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  • How to Create a Business That Can Work Without You | Learn from Wharton Business School Graduate and Founder of Lessdoing.Com

    Are you feeling overwhelmed and finding yourself being without the free time needed to enjoy your financial freedom? Clay Clark is interviewing Ari Meisel about the system he created that help business owners to create a scalable business.

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  • Committing to the Philosophy of Making Yourself Replaceable (with Wharton Business School Graduate Ari Meisel)

    Do you want to make a massive transformation in your life this year? During this podcast, Charles and Amber Colaw (Founders of Colaw Fitness) teach about the importance of committing to your vision and your plan and Wharton Business... Read More »

  • Marrying Up | Upgrade Your Friends and Upgrade Life - A Knowledge Bomb

    Whether in marriage or in business research proves that your network with determines your net worth and that you become the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. Clay Clark breaks down how “marrying up” to... Read More »

  • How to Know the True Cost of Employees - Ask Clay Anything

    What does it truly cost to hire an employee? During this episode Paul Hood and Clay Clark the guys break down the true and hidden costs involved in hiring real employees in America during this time in history on the planet Earth.

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  • Should I Hire Ex-Convicts? | Unless You Are a Life Coach, Don’t Life Coach - A Knowledge Bomb

    Are you investing copious amounts of your time training people about basic human ethics, and the various world-views you must have to not go to jail? While driving home from the Thrivetime Show World Headquarters in the “Hummer of... Read More »

  • Jack Welch’s Public Hangings, Introducing Merit-Based Pay and How to Gather Objective Reviews - Ask Clay Anything

    Why did the former CEO of GE who once grew the company by 4,000% encourage business people to occasionally engage in public hangings? Clay answers questions from Thrivers including: How Do You Introduce a Merit-Based Pay System? How do... Read More »

  • Disney Magic | How Lee Cockerell Managed 40,000 Employees, 1 Million Customers and Himself

    On today’s Thrivetime Show, Clay Clark is interviewing one of the best managers and time management experts in America. His name is Lee Cockerell and he is known for managing Walt Disney World Resorts and more than 40,000 employees... Read More »

  • Pt 2 - From Home-Based Startup to $147,000,000 | The Matt Watson Story

    Learn more about the Oklahoma native Matt Watson who started and subsequently sold VinSolutions for $147,000,000 to AutoTrader. During this portion of the interview, Clay asks Matt what how he decides what to say no to, how he... Read More »

  • From Home-Based Startup to $147,000,000 | The Matt Watson Story (Part 1)

    Learn how the 22-year-old Oklahoma native Matt Watson started VinSolutions out his home and later sold it for $147,000,000 to AutoTrader. In this far-ranging interview, Clay and Matt discuss how to start a business out of your home,... Read More »

  • Pt. 2 - The Million Dollar Podcast | Search Engine Optimization with the Father of Search Engine Optimization, Bruce Clay

    Did you know that not being top in Google search in results is costing you millions? Learn how to dominate search engine results during part 2 of this epic interview with the Father of Search Engine Optimization, Bruce Clay.... Read More »

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David Robinson

"Clay Clark is an entrepreneur extraordinaire!"

I love how his mind works and the energy he exudes. I've enjoyed working with him over the past few years. His listeners will gain great insight on what will improve their opportunities in business."

- David Robinson (Hall of Fame Basketball Player / Founder of Carver Academy / Founder of the Admiral Capital Group)

Steve Hunter

“Working with Dr. Zoellner and Clay Clark is amazing."

The positive listener reaction to their show has been great. We started running the show in the evening and within two months moved it to middays due to listener reaction. Their content and business advice is very different from the other radio shows today which is very refreshing for our business.”

- Steve Hunter
Business Coach | Steve Hunter Logos

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