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  • How to Get Your Employees to Be More Productive | Ask Clay Anything

    A Thriver in the construction industry asks how to get his employees to be more productive. 

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  • Knowledge Bombs | Know Your Numbers, Know Your Numbers and Know Your Numbers

    Clay breaks down the EPIC IMPORTANCE OF KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS with Matt Kline the franchise brand developer for OXI Fresh while also discussing our shared love for billboard advertising, tips for marital procreation, what song he was conceived to and so much more.

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  • How to Register Your Google My Business Account | Ask Clay Anything

    Rachel asks, how to register her Google My Business Account while living and officing out of her condominium?

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  • The Power and Necessity of Daily Team Huddles, Carrots and Sticks

    Are you struggling to keep your team from drifting? OXI Fresh Brand Developer, Matt Kline shares about the power and the necessity of daily team phone huddles, weekly face to face meetings, carrots and sticks with your team.

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  • Paychex Founder, Tom Golisano | How He Built a $28 Billion Dollar Business and Became the Owner of the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres

    Tom Golisano shares how he built the $28 billion dollar Paychex business by solving a problem that 95% of small business owners have while also sharing the power of negative mentors.

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  • David Novak on Why Being Late Means You Don’t Respect People’s Time, How to Get Promoted and How to Develop a Higher Sense of Urgency

    The former CEO of YUM! Brands (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc.) who was able to help lead the company to double the number of restaurants to 41,000, and growing its market capitalization from $4 billion to $32 billion teaches on leadership

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  • From On the Verge of Suicide to On the Path to Thrive (The Luke Owens Success Story)

    Luke Owens shares how Clay Clark’s business coaching prevented him from killing suicide and helped his business ( to thrive.

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  • Breaking Down Gary Keller’s ONE Thing with The Vice President of The ONE Thing (Geoff Woods)

    Are you struggling to gain control over your schedule and your life? Geoffrey Woods shares how to become a proactive and purposeful person while also breaking down Gary Keller’s New York Times best-selling book The One Thing.

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  • Bill Belichick Quotes (Part 2) | A Look Under the Hoodie, Exploring 75 Bill Belichick Quotes About the Management Mastery of Coach Bill Belichick

    Bill Belichick’s number one fan and America’s #1 business coach Clay Clark breaks down 75 Bill Belichick quotes

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  • What Is the Proper Way to Pay Yourself As the Owner of an LLC | Ask Clay Anything

    A Thriver asks, “What is the proper way to pay yourself as the owner of an LLC.”

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  • Bill Belichick Quotes (Part 1) | A Look Under the Hoodie, Exploring 75 Bill Belichick Quotes About the Management Mastery of Coach Bill Belichick

    America’s number one Bill Belichick fan breaks down 75 Bill Belichick quotes while teaching about his management mastery strategies and systems and how they apply to the world of business.

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  • How to Write and Edit a Book (with Amazon best-selling author Clay Clark) multiple best-seller Clay Clark teaches the proven formula, system, and process needed to write a book that humans actually want and continue to buy.

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  • James W. Ritchie | How to Retire Before the Age of 35 with the Founder of the Ritchie Empire0

    How did a man go from having a paper route to owning an empire including a: Chevrolet dealership, hotels, restaurants, and distributorships and helping FranklinCovey reach a CAP value of over $1 Billion

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  • Jon Warner | How to Reduce the Amount of Risk of Launch a New Product or Service

    The author of 40 books and the sought after international speaker on the subjects of management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation, Jon Warner stops by to teach you how to reduce the risks associated with launching a new product or service.

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  • What in the Yelp?! The Billion Dollar Bully Documentary Director and Producer Kaylie Milliken

    Do you need help with YELP?! The Billion Dollar Bully Documentary Director and Producer Kaylie Milliken shares about how and why it’s impossible to improve your YELP review score without paying them.

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  • Celebrating the Perfect Client | An Interview with the founder of Window Ninjas Gabe Salinas | Wins of the Week

    We celebrate the diligence and success of the founder of Window Ninjas Gabe Salinas who is quickly executing the proven path, success strategies and overall business plan created by America’s #1 business coach.

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  • Jim Stovall | Don’t Let Your Employees Rob You Blind

    The blind New York Times best-selling author explains why you shouldn’t allow your employees to rob you blind while also sharing about his newest book, 100 Worst Employees – Learning from the Very Worst How to Be Your Very Best.

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  • Not Tracking is Like Smacking and It Will Cause You to Get a Shalacking | Knowledge Bomb

    Finding yourself knocking on heaven’s door and on the verge of success? Start by knowing your numbers. Not tracking your numbers is a wealth repelling strategy that unfortunately many struggling entrepreneurs subscribe to by default.

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  • How to Get Started Investing in Real Estate | Ask Clay Anything

    Are you wanted to invest in real estate? Paul Hood CPA joins Clay Clark to share how to get started investing in real estate, the best way to finance and investment property and advice for people who struggle to save money

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David Robinson

"Clay Clark is an entrepreneur extraordinaire."

- David Robinson
(Hall of Fame Basketball Player / Founder of Carver Academy / Founder of the Admiral Capital Group)

Jack Easterby

“Thank you for what you guys do, I am thankful for what you are doing. I feel the energy of who you are”

- Jack Easterby
(Former Character Coach of Choice for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots)

John Maxwell

“Clay, you have a teachable spirit and one that wants to learn! I loved it! I loved being with you and let’s do it again!”

- John Maxwell
(Leadership Expert & Best-Selling Author)

Guy Kawasaki

“I just love this! Thank you for having me!”

- Guy Kawaski
(Marketing Specialist & Product Evangelist for Apple, Mercedes and more)

Craig Groeschel


- Craig Groeschel
(Founder & Senior Pastor of Life Church
that has grown to 30 Locations)

Devan Kline

“You are my favorite person I've ever been interviewed by, I am laughing the whole time. No wonder your podcast and everything you are doing is so successful”

- Devan Kline
(Founder of Burn Boot Camp)

Seth Godin


- Seth Godin
(Best-Selling Author of 18 Books
Including Purple Cow)

Jeff Hoffman

“I really appreciate you.”

- Jeff Hoffman
(Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Author of SCALE)

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Parker Flynn | PR & Publicity Coordinator at Sports 1 Marketing"I'm a huge fan of the Thrivetime show. I love everything about your show from your quirky sense of humor to those hilarious sounds effects. I even love your sponsor, and I especially love how you're not afraid to talk about your faith and God. I listen to at least a couple episode per week. Soo many great takeaways, keep them coming." - Parker Flynn
(PR and Publicity Coordinator at Sports 1 Marketing)
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