?” And they go, “We’re gonna go with someone else.” I remember going, “WHAT” I remember looking at him and he goes, “You don’t have to get offended. I just …” I remember my face was visually like an explosion. I’m like, “this never happened.” He goes, “No, we heard some things” I said, “who did you hear it from?” “Well-

Vanessa Clark: The competition.

Clay Clark: “just some things” the competition sat there and told them, they go, “I will promise you, you want to use anybody but DJ Connection.”

Robert Zoellner: Yeah [crosstalk 00:38:39]

Vanessa Clark: By that point the competition had like massed together to try [crosstalk 00:38:42]

Clay Clark: What was awesome is all of them combined were still doing less then half that we were doing we had my friends this thing called market share but doing the research gives you that confidence to close those deals now the circuit deal is you’re in front of somebody and you worked so hard you’ve been into a networking event you’ve gone through a chamber you’ve had a breakfast with pineapple, remember those breakfast networking events Z with the pineapple

Robert Zoellner: Yes.

Clay Clark: When you’re first starting a business that’s the move you go to those events, and you’re like you’d have a pineapple and there’s a guy goes “and a minute we’re going to say The Pledge of Allegiance then we are going” then some guy gets up “now we’re going to recognize the senator from this state …” [inaudible 00:39:18] all these formalities then they go “and now for the next ten minutes we’re gonna put ten minutes on the clock and you all get to network okay so you get to tell … you get to stand up tell people what you do exchange cards now ten minutes on the clock …” then you goes

Vanessa Clark: It hard to picture either of you two at that kind of event, you just don’t have time for it you know, what are we doing, [crosstalk 00:39:37] what are we doing.

Clay Clark: [inaudible 00:39:37] started this is my move I mean I bought that membership from Marian Rull

Vanessa Clark: [crosstalk 00:39:40] I know, yup.

Clay Clark: At the champers I saw her at Braun’s the other day. By the way marian if you’re listening if you know marian send her a text okay, but anyway so I bought that membership and I’m like “hell or high water this thing is gonna pay for its self”. So you get in front of someone they go “so what do you do?” Right? And you know that you do what they need, Z you need to have elevator pitch. You need to have a elevator pitch. Why?

Robert Zoellner: Well because what’ll happen is that you’ll get that opportunity you don’t want to blow it, and you can come across as … in those settings you can come across as to forceful and to … and they’ll turn you off but if you give them enough to where they go ” what? What is that? What do you do ” they’re curious, you kinda baiting me, you gotta fish a little bit for them you know? You don’t want to snag them you want to them to bite your bait [crosstalk 00:40:28]

Clay Clark: So give us an example of kinda the teaser move that kinda snags [crosstalk 00:40:35]

Robert Zoellner: So lets say you sell life insurance. You’ve quit the business coach game and now sell life insurance.

Clay Clark: Okay.

Robert Zoellner: And you go up to a group like that and you’re sitting there and you’re eating pineapple, upside down cake or whatever [crosstalk 00:40:41]

Clay Clark: Pineapple is so good. If I eat some pineapple before a business coach meeting it get me going.

Robert Zoellner: Yeah. At the thing someone looks at you and they’ll say what do you do and you look at him and you go “I sell life insurance” you pretty much you’re gonna just kinda get shut down the rest of the lunch and

Clay Clark: That goes over bout as well as taking all of your clothes off and streaking through the breakfast [inaudible 00:40:56]

Robert Zoellner: Lets go streaking.[crosstalk 00:40:58]

Vanessa Clark: That was a bigger impact.

Clay Clark: Oh yeah. Not the best idea to actually go streaking when you want to keep a reputation as a business coach.

Robert Zoellner: But if you say they look at you and they say “what are you doing,” you “I make dreams come true” … what? What do you do ? I make dreams come true

Clay Clark: How so. [crosstalk 00:41:09]

Robert Zoellner: Do you have any dreams

Clay Clark: Yeah.

Robert Zoellner: What would be a dream of financial dream that you would of had

Clay Clark: I think [inaudible 00:41:18] retire, debit free, financially free.

Robert Zoellner: Well that what I do, I make dreams like that you know happen.

Vanessa Clark: So is Z [crosstalk 00:41:26]

Robert Zoellner: Now you’re hooked now you’re like …

Vanessa Clark: He’s wooing them that’s what he’s doing instead of just like [crosstalk 00:41:32] telling them and they shuts them down he’s giving this a little bit

Robert Zoellner: Jiggling my little plastic worm out there I’m not trying to snag him I’m in there like now they’re involved now they’re thinking about the dream they have now they’re thinking “well I’ve always wanted a beach house, you I’ve got a dream I’ve always wanted a beach house. Really? Where would where would you like for that to be. All of sudden now you’re developing the need for someone to come in with financial services to help you see all those things come true. So that’s an example

Clay Clark: Kinda ties in that whole sociological pattern of people want what they cannot have people want to know more but you have to have an elevator pitch. Now we come back we’re gonna talk about it with the situation how you close the deal when you know what you have is truly what the other person wants how do you close that deal [inaudible 00:42:15].

Robert Zoellner: Can I give … when we come back can I give my twelve commandments for closing a deal.

Clay Clark: Are you serious?

Robert Zoellner: Yeah!

Clay Clark: Twelve commandments.

Robert Zoellner: Twelve commandments.

Clay Clark: One show?

Robert Zoellner: You don’t want to miss it!

Clay Clark: I cannot believe … give it to me now. Give it to me now.

Robert Zoellner: Nope. Not gonna get

Clay Clark: Okay, stay tuned sign up for the next conference we want to see you there

backround music: Dreaming about the thing that we could be, but baby [crosstalk 00:42:45]

Clay Clark: All right thrive nation and business coach clients welcome back to the conversation it is the thrive time show on the radio my name is Clay Clark and I am joined here with Tulsa business hero Doctor Robert Zoellner sir how are you

Robert Zoellner: I am fantastic, you know we have a great topic on today’s shows and its all about you as a manger, you as a bosh, you as the business owner, how do you get the people around you to do the thing you need them to do I … you know we said it earlier put pressure on them motivate them, inspire them, educate them to do the things you need them to do.

Clay Clark: Threaten them.

Robert Zoellner: Force them as you said earlier. So that’s kinda what we’re hammering and

Clay Clark: Okay.

Robert Zoellner: And its very practical business coach stuff

Clay Clark: I wrote down some business coach notable quotable that were not gonna teach on today’s program.

Robert Zoellner: Okay.

Clay Clark: Cause we have Phil, doctor Phil he’s Americas number 1 financial planner here he’s kind of a Tulsa living legend here of some kind he’s with a anchor financial. Phil for anybody who’s just now tuning in who are you and what do you do my friend.

Phil Pickle: Well I am Phil Pickle and I have anchor financial group, and we do a lot financial services for business owners and individuals as well as some cost recovery program so that I would like to get into to a little bit today later.

Clay Clark: Now rumor has it that its your birthday today is this correct?

Phil Pickle: That’s a rumor, everybody knows about your birthday anymore I can’t get it off Facebook.

Clay Clark: We weren’t sure what to get you so we got you a jar of pickles you’ll see in my desk here, this is not just [inaudible 00:44:11] your name Phil Pickle

Phil Pickle: Right.

Clay Clark: I spent about four or five hours going over this idea really and then Z spent about three or four minutes validating the idea and so really its four hours and three minutes of our life we’re giving to you

Phil Pickle: Awesome.

Clay Clark: In that pickle jar. I’m gonna read you my notable business coach quotable that I would like to use as it relates to persuasion before Z gets in his 12 tips. Phil I’m gonna read it to you and you tell me whether you agree with this motivational tip.

Phil Pickle: Okay.

Clay Clark: Z told me I can’t read it on the air but I’m going for it. Here it goes Z. This is motivational tip number one. I wanted to put these on the Thrive shirts for the office. Z said you can’t do that. Because where there’s a whip there’s a way.

Robert Zoellner: That’s true. Yes.

Clay Clark: So what’s your … You think it’ll catch on if this is a management shirt you can begin … If you worked at Chevron, could you see the HR director wearing this shirt that says, “where there’s a whip there’s a way.”

Phil Pickle: Yeah maybe.

Robert Zoellner: Maybe.

Phil Pickle: It’s not a jar of pickles but-

Clay Clark: Oh okay. That’s my one [inaudible 00:45:05] I’ll have some more later on. Let’s get into the 12 moves-

Robert Zoellner: Well commandments of closing, because we’re talking about closing the deal. We’re talking about how you can motivate, educate, and put pressure on your people to do it. Part of what you need to do is … you can’t just say to them … one thing you can’t do. What I mean you can do, but it will not get good results. Is to sit down with your sales team and say, “Guy’s, we gotta be closing more deals. You just got to close them.

Clay Clark: You can’t just yell at them? And tell them-

Robert Zoellner: You just close them. They’re looking at you, and you’re like, “Just close those deals. Or else.” You can do that but it’s much better to say, “hey listen, here’s some steps, some helpful steps in closing deals.” I’m gonna call them my 12 commandments.

Clay Clark: Okay I’m ready.

Robert Zoellner: Okay. You get the presentations standing, but once you start the negotiations you sit down.

Clay Clark: You sit down when closing the deal?

Robert Zoellner: You remain seated. Even if they get up, you don’t stand up. What will happen is if they get up and you stand up. Then that’s kind of a change in transition. You gotta let them squirrel off. Stay seated and remain calm. You’ve done this in DJ Connection.

Clay Clark: Yeah.


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