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Business Coach Testimonials

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Dr. Breck Kasbaum

    “We’re Climbing The Google Search Engine Each Day”

    Dr. Breck Kasbaum | Owner, Dr. Breck Chiropractic

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Platinum Pest

    “The number of new customers we’ve had is up 411% over last year.”

    Jared & Jennifer Johnson | Owners, Platinum Pest

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Shaw Homes

    “In 4 months our internet leads have grown 12x”

    Aaron A. | Shaw Homes

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Delricht Research

    “We’ve grown 300% in 11 months.”

    Delricht Research

  • Business Coaching | Taylor Hall - Tulsa Oilers

    “More sales, more attendance, more successes in business, we had a record year last season.”

    Taylor Hall | General Manager, Tulsa Oilers

  • Business Coaching Testimonial | Barbee Cookies

    “We tripled the business and expanded to two locations in three years”

    Kat Graham | Owner, Barbee Cookies

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Adam Beal - Phone Doctors

    “I never thought I needed a business coach or a life coach. It’s great now.”

    Adam Beal | Vice President, Phone Doctors

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Bodycentral

    “We went from owning 3 locations in 2016 to now were up and going in 8 locations and still growing.”

    Jen Allen | Owner, Bodycentral Physical Therapy

  • Business Coach testimonial | Healthworks Chiropractic

    “They helped me know how to get from point A to B…”

    Dr. Jay Schroder

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Witness Security

    “Our growth was averaging pretty close to $10,000 a month to month basis. Now are close to $40,000 on a month to month basis.”

    Keith Shultz | Owner, Witness Security

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Shepherd's Automotive

    “We have hope now, we have hope for our future.”

    Guy Shepherd | Owner, Shepherd's Automotive

  • Business Coaching Reviews Tip Top K9

    “We’ve gone from 1 location to 10 locations in a year.”

    Ryan and Rachel Wimpey | Owners, Tip Top K9

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Roy Coggeshall - The Garage BA / RC Auto Specialists“May sales were up from $60,667 last year to $102,837 this year.”

    Roy Coggeshall | Owner, RC Auto Specialists & The Garage BA

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Platinum Pest & Lawn

    “Now we’re seeing our bank account increase at a faster rate than we’ve ever seen before.”

    Jared & Jennifer Johnson | Platinum Pest & Lawn

  • Business Conference Reviews | Complete Carpet

    “We did over 2x the amount of business we did last year.”

    Complete Carpet

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Case Studies

Business Conference Testimonials

  • Business Conference Reviews | Falgun Patel

    “Being here I feel like I’m surrounded by people that want to succeed in life and in business.”

    Falgun Patel

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Donna Saunders

    “By coming to the workshop I learned that a lot of my business ideas are validated.”

    Donna Saunders

  • Business Conference Reviews | Carrie Pitts

    “Clay has more to offer and his teaches practical steps.”

    Carrie Pitts

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Marty Lehman

    “Clay is a very inspirational speaker with a lot of humor injected.”

    Marty Lehman | Safety and PR, Mining Company

  • Business Conference Testimonials | Dr. Melissa Leedy

    “Clay is really funny, but there’s a lot of practical information.”

    Dr. Melissa Leedy

  • Business Conference Reviews | Jon Kelley

    “Clay’s delivery and presentation style is raw and real.”

    Jon Kelley

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Precision Calibration

    “Clay’s presentation and teaching style is very engaging. It’s the keys to business success.”

    Travis Ryan | Precision Calibration

  • Business Conference Reviews | Barry Landon

    “Clays’ a never-ending energizer bunny and I really enjoyed all that he had to say.”

    Barry Landon

  • Business Conference Reviews | Melissa Shay

    “During this conference I have learned more about marketing and SEO than I ever have at one time.”

    Melissa Shay

  • Business Conference Testimonials | Tammy Harrison

    “Even though there are a lot of suits and ties, it’s been a lot of fun.”

    Tammy Harrison

  • Business Conference Testimonials | Augustine Iocapelli

    “Every time we come, we take away great tips and ways to grow our business.”

    Augustine Iocapelli

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Matt Casey

    “Everybody here is a like-minded.”

    Matt Casey

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  • Business Conference Testimonials | Charlie Adams

    “Everybody makes you feel more welcome than other conferences.”

    Charlie Adams

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  • Business Coaching Reviews | Lori Kroh

    “Everyone here is friendly, everyone goes above and beyond”

    Lori Kroh

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  • Business Conference Testimonials | Virginia Carol

    “Everyone I’ve met is very enthusiastic.”

    Virginia Carol

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