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    “When everyday is bring your child to work day.”

  • “The Jim Carrey of entrepreneurs!”

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  • “These systems have allowed me to work on the church and not just in it! It’s the best of the business world applied to Church systems! Without all these systems we would not be able to pastor two campuses (Amarillo, TX and Owensboro, KY).”
    - Pastor Brian Gibson Co-founder of River City Church / Victory Church

  • “The Jim Carrey of entrepreneurs!”

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  • “The systems that we have implemented have exponentially increased the number of new faces in our services every week. It’s a one stop shop for churches. Search engine optimization, website design, workflow and systems.”
    - Pastor Jessi Gibson Co-founder of River City Church/ Victory Church

  • Forbes
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    “When everyday is bring your child to work day.”

  • “The Jim Carrey of entrepreneurs!”

  • Over 1,700 Reviews

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  • “The Thrive Radio Show is both entertaining and informative. Your humor combined with the powerful information is like combining Steve Martin and Steve Forbes.”
    - Jim Stovall (Emmy Award winner, International Humanitarian of the Year Award winner, Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner, best known for his bestselling novel The Ultimate Gift)

  • “The Jim Carrey of entrepreneurs!”

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  • “Clay Clark is an entrepreneur extraordinaire! I love how his mind works and the energy he exudes. I’ve enjoyed working with him over the past few years. His listeners will gain great insight on what will improve their opportunities in business.”
    - David Robinson (NBA Hall-of-Famer)

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Business Coaching Reviews | Brian Gibson | Church Growth

Pastor Brian Gibson

River City Church, Owensboro, Kentucky


Pastor Kelly Goins

Faith Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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  • How Did Mayor Craig Thurmond Help to Transform Broken Arrow Into America’s #11 Safest Cities

    What makes Broken Arrow, Oklahoma America’s #11th safest city? What makes St. Louis, Missouri one of the most dangerous cities in America?


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