The Necessity of Ongoing Weekly Training in Churches (3 hours per week)

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To master anything you must do it repeatedly with a spirit of excellence. Clay Clark, Pastor Brian Gibson, Pastor Jessi Gibson and Aaron Antis with Shaw Homes teach how to master a skill and they break down the insanity of believing that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity.

See – Boom – 13 Proven Steps to Business Success – Pages 160 – 171

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Don’t just expect that your will team know how to build systems, or even use them. You need to make training on how to access and use your systems part of your business.” – Jeff Hoffman (Former CEO of
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “96 percent of all businesses fail within 10 years, with 80 percent failing within the first two years. The top reasons for failure include bad customer relations, bad budgeting, lack of staff training, failure to anticipate market trends, and poor and inconsistent marketing.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of the Ultimate Sales Machine)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The secret to building an excellent sales force (or team of any kind) is in repeating core training on basic sales skills again and again.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of the Ultimate Sales Machine)
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Culturally we have been taught the lie that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result when in reality it’s only by diligently doing the same thing over and over that we become great at anything. Do don’t become great at playing basketball, playing the drums or selling anything until you consistently practice the fundamentals until you can’t get them wrong. Your sales team cannot become great unless they are consistently trained how to execute a proven system. Small businesses that try to get their teams to execute a half-baked new sales strategy with a team of poorly trained sales professionals every 15 days lose. Consistency and diligence creates mastery. Endless attempts to get a sales team to implement poorly throughout sales strategies cause chaos within an organization.” – Clay Clark
    1. WEBSTER’S DEFINITION OF INSANITY – 1. A severely disordered state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder. 2. Unsoundness of mind or lack of the ability to understand that prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship, status, or transaction or that releases one from criminal or civil responsibility.”
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid-thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.” – Martin Luther King, Jr (The civil rights leader who strategically shaped the national narrative on segregation as a result of taking the time to plan and organize the events that America saw unfold on television)
  6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The key is found in training. This is not a one-time event either. Practice plus practice plus more practice creates real habits that make the marks in creating top performers you can rely on.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of the Ultimate Sales Machine)
  7. ACTION ITEM – Must agree key performance indicators for your new team members:
    1. Define amount of daily activity that you will require.
    2. Agree on a set time, and place for ongoing training.
    3. Insist that recorded calls or recorded video of presentations is brought to the weekly meetings so that candid feedback and coaching can be given.
    4. Implement the same agenda in each team training:
      1. Review of the weekly activity – 2 minutes (approximately)
      2. Review of the number of closed deals – 2 minutes (approximately)
      3. Review of the weekly pipeline – 2 minutes (approximately)
      4. Review of the biggest limiting factors, questions and objections – 5 minutes (approximately)
      5. Training / Teach – 10 minutes(approximately)
      6. Role-playing – 30 minutes(approximately)
      7. Action Items – 10 minutes
        1. Assign action items
        2. When is the action item do?
        3. Who is doing the action item?
        4. What are the details needed to complete the action item?
        5. Keep the assigned action items on the weekly agenda for accountability during the next meeting.
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Audio Transcription

Do you need help growing your business? Take the business conferences challenge. That’s right time. Business coach program will be any marketing firms prices by 50% schedule. Your free consultation today at drivetime show.Com, a big bunch of wings today, shaho. Absolutely, let’s hear it so I’m checking my e-mail this morning, as I always do before. I leave the office so on my inbox, I get down 2-0 previous to 5:30 a.M. It’s just every day. I. Do it get up plan my day respond to the emails if you’re an active client or potential client I deal with it. If it’s not just at the deletes, pretty awesome feature hit block out today. That comes in from a person who is in charge of a large real, estate group would say, probably the largest real estate group and the state of oklahoma challenge because they got court in an obscene price for their marketing from I wouldn’t, competitor different sports are sport. Is sport where you deliver a product at a 20% margin? There’s a sport where you deliver in any any fish into generosity and a 80% markup launch web sites and months, were they lark websites in like half a year, but it’s amazing victorious talking to them and I’m so excited, because when they hear how much we’re going to quote them, I think there might be tears involved, lol, be blown away and because you are selling houses, that could be a good connection here for the large real estate association, whatever it maybe we’re, all agents might or might not have to go through, might or might not want to spruce up her entire organization that could be a win-win went. There could be a win-win I like it cuz. We don’t go out people on their prices. This could be a huge women. You know why the member of my business conferences team didn’t didn’t, didn’t didn’t over quote. Why is a high price to somebody who has a budget that is 8 times larger than a verdict on your way? They still said hey. You know what even the biggest projects the big kahuna it’s like 3 grand for the big kahuna they’re, just blown away 3, not like 12 grand a month no contract. Are you kidding me? Are you going to be because we have ongoing trainings every single morning at 6 a.M. Where we talked about doctor’s he’s number one rule which is pigs, get fat, hogs get slaughtered, don’t be greedy without me, even talking to the person they quoted low, we quote low cuz.

We want to be an asset, not a liability, and so I want to ask pastor, pastor brian this question:jeff hoffman, the former ceo of priceline, who narrowly could not be here today, so don’t just expect that your team will know how to build system for even use the system. So you need to make training on how to access and use your system. Part of your business or church pastor brian was river city church. Why does ongoing training have to be part of your culture? Well, you have to train the people that you put on the team to get them on the bus you’re all going somewhere together and everybody has to know what they’re doing I mean you ever been so busy i, don’t have time to train think about this you’re paying all these people all your hard earned dollars the money that you have coming in your place and those people are human resources there, a resource that you can utilize and maximize their potential handbook and do it on automated I just want to get him some videos and I don’t know nobody is ever probably going to read your handbook more than likely you can check and see if they watched your videos by some business conferences application, but they’re going to try to find a way to cheat the video you can be a supplement, but I don’t think I can be primaried lucky person to ever meeting. In the same thing we go over the same things over and over just it’s ridiculous people can train them play all the way. People really are trained that you’re talking about ongoing training I’m talking about you can’t tell me what to talk about I love like I love, i, love, israel, i, love, the culture of israel and I like to see like a rabbi disciple relationship. It’s not it’s, not a one-time classroom. You don’t get a degree. You haven’t graduated, it’s you’re going to come and walk with us and see how we do things and that’s everyday. What what the what the jews used to say in ancient israel, whenever a guy would follow rabbi, they would say may the dust of your rabbi be upon you and what that meant was that that literally, you were walking so close, seeing how he does things that he’s kicking up that dust, it’s dusty, that right everywhere dirt and that dirt would get on you and you would get in that much. We got to train people like that. Okay, so your machine, pastor jesse, he could not be here today. Cuz he’s dead, he’s alive. He said this, and this is what he didn’t say this, while he’s dead, I wanna make sure we’re not getting any of the coast to coast, listeners oregon. This is what he says. He says the secret to building business conferences excellent salesforce. Is it repeating core training on basic, skilled, again and again and again, I think a lot of people hate the consistent cdw preach every single sunday and you have to train your team. Why do you have to train your name over and over? Why can’t you just skip a few sundays? What you need to say this sunday, we might or might not have church happened to me in our in our staff meetings. The other day I had I hadn’t gone over a certain subject that we deal with every single week.

We every single week we deal with it and I hadn’t gone over in a while and I realize it, because then I actually saw the product of what we had done and it was horrible and so I went back in and I said, hey guys at we’re going to have to start looking at this again. So I put more in touch when I think he will love knowing what you what they’re supposed to do, and it does get extremely repetitive, brian’s, extremely repetitive, just by nature, and sometimes his repetitiveness actually makes me want to scream because there’s a lot of repetitive and they act like. If you ask them, they will answer you the exact same, that he said that he answers, because he may have been around long enough. It’s always going to be the exact same business conferences thing and I’m going to tee up a really profound thought and I’d like for you to tackle me. Come back from break. Does. That idea. I was speaking event the other day and every day, and every time I’ve ever been to a speaking it every single time, I’ve ever gone to a speaking it. When someone speaks before me, I love the market or guys pics before me, cuz he always gets up. The definition of insanity insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different. That’s right! Man I’ll tell you because that’s what it means man, so we’re going to show you a new way, a new way and people used to think you had to work. Hard. Williams, barber shop in our people need like snake i, bury babies, its use in switzerland and its attitude to do the ground level and there’s always that did that new thing. I didn’t mystical business conferences potion that power they’re trying to sell but culturally I believe we’ve been taught. This lie that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over expecting a different result, but I’ve discovered the best piano players I’ve ever met. They practice the same thing. Over and over about the best basketball player, lebron james old school mckayla I was reading.

This book called drive about the life of larry bird and is like he practice every day. That’s all steph curry, he practices everyday. So those guys are an idiot idiot. This guy, he does the same thing everyday freaking, moron I mean it is donald trump’s been doing real estate. His whole life was selling. That guy is just throwing his life. I mean i, want to be professional, but he’s he’s doing his life into the porta potty of life with donald trump want to waste. My sack of whatever I mean this guy is the president everyday. Just like our business conferences, our country, america change, the narrative and I get into a good, solid pyramid scheme because he can make money he’s, throwing it away. I mean there’s people out there practicing for choir every week, there’s pastors preparing every week. These people are idiots, cuz, they’re, doing the same thing over and we come back on. Aaron antis was shaw homes to sit to set us straight in the end, it’s in the cell us on the idea, teach us how really we should do a new thing everyday. We should never really do the same thing over and over, because that would be in welcome back to this right time. Radio show the place where the business world finds all of their business coaching and marketing solutions or less than 825 per hour. What are the earth is flat or not passed.

Professional athletes go back to the conversation. Get to drive time show on your radio and we’re talking about right now. Is this concept of consistent training now I want to make sure that everybody gets this, because we have an absolute source of wisdom, aaron antis, the marketing director with shaw homes, the largest home builder, in oklahoma, and I’m, telling you this you have to eat. If you fight this idea as an entrepreneur you’re going to lose so I’m going to say some things that I’m sure my wife will say what you calm down, but this hurts things I want to share. I have many many friends who are masters at, what they do. One of my friends, ryan tedder, grammy, award-winning artist. He write songs for adele, taylor swift for you to for one republic for a lot of artists. You would know ryan tedder, which grammys and he’s really really good and it college i. Remember this going to practice practice you go by the next day. Practice practice the next week. Practice hey, you guys want to go out to eat. What are you doing tonight, charleston? Why are you working there to buy a microphone so I can practice practice practice. People come to my dorm room. What are you doing, selling what you doing, selling weed? What are you doing? You look up, I’m 20 I win the entrepreneur of the year business conferences award for the city of tulsa and I’m on the new cover that tells world and then I’m, 24 people, I’m 21, I’m, moving into a big house to do that. So fast you see, there’s no secret. The secret was I was practicing. I was saying no to a lot of stuff and then ryan called me in to take that song, I’ve been working on for well tuesday to apologize. It’s too late to go radio. That’s awesome, velasquez I’m, working an album for you, too, and by the way, taylor swift and by the way and I knew what happened. You know what, if you look up, ryan tedder he’s on the cover of billboard at the undercover king of pop, not because he got a new idea, not because he got a new. Why do you understand that your ideas are absolutely worthless? No one cares about your ideas.

I! Don’t care about your ideas, there’s no one at all the world. Who cares about your ideas for the execution of your ideas, and so thomas edison was meaner than i. Am he says, vision without execution is hallucination, so if you’re taking some hallucinogenic and it’s part of your mushroom culture-okay I get it I get it. You are hanging out by the greenbelt you’re happy that takes two years to get a permit to build anything in portland i, get it you’re what you’re watching whales right now, but for those people out there when I get something done during their lifetime. You’re going to have to focus on the same thing over and over to focus means focus on core tasks. Until success focus on court, ask until success, martin, luther, king junior says really. Do we find a man who are willing to engage in hard, solid thinking the answers? Not true, but true, sad part is new pyramid. You got to get in and half baked solution, nothing pain, some people more than having to think and work, but seriously the shake weight neutral. It’s going to be awesome to help us help. The culture help the world who out there, who are trying to do idea of the week get rich, quick, proverbs 13:11. They love the idea of getting get-rich-quick. They haven’t heard that part of the bible yet help. Somebody who wants the new idea I think it’s sad that he’s doing the same thing over and over yeah. Well, you Know:i’ve been at shaw homes for 11 years now and when I came in 2007 I started teaching my 12 business conferences principles to help my sales people to know how to help their customers in the new homes, and here we are 11 years, the scenery is changed. The people have changed, but guess what I teach the new person who’s? Actually starting with us tomorrow? Guess what they’re going to learn? How to make clickfunnels that allow? You to make millions from your laptop while working from a pool in portland are going to learn the 12 principles. I taught the person 11 years ago, when I first started they conspired in the mindset. Man get an alignment alignment, one of my favorite things to get into by the way. That’s a good thing, I like to say a lot, because I feel, like all millennials, are a little time. It’s just know it’s this thing that we call the 300% rule. We do a hundred percent of the process to 100% of the people, a hundred percent of the time and then I get that new guy who’s like I got a new idea. I got a new id I want to watch what if we get one of those party buses with the strobe lights in the in the dancing poles inside of it, and we drive our customers around in one of those, so they can see all of our homes and I’m like no work about this same thing, we’ve been doing think about this.

I have been watching river city church. Would you can see on facebook, live and watching these guys here for the past 4 months, 5 months and I noticed that the pastor, jesse and brian, they did a sermon about how to be happily married together how to grow together as a couple boundary setting, and it was really crazy, but you guys were teaching biblical principles from this book called the bible’s I was there with you, pastor jesse. Why would you refer to bible verses in an old bible, because it’s today’s different, it said things are different now and you haven’t found reason. Why are you quoting that old raggedy book titled it up and doing everything that we can do we’ve been listening, listening, never talk, show and get every bit of advice from those television talk show host that we can get in a marriage is just keep on falling apart, and so we just decided to go back to the original and keep to it and just keep on looking at it. And it’s the bible says that jesus is the same yesterday today and forever, meaning that he never changes. His stuff always works, and we just believe that and it works in every marriage that we’ve ever seen that uses it. I just was a thought that I thought I wanted to read:people magazine and I’m wanting to go on facebook, but it’s like I have an addiction to being distracted and i. All my distraction, I prefer in the bible I know. I know I should be on facebook more as we watching tv more it’s hard to watch tv when you’re reading the bible I’m just distracted, I’m, sorry, but it feeds in 525, passerbys. Husbands, love your business conferences wives, just as christ loved the church and gave himself up for her and I thought. I should probably love my wife, the way christ loved the church. Husbands, love your wives as christ loved the church and gave himself up for her i. Don’t understand what this means. I guess I should probably go hang out with my wife. I mean talk to me. Why do why do people in our culture want to escape these truths and they’re shocked? It doesn’t well. Whatever is new. It sells to people what’s the time in its make something else works for humanity, it’s wired into the system, the god, who, created the system also gave us the manual or the playbook and you’re not going to find happiness, finding pulling something you’re pulling something trying to make a marriage work right there in the scriptures clay. Just talked about loving your wife, like christ, loves the church that fulfills a massive need on the inside of every woman. Women want to be valued, they want to be nurtured. They want to be cherished right down below that it’ll talk about a wife honoring, respecting a husband.

It right there in the same passage in ephesians, so these are biblical truth that don’t change very successful with your marriage with your life, with your fam, with your business conferneces, with your friend, but anything just stay consistent with what works. That’s, how you build a great team, it’s consistent training, consistency. What creates success into the sandy to think? Otherwise, we come back. We can talk about three legged marketing schools in business and ministry


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