Started from Down Under Now He’s Here | How Travis Jones Started with Nothing and Built a 21-Gym Multi-Million Dollar Empire

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The achievement of entrepreneurial success requires making eyes-wide-open trade-offs, fighting through countless rejection, funding your business by any means necessary, self-discipline, life-changing goal setting, dealing with haters and mindsets that are simply not natural. Australia entrepreneur Travis Jones shares how he started with nothing and has built a 21 gym multi-million dollar fitness empire.

    1. Travis Jones explains how he sold his car and moved into his first gym to make the business work.
    2. How he was rejected by 51 people before getting someone to believe and invest in him.
    3. How Travis sold 4% of his “dream” for $25,000.
    4. Why you must build a brand that is bigger than you if you want to scale.
    5. Why getting the Instagram likes does not necessarily translate to income.
    6. Why many people prefer ineffective social media marketing because it does not require actual rejection.
    7. How he deals with haters.
    8. Why he believes courage is the key to hiring, inspiring and retaining high-quality people.
  1. Ladies and gentlemen on today’s show, we have an entrepreneur, who has been a major risk taker throughout his career and who is now considered by many to be a health and wellness trailblazer.
    1. His companies include:
    2. Result Based Training, a specialist body transformation gym in South Melbourne, with revenues of in excess of $10 million dollars. (21 Gyms)
    3. Think Tank Australia, a cutting-edge coaching business that helps guide and coach on how to grow businesses into successful brands which he started with his wife Liv Jones.
    4. Attain Digital Agency, a digital marketing agency that manages millions of dollars worth of client marketing campaigns, which is also started with his incredible wife, Ms. Liv Jones.
    5. Travis Jones welcome onto the show, how are you?
  3. Travis, my understanding is that you have been actually able to grow a startup from $0 of revenue to $10 million in revenue, I would love for you to share this story with us?
  4. Travis, according to Forbes, 90% of startups fail. From your perspective why do most businesses fail, and how can most business owners fool proof their businesses?
  5. Travis, I would love for you to share about the power of goal setting and reverse goal engineering?
  6. Travis Jones, many people hate the words “discipline” and “accountability,” yet that is what we all need to become successful. Can you share with our listeners the importance of discipline and accountability?
  7. Travis, many business owners struggle to hire, inspire, to train and retain quality people. I would love for you to share about how get the most out of your team and your managers?
  8. Travis, how do you keep your team inspired on a daily basis in your organization?
  9. Travis, I’d love to get your take on how to build an office culture and the role that having authentic values in place plays?
  10. Travis Jones, you have done well with using digital marketing / Facebook marketing to market your businesses. I would love for you to share about your approach to Facebook and digital marketing?
  11. Travis, I know that this might sound semi-anti-motivational, but for the listeners who are really going through a challenging time in their life and business, I’d love for you to share about the absolute lowest point during your business career?
  12. Travis, our listeners are always curious about the habits and routines of the world’s most successful people and so I would love if you would share with us what the first 4 hours of your typical day looks like?
  13. Travis, you are obviously well-read and our listeners love to read books that can help them to improve their skills and their lives. I’m always curious…what 1 or 2 books would you recommend for our listeners and why?
    1. Recommended Reading – A Man’s Search for Meaning –
  14. Travis, I know that you are always proactively designing your life. I’d love to have you share with us about any projects that you are working on during the next 12 months that we should be looking out for?
  15. Travis, for any listeners out there that would like to learn more about you, the books and the principles you teach, where is the best place for our listeners to go?

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Audio Transcription

The achievement of entrepreneurial success requires making eyes wide open, tradeoffs, fighting through countless rejection, funding your business by any means necessary, so discipline, life changing, goal setting, dealing with haters in many other skills and mindsets that are simply not natural by default. And on today’s show, the Australian entrepreneur, Travis Jones, shares how he was rejected 51 times for funding to start his gym that has now grown into a 21 jim multimillion dollar fitness empire. He explains how he sold his car to start his first business and he actually lived at the gym to make it happen. He explains how he deals with haters. He explains how he organizes his day. He explained how he acquires leads. All of this and more with our exclusive interview with Australian entrepreneur, Travis Jones.

Yes, yes. Oh yes. Dr. See, I am excited to have on today’s special guest Z. Are you excited? I’m very excited. I’ve been eating vegemite for a couple of weeks to prepare myself emotionally for interviewing this Australian superstar.

I’m excited too because you know what? It’s fun to find winners defined guys and gals around the world. In fact, we would. We would far for this one.

Yeah. Travis, I gotTa. I gotta confess. I have not been able to down any vegemite, although I have tried in the past. Can you please explain to us Mr Travis Jones, the appeal of vegemite?

I don’t know about the appeal. I think it’s something we just get fed when we’re born over here in Australia and we just come accustomed to it. What is vegemite? For goodness sakes. It’s like a, a spread. It’s like a yeast base spread that has a special tangy taste and uh, and supposedly it tastes good.

Travis Jones, here’s my, uh, as we, before we get into our interview where you’re going to educate our listeners. I have to digress here briefly. When I went to college at Oral Roberts University, my name is Clayton Clark and I got assigned a roommate by the name of Clinton Clark and he was from Australia and his cupboard was filled with vegemite and it looked like peanut butter. I thought I’ll just use that as a substitute for peanut butter. Sure. So I had vegemite and Jelly. I lather it on there, take a huge bite. And I’m like, oh, it’s so sick. Roses, true story. So that is my first encounter with vegemite. But for the listeners out there that aren’t familiar with your background, you have started Jim, uh, from $0 and you’ve grown a company that everyone can google search right now when everyone to verify that you are real, it’s called result based training and you’ve grown that thing to now do revenues north of $10,000,000 and you have 21 gems, is that correct? That’s correct. How did you do it? Man? Tell us the story. How’d you, how did you get started?

Uh, well I guess I was like any other, you know, I’m a personal trainer by trade I guess. Um, I just wanted to change lives and I was sitting inside one of those big box gyms where people pay their, you know, $20 a month to go and I was looking at people come in and they were just a number, not a name looking aimlessly through the gym or not knowing what to do and how to do it. And there wasn’t a community. I was like, this is how I’ve learned to spend my life in an industry that really wasn’t looking after people. So I, your stop my yarn and you know, I didn’t have any cash but a hybrid of willpower and a lot of persistence and you know, I have to start with, I was like, I’m just going to get 216 people and I’m gonna, you know, I’m going to charge them $50 a week.

And we were like 570,000. Yeah, that was my first ever goal. Um, I didn’t have cash to do this. So I sat down with like, um, you know, a 50 people, 51 people said no, they weren’t going to lend me money. The 52nd person said they were going to lend me 25,000 to start on this dream that I had. I’d been in industry for like eight years so far. Um, so I was good at what I did, but I just want to change more lives and you know, I sold my car, got that loan and moved into the business because I couldn’t afford the lease and rent at home. So I was like, Hey, I don’t have a car. I might as well just leaving the gym. And I lived in the gym for the first year with my dog, Hercules. Um, and that was the start. That was the start of the journey. Like I had three months rent free and I was like, okay, I’ve got to give. I’m going to get. The lease was $10,000 a month. After the first three months I was like, I go to make this work, we’ve got to figure it out. And the journey started.

Okay. Did you, you have just said so many knowledge bombs. So many. It is so good. I have to go back in the past. Going back 10 seconds ago. So you sold your car and moved into your gym? Yeah. How big was the gym

like the first year people said I was crazy because I was like, I’m going to go big or go home kind of person. Um, you know, sometimes I don’t recommend people do that. Depends on how crazy you are and where your risk level is. But it’s. My first gym was about 7,000 square meters, which is about 700 meters. So it’s a big gym.

And you were rejected by, did you say 51 people before you got somebody to believe in invest in you?

Yeah, 51. People said No. So Scott, again, disheartening and I tell people all the time, you know, if I hadn’t known at 46, uh, the 52nd person was going to say yes, I would have been super excited, but I didn’t know right to get d murdered by. And I was like, okay, I don’t care. I’m just going to keep on going and luckily the 52nd person said yes, and you know, yeah, that Thomas saw my car and I didn’t have enough money for equipment to fill out the gym. So I looked up in Google, search of new fitness equipment suppliers and I found a guy, his name was Simon and he was just new into the, into the business himself, importing from China. Um, so I was like, hey man, I’m new into the, into the industry or pretty much Jim, your new into the business, you need more business. I can’t get financing but I can pay you cash every month at the start of the month and if I miss a payment, just take the, take the equipment off me and that’s how I got the equipment to start it as well. But the problem is I could only fit out a third of the gym and like I literally had a sign saying coming soon in the rest of the gym.

Perfect. What was your pitch? What did you offer them to the guy that gave you or the Gal that gave you 25, 25 k? What’d you give them for that? I mean, was it just a hey a for me

first location. I gave them four percent of that first location, so I gave them potential revenue over the future. So I sold a dream and I, and you are guaranteed over the first three years they’ll go wow, money back. Um, and it was off that first location, but they got that four percent of the business from. So I’ve got $25,000 for four percent of one location, um, of something that I sat centrally painted the dream of.

Right. Then. How much, how many years ago was that? Seven and a half years ago. And how much you think they’ve returned off at 25? K? Brought about 150. Yeah. It’s a nice deal. Good for you. Good for them. I mean, I, I just, I, there’s so many good. See, I cannot move on. You can’t live on. I’m just doing a whole show right there. And his first comment that you know, how often do you do you and I see people at a conference, good people, good people come up to us and say, hey, fine, how do I fund my business? And I’ll say, well, I had a Mazda Mpv van with 230,000 miles. I had a job at applebee’s target in TV, applebee’s, target and direct TV. My wife had a job at office depot and Ecollege, oral Roberts University. We turned off the air conditioning and that’s how we afforded advertisements to start dj So what you’re going to need to do is make a tradeoff. And he just said in the first three minutes of our interview that he was rejected by 51 people. Bam. Then he sold his car, boom, moved into a gym where I am and he sold four percent of nothing. Nothing for $25,000 and a dream. It’s like, I mean, I have a dream every night and I’d like to

sell four percent of every one of my dreams. I’ve every night, but couldn’t type. If you’re listening, it’s beautiful. It’s, it’s how you do it. I tell you what, I applaud you, number one, and you just gave you the floor, the blueprint, if you will, the floor plan for how to get started with not a whole lot and the fact that you said, you know, I’m going to live in the gym and that’s a sacrifice a lot of guys don’t, aren’t willing to do. They’re like, no, I have a pretty spunky apartment. I think I’m going to keep it just. No, you do what you need to do. You were committed. I love that Travis. Oh, continue on. Now. A lot of people, uh, Travis, I worked with a lot of personal trainers and fitness people. They get stuck at one gym. They get stuck at one gym and about 300 members. That seems to be like a magical number for the small group classes, you know, 300 members, one gym, and for small jams, like a thousand members. One. Jim, why do most gyms get stuck? And why did you not get stuck?

I think the biggest thing is it has to be an identity shifts from the business owner, especially in the fitness space. It’s a very significance and ego driven industry and, and that’s nothing offensive about it. It’s just how it is. I’m about to shift to two gyms, the business copy about you anymore. It has to be about the business where most gyms they create the gym around the personality or the persona of the leader or the boss or the gym owner. Instead. If you can create the identity around the manager, then you can create another identity. And the business is the thing that’s selling. It’s a vehicle. So you’re selling the business, not the person anymore because you can’t multiply someone, but you can multiply gyms. So I think that’s the shift that these micro, Jim’s a 300 member, the, whether it be the crossfit boxes, they’re 45 or whatever they are. Um, they have to essentially sell the business, not sell the person. And if they can make that shift, which is decreasing significant, stepping back into the backlight a little bit and putting the business in front. You don’t get the likes on Instagram, but you do get the dollars in your bank. You don’t get to what the, the likes of love hearts on instagram or facebook. But you do get your dollars in the bank.

That’s another knowledge bomb. Give me a bomb. You might, you might be.

Oh crap. So this just in. You have a choice out there. Thrive nation. You could have instagram likes or money in the bank. Your choice. I love that because I’m choosing money in the bank. This is you did to travis. I love that. Okay. Travis, I’d like for you to break this down and I apologize that I have. I’m just pelting you about you. Every time you say something, it requires me a good three minutes to digest it. I am probably one of the least popular people on social media, but I get paid in. A lot of people say, dude, you’re not very active

on social media. And what’s funny is z and I. This is what I do, I just post content and the only place that I really, um, you know, read content is a really nowhere I don’t participate in the social media and Z and I, we share an account I think on linkedin where somehow linkedin buddies. Yeah, we’re, we’re, we’re the only one where John will point out to the general point out to me like, hey, on linkedin this was posted. So we kind of see each other, but everyone that I know who is a multi, multi multimillionaire, unless their core business is social media marketing or something, they pretty much are not nearly as active as the poor people on social media. Can you please explain the correlation between super successful people and their lack of interaction with instagram likes?

I think the biggest thing like, you know, you, if you went back through my history on instagram for example, like I started properly about four months ago and I have someone that does my photos now and they posted it up and all that sort of stuff. But for the first eight years of business, you know, I posted like two or three photos and I was like, ah, I, you don’t have time for this. And it’ll be a year and that’d be another two photos and there’ll be a year and another two photos. I think I’m was just too busy trying to build a business empire essentially to worry about it. The problem is right now, you know, instant gratification, you know, we treat likes or love hearts or follows as currency when at the end of the day it’s not unless, you know how I wish it was, but it’s not that.

But it’s easy to get a follower. It’s easy to get love hot because you get to sit behind your computer, you don’t have to talk to anyone, you get to post a picture and then all of a sudden you get this, uh, these chemical kicks in your brain every time you get this notification, like, yes, yes, yes. Just like man, like that doesn’t pay your bills, but it’s easy to sip 100 computer because you don’t get rejected there. You know, the hot thing is stepping outside your comfort zone and actually talking to people and saying, this is my business, this is what I do. Let me help you with them, but if you do that and you actually have to communicate, know on a human to human level, that requires sometimes rejection and then that’s fear. That’s outside your comfort zone where instagram will act, said you see new comfort zone because you get to, you know, essentially posted up. If you don’t get enough follows a likes on a photo, then you get to delete it and no one knows the wiser. So I think that it’s people playing inside their comfort zones being too afraid of rejection, which is why probably the businesses don’t grow fast enough.

See, again, you just don’t seem as me. I mean, come on. You’re saying that people would. Many people prefer ineffective social media marketing because it does not require rejection. Yeah. See g step that somebody out there needs to hear that they do and they did. Hopefully they did. Hopefully they weren’t like know ran into the truck stop right then and there are similar. Carla’s now travis, you took this mindset, you built 21 gems and then you thought, you know what I’m gonna do, I’m going to go out there and I’m going to start a digital marketing agency that manages millions of dollars worth of your client’s marketing campaigns, which you started with your incredible wife. Uh, like can you, can you tell us about the relationship with, with your wife and what role she plays in attain digital agency?

I’m like, Olivia, like my wife is probably one of the smartest people I know. She is so talented as far as customer experience, you know, business model, business model. She, she just gets it. I’m essentially for us, we have about 60 to 70 clients where we do lead generation for them and when we’ve talked about social media, we to use facebook and instagram for that, but we do an Roi based campaigns. So you might not get likes on your page, but you get dollars in your bank, you get leads into your business and we focused on 100 to 150 leads per small business per month. So if you have one location, we give you a 100 leads of people going to buy an offer and that’s what we specialize in. So you know, for the jams we do something like what we call, it’s a 28 day challenge, right?

And we pay $197 and people opted in for that and we get people leads for us, for example, is $10 per lead and we closed $20 per sale. So marketing for us is an investment, not an expense. So if the people who trial our gyms with costs us $20, but we’re making a $197 for them to trial our business. So we’re making a positive $180 or $170 every single time someone buys. Now this is the trial and then wanting to op into our core offer. So I think the biggest thing for us, we are a digital agency. We make sure we help clients understand, don’t do your seven day trials throat through your 14 day trials because when someone opens their wallet, once they’re willing to open it again and also you may as well get paid for them to trial your business, so you need to credit sexy alpha.

That sounds like, wow, I want to try that. Especially in our solution aware marketplace, which is health and fitness. They’re like, okay, cool. I know that if I go to the gym and I ate well, then I’m going to get results. So we call it like a discount offer. Our self liquidating offer, ours is 50 percent off for the first 28 days. We essentially get 100 leads per gym. We set 50 sales per month and we get 25 ongoing sales every single month as well and it’s just rinse and repeat and we started doing this without gyms and people kept hitting us up saying, hey, like can you help us out? Can you help us out? I don’t even think we have a website right now for attain because we kind of take anymore clients. I think where we’re at the 60 or 70 and it’s been like two years in and we still like don’t have that website because people just keep hounding us to try and do work with us.

Why? Why do you build these other companies? What, why do you continue to do what? What, what are your goals? What is your. I’d love for you to share about your, your, your, your, your belief on goal setting and then reverse engineering the actual action items. Why? Why are you still motivated? Tell us about your goals.

I think we’ll have to have a Wah Wah, like a wildly important goal for me. Like it shifted about my son’s full. He turned four last week. Um, it was a big shift for me about four years ago at the start I want to be able to million dollar business and you get there. It’s like why did I want to do this? And then like I had my son and I was like, I want to build a legacy. Like, I want to show him that no matter where you start in this world, you get to choose where you finish a willing to show him that anything is possible. You know, there’s gonna be people that say you can’t be data’s that we height is, there’ll be negative people and all that matters is what you believe in yourself and your clothes. Some of the five people who lift you up.

Um, and that’s, that’s the biggest thing because I just wanted to show him that anything’s possible. So for now, you know, I do 10 year goals and you know, where we’ve got to two locations in theU , s up in Detroit right now, I’m 19 in Australia. We’re going to stay off us for another two years. We’ll get out 50 gyms in Australia and then I will come across to the US and probably do 50 over there and, and take it to $100,000,000 company and you know, we’ll see what happens then. Like we might sell for 100, $200 million or you know what, we’ll just keep cracking on. Um, you know, that they attained digital, we had to work in this company because we asked them, we went to some other digital agencies to do the lead generation we needed for our business and none of them could perform the way weaker performance, so we had to create a digital agency and look after it ourselves to make sure we could get the leads that we needed to keep fueling rbt or the result based training. So it was out of necessity more than anything.

How long have you and your wife been married?

Uh, the last five years. So we’ve been together six years

now. You guys are really doing well with your business and you’d mentioned that word haters earlier. Um, what did you. I’m not looking for the specific name of the person, but see, I think this is good therapy for somebody out there. Very good one is the worst hater you have dealt with or are dealing with as you’ve grown these multimillion dollar companies.

I think they turn over the time. Like I remember I was at Tafe doing my certificate three and four in fitness and my Tafe College, I’m lecturer and Williams said to me, you were gonna amount to nothing in life because you were distracted and you have no work ethic. Was like, okay, I will say about that. Um, so when you’re a kid doing your studies and your teacher says that to you, you have this chip on your shoulder. And then I was at fitness first I was at a big box gym. I said, I’m going to do this. And people like, I was like, come with me. And who were like, Nah, Nah man, you crazy. Um, you making good money, why would you that? How’s that? Because

you know, it’s meant for more in this world. Um, so was those people that you can have another chip on my shoulder and I think you have these chips on your shoulder and they give you a push in the right direction at least for the first couple of years. And they’re like, well, I’m going to prove these people wrong. And then that, that’s what gets you started. And that’s why I said like, you know, I wanted to prove these people wrong in the first two years and they get to a point, I was like, I proved them wrong, like, but my motivation, you can be away based motivation anymore has to change the, towards motivation. And that’s the legacy for me. It’s like pulling me towards this legacy that I can leave for my kids and it’s more out of love, your ability and more love than hate or to prove people wrong anymore.

Um, and it’s just a shift in your conscious thought patterns. And it’s like, I really don’t care what people think, you know, I do do marketing or social media and people troll me every single day in my life, you know, but that’s a reflection of them. And that’s a reflection of their life. You’ll never find a heightened in the world hating on you that’s doing better than you. So it’s, it’s the envy instead jealousy, it’s a reflection of what’s going on with your day a lot, which is why they hating on you. So instead you should empathize with them. Like, I’m sorry, your life is that bad that I’m consuming so much of your brain power right now because you should focus on you, but I thank you for focusing on me as well.

Now Talk to me about. I want to get, because see this is, this is big for small business owners. I did this morning, I was dealing with it a lot. There’s somebody who is a client who had something on facebook saying things that weren’t true about them writing things about and that weren’t true and Google. What kind of hate do you get? Is it someone just commenting on a photo saying that you’re an idiot or accusing you of being on steroids or what? What kind of hate do you deal with? Travis?

Yeah, both of those. I’m an idiot. I’m on steroids. I’m going bold. So why should I even listen to you also? Okay. I’m pretty sure my hair is okay, but I’ll. But I’ll listen to you or whatever. Right? But like nothing, nothing that died. Like, you know, it’s just like, you know, stupid comments by people that you know, really your business isn’t real. I was like, it is, you can google it, like it’s just paypal, which is lashing out and it’s a reflection of how crappy their life is and it’s like God is like, just take a moment, breathe and maybe reflect on your own life and instead of putting out negative energy, put out positivity and positivity, maybe we’ll come back from him through them because nothing positive can come from a negative state.

Now, how do you create a culture of discipline and accountability as the, I know so many personal trainers that are good at personal training because they’re personal trainers that with that getting an army of people, a team of people to be accountable to follow your systems, to start their sessions on time to, you know, implement your systems. How have you been able to build a team of people where discipline and is present?

I think courage, to be honest, I think courage is probably one of the crucial things in leadership, um, encourages to understand that it’s not that you don’t have fear, you simply fear less. It’s that you can be vulnerable with your staff when you need to be vulnerable. So they can empathize with the situation, it’s to have the understanding of the emotional intelligence to sit down with the right people in your staff and and let them in on what’s truly happening. It will give them quality time or you know, when we look at the five love languages, giving them acts of service or gifts or giving them the words of affirmation that they desire. It’s really understanding what each staff member needs and then being that courageous leader that they want to be with because you know they’re working to build your dreams. So if you want, they’re courageous.

Later they’ll find someone else to work for and build their dreams instead. So you look after your staff, your staff, look after your clients. If you’re only focused on the clients when you turn the staff, that’s when he’ll be stuck at that one. Jim, a one business. But if you truly focus on how can I like everyday, it’s like, how can I make these guys lives better? How can I make these, these employees? How can I make my team have a better quality life? How can I, whether it be increased their wages, increase their environment, increase their standards, how can I get them to buy into the vision like a better quality question gets better quality answer, and if you’re a leader, you know if you’re questioning yourself daily, you know with the right questions on how to improve your systems, your leadership, your personal development, focus on then one day personal goals, wrapping them into the, into the businesses goals, intertwining them. If you aren’t focused on that, then you’ll turn the staff because you know they’ll leave not only for more money but the leaf or a better leader because everyone silently begging to be led in as well.

Z, how long did it take you to determine that? My love language was three hour one-on-one interactive talks in the hot tub. You mentioned when every time I met you had on your swimsuit and said, hey, Z, I really didn’t have one question. I have. I see your question now, but I just can’t. I can’t help and I have to hit the button one more time. Oh, of course. Can you tell me about what’s bothering you? No, but seriously, you and I have a big team of people. We’re gonna have our Christmas party here in on December eighth at the historic male hotel. By the way, Travis, are you going to be. Are you gonna? Be In America on a December eighth. Travis.

A warrant. I went, unfortunately.

You know what, Travis, I’m going to send you a large inflatable hot tub so you can reenact our Christmas party. That’s right. Here’s the deal. We have a big Christmas party. One, hundreds of people put two mannequins in there. You can put z on one way or the other, their doctorate. So we’ll be eating ice cream and then. Okay, but anyway, so the, the, the, our Christmas party, it’s going to be big and there’s a lot of employees

there and I think a lot of people struggle with how do I build a culture z? What would advice would you have for somebody out there who’s struggling to be the courageous leader that, that Travis is describing? Be Yourself. Everything else is unsustainable. Everything else is disingenuous. You. A lot of people think they need to be something other than themselves, and here’s what happens when you’re yourself, you’ll attract the kind of people that can be led by yourself, but what if you are sincerely? If you’re self auditing right now, you’re listening to your ice and seriously am an idiot. Like I’m a jerk. I’m a greedy person. I’m self aware. Now. I’ve gone to a Tony Robbins seminar. I’ve been watching some walking on hot coals. I don’t know that I am the problem and through the law of attraction, I am a bad person. What would you say to that person?

Well, then you have to take a look in the mirror. I haven’t seen people change seldom, but they can change and you can only affect one person in this life and that, you know what I mean by that? You can only change one person in this life and that you. I mean, you can contribute. You can encourage your attracting negative people. It’s probably because you’re an idiot. Oh, probably more like, Oh man, this guy is the top video bomb. Yeah, there’s. And he’s the. He’s the deal. Yeah, I hear there’s a guy, a class city, and I could go work for this guy. Think about it as you have to be the best version of yourself, so sometimes you gotta take a step back and work on yourself before you start your business, before you get busy with the business, a business, because you have to be the best version of yourself and for not.

God bless you. Make yourself a better version of yourself. You know we’re here to help. We’re starting and growing a business. We’re here to help with some life goals. We’re here to help with kind of get your life organized, but ultimately it has to be up to you to say, you know what? I’m kind of a mean dude, or I’m kind of a rude dude, or kind of a, I’m kind of an idiot at times. You’re the only one that can change this wookie outfits freaking people out. We’re. I know, Travis, I’ve got a question for you. Those first four hours of your day. You’re a very purposeful person and our listeners are always curious about the habits and routines of the world’s most successful people. Could you share with the listeners what the first four hours of your typical day looks like?

I can indeed now, like you said, the first four hours a crucial for me. This sort of sets up my day, my mental space. I’m up at 4:30 and I choose that because I have two kids, right? Like I have a one year old and a four year old and I want to try and get some of my stuff out of the way before they wake up so I get up at 4:30. I sit there and I meditate for the first 20 minutes and a focus on some breath techniques that I have. I’m trying to calm my mind and focus on mines. I moved from that and I like going to the gym and push out about 45 minute workout and after that I’ll read for about 30 minutes and I’ll go through about 10 to 15 pages of content that I’m trying to consume at that time and then post that I’ll look at my vision and my goals for the day.

So that’s, that’s essentially a ride essentially like some gratitude and I will stop the gratitude as well. So it’s the three things I’m grateful for each morning and after that my kids will be awake, my wife will go to the gym and I’m, I’ll essentially make sure that we have some toasts together and we’ll have like a milk and we’ll watch some TV and it’s like seventh grade dance. She’ll get home and I’m, that’s my first four hours, like from 4:30 to 8:30 in the morning is, you know me time, meditation, training, time, reading time, you know, a little bit of journaling time. And then you know, my family time,

you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re pretty busy. What’s the technical term? Jacked and ripped. I don’t have a picture of you online. I’m sure you will see Z. I hope it’s not weird for Travis by word. You have fat head as a Christmas gift. See if that had a nice title Schwartzenegger in my bedroom body on your wall. Where does that where? It’s just a way weird to know this. Why not? I want to ask you, is your. Is your wife jacked?

I would say she’s pretty sexy,

so let me ask you, is it competitive around the house? I mean, when you’re running around and you’re, you know, you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re, you appear to be aware of where the gym is located. You appear to go everyday. You appear to be eating healthy. You’re, you’re in shape. Is it a competitive thing? I’m in. Are you always. Is it very competitive between you two?

No, no, we don’t. We don’t compete with anything really. Like I think for myself, like I’m a better human being. When I’m healthy, I’m a better human being. When I, when I nourish my body with food, that doesn’t mean I don’t like a glass of wine, a bottle of wine every Friday night. I don’t know that. And I’m like, I enjoy life, but I enjoy life more when I’m fit and healthy and the surgeons lives like my wife, you know, she enjoys training three to four times a week and she’s still trying to, you know, rbt in the, in the classes that we have there. Um, you know, she, she loves it. She loves the community atmosphere. Sheila was pushing with other men, women with the training, so she will try and there four times a week and um, I’ll try and before I btr vince, you know, four or five times a week, I think we both do it because it gives us that mental space to continue to push our bodies and continue to, you know, essentially it’s a, it’s a nourishment activity rod. You only have one body you don’t get to try to do and then get a new one. So we make sure we look after ourselves. And again, it’s, it’s being a role model for our kids. I think my son said to me that those two things he said to me the other day, one of them was like, he tells everyone that he’s a gemma, now I can, you know, uh, Jim Murray, someone that eats well and the chamber was someone who trains hard and economies the John, he’s huge.

And the other thing you said to me is like, you know, I do seminars and it’s like 100 people there or whatever it is. And he goes, you know, daddy went on when I grow up, can I talk to people like you do? And I think if we reflect back and even if you don’t have kids, if you did have kids is you’ll live, you know, giving someone being the role model, someone to look up to. And I think I reflect on that each day and it’s like, is this, is this day worthy because you’re trading your life for it and if it’s not worthy and maybe you need to change. So maybe need to change some habits because someone’s watching. It might not be your kids, it might be a friend, it might be a brother or sister, might be parents, but someone’s always watching your activities and without you knowing it, you can be inspiring them to become a better human because you are a busy human

z are on skype and sometimes you don’t get to see people’s faces and you can’t make the real connections. You can’t really read the love languages as well over skype as you can in person, but it sounds to me like Travis Jones is really just a little bitter that his wife is in better shape than he is. I guess that’s why I got picked up on that a little bit. The whole idea that it’s not competitive, but kinda. I’m not feeling all that kind of weaving in a little. Like I tell you what I’m going to know. I know you know when he’s saying, hey honey, can you pass the salt? He’s flexing his arm out. You can just sit at the dinner table. Hey, can you load it up? Her food and high sugar items passively, aggressively putting sugar drop leg, curls it up and shows his bicep. This is bringing it back to Austin carbs in her face at all times. Now, the low road there, Travis. Okay, so kind of books, books, books and books. You’re a reader. Is there a certain book or books that you’d recommend for the listeners out there where you go, this is one book, this is the, or this is one or two books, these books or maybe a podcast or something that’s really changed the trajectory of your life.

Viktor Frankl, a man’s search for meaning. I think it was probably one of the most pivotal books for me. Viktor. Viktor Frankl, a man’s search for meaning in man’s search for me and. Got It. Um, now Viktor Frankl, man’s search for meaning. He was in the Holocaust and it was psychologists back then and see is this couple of profound moments inside this book. You know, obviously it was probably one of the worst times anyone could live throughout and people were pulled left and right and were they were being executed around him and he, he made a statement and he lived a fortunately for him and he met a standard that you can do anything to me but take away my last human freedom and that is my freedom to choose my own way. And that is to choose your own emotions, to choose your own actions because you know we get these gift in life and you know it’s the power of choice.

No one forces your hand to do anything in this world. You get to choose what you do and you know, he talks about this stimulus and response. I think this is the problem with so many of us in society with mediocrity these days, is they don’t understand that there’s two things. There is a stimulus and there is a response and sometimes we don’t understand the difference and I’m driving along and someone cuts me off and all of a sudden the stimulus is the cutoff. The responses, me shaking my fists, getting angry at them and a been a road rage, but instead, you know, we don’t know why they cut us off. This email is psycho itself. Maybe that would cut us because

they were rushing to hospital because their kid was there. Now instead of choosing frustration, anger, and shaking your fist, you would probably choose empathy and compassion and go, please cut me off. Like you get there as fast as you can and cut everyone else off and because you actually changed the emotional response to the stimulus, you’re completely changing your physiology and your changing the rest of your day because if you choose anger and frustration, then you’re probably gritting your, your, your steering wheel all the way to the car and then you get into work and Julie looks at you and you snap it, Julie, because this idiot cut you off. I’m, you know. Then you eat the muffin instead of the eggs egg muffin. Right now it’s just a cascade of effects. Sure. Because you didn’t expand the gap.

Wonderful. Thank you for sharing that. I have, uh, uh, my final question for you. And you always want to help me with a better question, right? This is a true deep question. I think z people, he’s in Australia. We’re in America. People are letting countries and borders a separate us, right? People were. People were being divisive, right? That’s a time of, of. It’s a very polarizing political climate out there. Right? And some people just, they just cannot accept people on the other side of the pond because they say things differently and it’s divisive. People say, I can’t listen to Travis, he cannot be credible because he just said it. Uh, it took someone to hospital and he did not say the hospital. And my good friend Andy Matheran is from England where this is what he says, Travis, I can’t imitate. I can’t impersonate people from Australia.

But Andy would say, so this weekend I went to hospital and I would say, why didn’t you go to the hospital? And he’s like, because I went to a hospital so I want to know what’s going on with them. Why, why, why does everybody over there and take people to the hospital? Did they take people to hospital? And not the hospital where they say, I want to know what’s the deal? You want an educated, curious mind. Serious. I want to know that these are questions and things I think about. These are the life changing moment. Are we wrong? Are you wrong? I’ll show it to the kid runs right. Okay. I’ll start changing immediately. If I need to start saying Z, I’m taking sound. I commit right now. I’m going to take out the the in front of hospital because you sound successful and easy.

I’m going to take that. That’s why I’m in this little takeaway. It’s going to impact my language. I love it when you get action steps after we’ve done interviews, that’s the thing there. You know, I pick up the traits of our successful guests. I always, this is what I’m going to take for. I’m going to take the fact that it gets up early, that he’s got a great idea, that balance like that, that he. That he worked hard, that he has a goals and plans and he’s kicking it and comprehend. He doesn’t use ADP before hospital.

I think guys got to understand if I cut out the words they behold hospital every single year, I probably saved myself a couple of million, a couple of minutes. It could be a couple of million dollars.

That’s what I knew. I knew there was a reason I asked to ask a question that is as deep because I’m a shallow man. Okay.

I to ask you a question, so you started your gyms, what? Seven and a half years ago. Is that what you said? That’s it. Okay. Seven a half years. What a great success story, right? It will be on the show by the way. Thanks for just baring your soul and putting up with us. That’s number one. That’s not the question. That’s sidebar. If you could go back seven and a half years back in time, back in time, get the Delorean,

go back in time and sit down with yourself of seven and half years ago and you’re sitting at a coffee shop having a Latte, Mocha Frappuccino, Copa Coffee, no sugar, no whatever. No, maybe a little bit because you weren’t. You weren’t looking at yourself until you put a little bit in because she’s got the younger one with his wife. His wife was. She’s not there yet today. That’s fine. Sure. Okay, and you say to your younger self, looking at me saying younger self, I’m your older self. What advice would you give him?

I’d probably say the next seven and a half years and probably be the toughest seven and a half years of your life, but you know it’s truly a sad day that a man goes through his life and never truly be challenged and gets the grave and never finds his true potential. So these challenges that there to force you to become the man you’re supposed to become and look forward to these challenges and rise to the occasion. Don’t run away from them because someone who rises to the occasion, he’s courageous and there’s needs. Need for more courageous people on this earth. So embrace the challenge. Fond the obstacle, find the opportunity inside emc every obstacle and become the person you truly meant to be.

And now pastor sugar. Okay, so what’s. What’s your. What’s your wife’s name? By the way, Olivia, Olivia, and you might say, oh, and by the way, you heard about a couple, three years going to meet this chick name Olivia. Don’t let her. Don’t be bitter. She’s in better shape than dope. Dope, dope. Dope. Now, Travis, for anybody out there who we’d like to get a parting word of wisdom from you, what would be your advice or the action step you’d encourage all of our listeners to take today as a result of this interviews or a website you wanted to check out? Do you want them to change the calendars? We go out and purchase a book. What do you want all the listeners to do?

I think it’s just understanding that you’re not going to have all the resources that you need, but you know, like literally as Tony robins would say, it’s about getting resourceful so you might not have the money, but you’ll figure out a way to, to make the money. You might not have the time, but you know, it’s a, it’s a question of priorities. So, you know, you have to understand, is the juice worth the squeeze? Right. You know, it’s just a matter of sacrifice. You’re willing to sacrifice to move into your business, you willing to sacrifice your weekends to, to grow. So I think the biggest bulk I could get someone to get his, buy a journal, reflect 20 minutes every single day. Come on and ask yourself deep questions like where do I want to be in five years? What does that look like? Like if you do that, then you will define your own future. And I think we all have the answers inside

of us except we’re too afraid to look. Yeah, I got one last question I got. I got to you. Have you. Have you ever eaten kangaroo? Yeah, look. Sorry. Okay, good. Do you prefer the red or the Brown? Well, Kangaroos. A game meat, right? So I like a red, a red kangaroo, but it’s a game he made so you need to make sure that you eat it. There you go. When I was in Sydney, I had kangaroo for the first time and only time in life is great or not great. It was great. I enjoyed it. It did. You have to go to hospital. That’s nice. You do good to get that in at some point. No, I did not have to go to hospital. It was good. Yes. Oh yeah. Well Travis, we like to end every show with a three to one and a boom boom. Around here. Stands for big, overwhelming optimistic momentum. So essentially I’m going to say three, two, one. And it’s, he’s gonna and we all say boom. Are you ready? Are you ready? Let you. I’m ready. Are you ready? Absolutely. Here we go. Ready? Bring the thunder from down under

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