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  • What Are the Steps to Getting Rich? - Ask Clay Anything

    Clay Clark breaks down the four specific steps that you must take if you want to get rich in the American capitalist society.

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  • T. Harv Eker on The Power of Doing Whatever It Takes and Why Rich People Admire Other Successful People

    T. Harv Eker, the legendary author of the best-selling book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” which has sold over 4,000,000 copies shares why rich people admire other successful people and why poor people resent successful people. 

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  • The “Blasty Blast” Podcast | Clay Clark Interviews Thrivetime Show Conference Guests

    Recorded at the actual Thrivetime Show Conference, Clay Clark interviews actual guests about their experience at the 2-day in-person business conferences.

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  • The Search Engine Domination Conversation (Featuring Captain Canada and the Alabama Ophthalmologist)

    Learn how search engine domination has the power to DRAMATICALLY INCREASE YOUR LEVEL OF COMPENSATION while hearing a special song dedication to Josh Spurrell the Canadian CPA.

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  • Doubling the Size of Company in Less Than 1 Year (The Complete Carpet Story)

    The founder of Complete Carpet Care shares how the business coaching provided by Clay Clark’s systems have allowed him to DOUBLE the size of his company in less than 1 year.

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  • Sean Stephenson How to Get Over Your Addiction to Pity

    Sean Stephenson was born with “Brittle bones disease” and despite all of the hurdles associated with it and being only 3ft tall, he has gone on to become a successful writer and speaker endorsed by Jimmy Kimmel, President Bill Clinton, and Tony Robbins.

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  • Content is King | Meet the Dream Team from SEO ROW

    Clay’s college buddies Eugene “Black Thunder” Willis, Andy “DJ Euro” Mathurin and SEO Team Lead, Ben Summers discuss why content is king what it takes to get to the top of Google’s results.

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  • How Do I Gain Control Over My Schedule? - Ask Clay Anything

    A listener asks how to gain control of their schedule so Dr. Z issues a throw down challenge…write down what you did yesterday and where you invested you time.

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  • Breaking Down Jim Collins’ Newest Publication | Turning the Flywheel: a Monograph to Accompany Good to Great

    Jim Collins sent Clay an autographed copy of this newest publication, Turning the Flywheel a Monograph to Accompany Good to Great and Clay breaks it down on today’s show.

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  • Leslie Zane on Subconscious Marketing and The Triggers Growth Strategy 101

    Yale graduate and subconscious marketing expert, Leslie Zane shares the 6 ways to accelerate growth and why the commercial went viral.

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  • Don’t Let Your Employees Hold You Hostage by Clay Clark and Jonathan Kelly (Full Audiobook)

    In this candid and fact-filled audiobook, Clay Clark shares how a business owner can prevent from ever being held hostage from employees again. The featured character (Kermit) described in this story is a personification of multiple employees that most owners hire.

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  • Fighting for the Forgotten | Walking Across America One Day at a Time

    Jeremy Schulz has decided to walk 1,200 miles and team up with MMA Fighter Justin Wren to raise awareness for bullying and the Fight for the Forgotten program.

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  • Yfat Reiss Gendell, the co-founder of Foundry Media, the literary agency of choice for Elon Musk’s biography, Ready Player One, Marvel Comic legend Stan Lee’s books, The Subtle Art of Not Giving an F$%#, and You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life shares how she successfully started her literary agency during a nuclear winter, how the publishing industry works, and much more.

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  • What Creates Wealth? Rituals Create Residuals - Ask Clay Anything

    Clay explains why discipline, rigor and a commitment to doing best-practice repetitive tasks is the true key to both time and financial freedom and why the “addiction to new” will only renew perpetual poverty.

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  • Tilman Fertitta's (Owner of the Houston Rockets) 95:5 Rule | Most Moderately Successful Businesses Are Good at About 95% of What They Do

    Dr. Z, Clay Clark and Matt Kline (the franchise brand developer for OXI Fresh discuss Tilman Fertitta’s 95:5 Rule and his newest book Shut Up and Listen.

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  • Chris Norton | The Seven Longest Yards: Our Love Story of Pushing the Limits while Leaning on Each Other

    The foreword of Chris Norton’s book is written by Tim Tebow, and in the book, Chris shares how he has been able to remain positive despite suffering a serious spinal cord injury while playing the game he loves (football).

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  • Compaq Employee #104 Turned Keynote Speaker Karen Walker on How to Create Scalable and Replicable Systems

    Karen Walker was employee #104 at Compaq employee as they became one of America’s top companies who now coaches Fortune 500 companies & is a best-selling author. She shares how to create scalable systems. Throughout her career, she has worked with brands such as AETNA, Amazon, Ben and Jerry’s, & more

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  • How to Connect with Your Ideal Customers with Neuroscience Marketing Expert Roger Dooley

    Learn how to connect with your ideal and likely customers by reducing friction and making it easy to do business with you from Neuroscience marketing expert and best-selling author Roger Dooley.

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  • Zack Friedman on Having Lunch with Warren Buffet and the Lemonade Life

    Harvard, Wharton, Colombia, and Johns Hopkins graduate, Zack Friedman shares about his new book, The Lemonade Life: How To Fuel Success, Create Happiness, and Conquer Anything. The book weaves in real-life illustrations from icons such as Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, Ray Kroc, Sylvester Stallone, and many others

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David Robinson

"Clay Clark is an entrepreneur extraordinaire."

- David Robinson
(Hall of Fame Basketball Player / Founder of Carver Academy / Founder of the Admiral Capital Group)

Jack Easterby

“Thank you for what you guys do, I am thankful for what you are doing. I feel the energy of who you are”

- Jack Easterby
(Former Character Coach of Choice for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots)

John Maxwell

“Clay, you have a teachable spirit and one that wants to learn! I loved it! I loved being with you and let’s do it again!”

- John Maxwell
(Leadership Expert & Best-Selling Author)

Guy Kawasaki

“I just love this! Thank you for having me!”

- Guy Kawaski
(Marketing Specialist & Product Evangelist for Apple, Mercedes and more)

Craig Groeschel


- Craig Groeschel
(Founder & Senior Pastor of Life Church
that has grown to 30 Locations)

Devan Kline

“You are my favorite person I've ever been interviewed by, I am laughing the whole time. No wonder your podcast and everything you are doing is so successful”

- Devan Kline
(Founder of Burn Boot Camp)

Seth Godin


- Seth Godin
(Best-Selling Author of 18 Books
Including Purple Cow)

Jeff Hoffman

“I really appreciate you.”

- Jeff Hoffman
(Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Author of SCALE)

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Parker Flynn | PR & Publicity Coordinator at Sports 1 Marketing"I'm a huge fan of the Thrivetime show. I love everything about your show from your quirky sense of humor to those hilarious sounds effects. I even love your sponsor, and I especially love how you're not afraid to talk about your faith and God. I listen to at least a couple episode per week. Soo many great takeaways, keep them coming." - Parker Flynn
(PR and Publicity Coordinator at Sports 1 Marketing)
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