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  • Every Entrepreneur Should Read These Books - Ask Clay Anything

    Clay shares what biographies and autobiographies every entrepreneur should read while joined with a Canadian Thriver and CPA, Josh Spurrell.

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  • How to Create Wealth Through Real Estate Investing with Abhi Golhar

    The real estate investment expert and radio talk show host Abhi Golhar shares that diamonds are created under extreme pressure, and how to make millions of dollars by investing in real estate.

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  • A DEEP DIVE into the Mind of Dr. Zoellner with Business Coach Claire Yinger

    A Thriver joins the Thrivetime Show to and asks Z about what an ideal day looks like for him, his thoughts on life balance, how to know whether you are a bad manager, how to hold employees accountable, and more.

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  • Greg Stone on How He Made Horizontal Drilling a Viable Drilling Option

    Greg Stone, the man who made horizontal drilling a viable option explains how to go from the prototype phase to the viable production phase. How to keep morale high when your rate of success is low and more.

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  • The Marcos Brandao (Supplement Planet) Success Story | Real People Like You Experiencing Real Business Success

    Online vitamin retailer, Marcos Brandao (the founder of Supplement Planet) shares how he’s been able to implement the proven systems and processes that he learned at The Thrivetime Show 2-day interactive business conferences. Marcos shares how business coaching has improved his life and grown his business

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  • Former Olympic Weightlifter Jerzy Gregorek Shares His Proven System for Improving Health

    The former Olympic weightlifter and best-selling author Jerzy Gregorek explains his proven system for DRAMATICALLY improving your overall health.

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  • Hummer of Love - You Must Prepare to Get There

    Clay explains why preparation is the key to his personal success and to the success of nearly every millionaire, billionaire and super success that he has had the opportunity to interview throughout his career.

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  • What Type of Legal Exposure Do I Have as an S-Corporation or an LLC?

    Attorney at Law Wes Carter answers the question, “What type of legal exposure do I have as an S-Corporation or an LLC?”

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  • Psychiatry and Neurology Expert Dr. Dan Engle on How to Improve Your Brain Health

    Dr. Dan Engle is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology who shares how to improve the health of your brain and the dangers of concussion. He also breaks down his new book, Concussion Repair Manual: A Practical Guide to Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries.

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  • Shane Snow (The Co-Founder of Shares Why Story Based Commercials Are More Effective and How to Stop Being a Reactive Business Owner

    Best-selling author, award-winning journalist, and entrepreneur shares how to go from an urgent, reactive business owner to a proactive business owner, why story based commercials are more effective, the use of pirate radio stations in Cuba and much more.

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  • Gerald Kane on The Technology Fallacy: How People Are the Real Key to Digital Transformation

    Having surveyed over 20,000 humans and the managers at such companies as Salesforce, BASF, Walmart, and Google, Boston College professor Gerald Kane shares why evidence shows that people are the real key to digital transformation.

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  • Ex Wall Street Analyst Turned Author Madeleine Henry Shares About Why She Cashed Out and Left it All Behind

    Ex-analyst turned author of Breathe In, Cash Out, Madeleine Henry gives an inside look at Wall Street and what goes on in some of the nation’s top-tier investment banks—and why more and more people are leaving it behind.

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  • Andy Parker (author of For Alison) on The Deadly Dangers of Hiring Psychos

    Andy Parker’s daughter who was an Emmy-Award winning journalist was senselessly murdered on live TV as a result of somebody deciding to hire a known psycho. He shares the importance of hiring character over skill.

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  • In What Ways is the Small Business Mindset Plaguing Your Business? | A Knowledge Bomb

    90% of small business startups fail and on today’s show, we talk about 4 of the most common reasons why and what you can do about it.

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  • How To Automate Hard To Scale Business Models

    How do you automate workflows in an industry that is imbued with one-off solutions? Clay provides solutions and wisdom about why when you choose your clients you choose the quality of your life.

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  • Steve Randazzo on Brand Experiences: Building Connections in a Digitally Cluttered World (Face to Face Marketing 101)

    The CEO of Pro-Motion, an award-winning experiential marketing agency trusted by Disney, the NBA, Citgo, Walmart, Snapple, TBS, and Energizer shares about the importance of brand experiences: building connections in a digitally cluttered world

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  • Business Coach Diaries (The 4th of July “Fun Size” Edition of the Thrivetime Show)

    Clay shares the real reason 90% of small businesses fail and what you can do about it during this special 13-hour special edition of the Thrivetime Show. This show is a brief 13 hours, 38 minutes, and 37 seconds long…

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  • Executive Coach & Author Todd Palmer on Why It’s Important to Define What Success Means to You

    Todd Palmer is the retired CEO of one of America’s fastest 5000 growing businesses and he joins us to share why it’s VERY important to define what success means to you. #Business #Entrepreneur #SmallBusiness

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  • Wins of the Week - The American Document Shredding Story (Kelly’s Story)

    Kelly Herneisen of American Document Shredding shares how’s he been able to grow his small business by 37% in just the past year. In addition to being able to grow the company, he’s been able to increase the amount of time freedom to go along with the financial freedom that he’s now experiencing.

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David Robinson

"Clay Clark is an entrepreneur extraordinaire."

- David Robinson
(Hall of Fame Basketball Player / Founder of Carver Academy / Founder of the Admiral Capital Group)

Jack Easterby

“Thank you for what you guys do, I am thankful for what you are doing. I feel the energy of who you are”

- Jack Easterby
(Former Character Coach of Choice for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots)

John Maxwell

“Clay, you have a teachable spirit and one that wants to learn! I loved it! I loved being with you and let’s do it again!”

- John Maxwell
(Leadership Expert & Best-Selling Author)

Guy Kawasaki

“I just love this! Thank you for having me!”

- Guy Kawaski
(Marketing Specialist & Product Evangelist for Apple, Mercedes and more)

Craig Groeschel


- Craig Groeschel
(Founder & Senior Pastor of Life Church
that has grown to 30 Locations)

Devan Kline

“You are my favorite person I've ever been interviewed by, I am laughing the whole time. No wonder your podcast and everything you are doing is so successful”

- Devan Kline
(Founder of Burn Boot Camp)

Seth Godin


- Seth Godin
(Best-Selling Author of 18 Books
Including Purple Cow)

Jeff Hoffman

“I really appreciate you.”

- Jeff Hoffman
(Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Author of SCALE)

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Parker Flynn | PR & Publicity Coordinator at Sports 1 Marketing"I'm a huge fan of the Thrivetime show. I love everything about your show from your quirky sense of humor to those hilarious sounds effects. I even love your sponsor, and I especially love how you're not afraid to talk about your faith and God. I listen to at least a couple episode per week. Soo many great takeaways, keep them coming." - Parker Flynn
(PR and Publicity Coordinator at Sports 1 Marketing)
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