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  • Breaking Down the Wisdom of Bill Campbell

    As the business coach of choice for Steve Jobs (Apple), Larry Page & Sergey Brin (Google), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Tim Cook (Apple), etc…It is indisputable that Bill Campbell was the best. We break down the wisdom he left before he died.

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  • Scott Belsky (Founder of Behance and VP of Products at Adobe) on Why a Prototype is Worth 1,000 meetings

    While attending Harvard, Scott Belsky @scottbelsky started Behance which he later sold to Adobe for $150 million. Today he is a best-selling author, the Chief Product Officer at Adobe and an early stage investor in Uber, Warby Parker, Periscope and Pinterest.

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  • How to Buy Out a Partner and When One Should Purchase Workers’ Comp Insurance? - Ask Clay Anything

    A Thriver asks how to buy out a partner and another Thriver asked, about when a business owner should purchase workers’ compensation insurance. #AskClayAnything #business #entrepreneurship

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  • Just Don’t Suck | Quality Leads to Quantity - A Knowledge Bomb

    Do you want your business to grow? Stop sucking! Listen in as Clay Clark breaks down this novel idea #business #StopSucking #KnowledgeBomb

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  • Rabbi Daniel Lapin Shares the Secrets of Financial Success

    Rabbi Daniel Lapin @DanielLapin explains why Jews are so disproportionately good with money, why money should be viewed as a “certificate of performance,” and the true secrets of achieving financial success.

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  • From a French Prison to Becoming a Songwriter and Real Estate Developer w/ Garrain Jones

    Garrain Jones @Garrainjones shares how despite being raised by a drug dealer and having spent 2 years in a French prison he went on to become a producer for Ludacris, 2 Chainz and Chris Brown, a dancer for Destiny’s Child, a model for Skechers and an entrepreneurial success story.

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  • The World’s Best Business Coach Wasn’t Perpetually Distracted | An Ample Example of Bill Campbell

    An excerpt from Trillion Dollar Coach about the world’s best business coach, Bill Campbell reads, “In a coaching session with Bill, you could expect that he would listen intently. No checking his phone for texts or email, no glancing at his watch or out the window while his mind wandered. He was always right there.”

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  • The Difference Between Entrepreneurship and Intrepreneurship | The Burn Bootcamp Update

    Having awarded over 384 franchises during the past 5 years, Burn Bootcamp has grown dramatically. On today’s show the founder, Devan Kline shares the difference between true entrepreneurship and “intrepreneurship”. #burnBootCamp #DevanKline #MorganKline #Entrepreneurship #Franchising

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  • Why You Must Hire Character and Train Skill | Hiring People in a World of Moral Relativity

    It’s imperative that you hire for character and train for skill, especially In today’s twisted hyper-politically correct culture where 75% of employees steal from the workplace (according to the U.S. Chamber & CBS News) and over 80% of potential employees now lie on their resumes.

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  • Founder of Honest Tea (Seth Goldman) Shares How to Implement the Dream 100 System

    The founder of the $150 million Honest Tea company Seth Goldman shares his process and how he fought through countless rejections in route to landing distributors and bottlers for Honest Tea. Clay Clark also explains why persistence and resilience is the name of the game when you are doing cold marketing to your “Dream 100 List” or your prospective ideal and likely buyers.

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  • High-Profile Consultant Peter Bregman on How to Deal with Difficult Family Dynamics in Business

    The consultant of choice for Goldman Sachs, Clear Channel, Pfizer, Deloitte, Victoria’s Secret, Loreal, Nasdaq, Godiva, Converse, GE Capital, Nike, etc. answers a question from a Thriver about how to deal with difficult family dynamics in business.

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  • Beth Weissenberger Shares How to Overcome Your Inner Dialogue

    Frequent MIT, Harvard, and NYU presenter Beth Weissenberger shares why your inner dialogue is probably sabotaging your success. Beth is the President of the Corporate Division of Handel Group, the executive life coaching company.

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  • Your Purple Cow Should Cause Customers to Love You and Competitors to Hate You

    Looking to stand for something or to stand out in the cluttered marketplace without offending anybody? It’s not going to happen. Clay explains the power of a true purple cow. #PurpleCow #Entrepreneurship #smallbusiness

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  • Best-Selling Author of 8 Books (Kevin Freiberg) Teaches the Southwest Airlines Super Systems for Success

    What makes Southwest Airlines successful every year? Kevin Freiberg the 8x best-selling author & speaker of choice for ConocoPhillips, FedEx, AT&T, breaks down his book NUTS! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success. #Southwest

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  • The First 5 Steps to Riches | Budgeting Basics

    Clay breaks down 5 practical steps that you must take to become wealthy while breaking down budgeting 101. “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” – Dave Ramsey

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  • The DJ Connection Story | How I Started the Multi-Million Dollar Wedding Entertainment Business

    Clay Clark explains his path to creating one of the largest wedding entertainment services on the planet (known today as

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  • How to Effectively Manage Millennials 101 - A Knowledge Bomb

    Are you struggling to effectively hire, inspire, train and retain millennials? According to research reported by Inc. Magazine, “64% of millennials said they would rather make $40,000 a year at a job they love than $100,000 a year at a job they think is boring.”

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  • Can Your Enforce Non-Compete Agreements? - Ask Clay Anything

    Josh, the founder of Living Water Irrigation asks, can you enforce non-compete agreements, how to deal with negative reviews and business situations and much more

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David Robinson

"Clay Clark is an entrepreneur extraordinaire."

- David Robinson
(Hall of Fame Basketball Player / Founder of Carver Academy / Founder of the Admiral Capital Group)

Jack Easterby

“Thank you for what you guys do, I am thankful for what you are doing. I feel the energy of who you are”

- Jack Easterby
(Former Character Coach of Choice for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots)

John Maxwell

“Clay, you have a teachable spirit and one that wants to learn! I loved it! I loved being with you and let’s do it again!”

- John Maxwell
(Leadership Expert & Best-Selling Author)

Guy Kawasaki

“I just love this! Thank you for having me!”

- Guy Kawaski
(Marketing Specialist & Product Evangelist for Apple, Mercedes and more)

Craig Groeschel


- Craig Groeschel
(Founder & Senior Pastor of Life Church
that has grown to 30 Locations)

Devan Kline

“You are my favorite person I've ever been interviewed by, I am laughing the whole time. No wonder your podcast and everything you are doing is so successful”

- Devan Kline
(Founder of Burn Boot Camp)

Seth Godin


- Seth Godin
(Best-Selling Author of 18 Books
Including Purple Cow)

Jeff Hoffman

“I really appreciate you.”

- Jeff Hoffman
(Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Author of SCALE)

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