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What Lori & John Say About Thrivetime Business Conferences

Lori C’s Business Conferences Testimonial

I’m Lori Crow, I’m from Broken Arrow and I’m thinking about doing my own business promotions, marketing, advertising for companies. I heard about the Thrivetime Show business conferences by Googling online and then listening to the radio show, and then I’ve been an avid listener ever since. I’ve learned a ton at these business conferences. I’ve learned about setting your own schedule and making sure that the business is going to serve you first. I’ve learned about the accounting part of the Seo optimization, branding, marketing. I’ve learned more in the last two days then I have the entire four years of college. The environment is awesome. it’s totally creative if you’re into just thinking and being open, it’s inspiring. Everyone here is friendly. Everyone goes above and beyond. It’s just service oriented and it’s also creative and just gives you a chance to seek and I think be more dream more and believe you have to come out and see it.

It’s worth the trip and also I just think you owe it to yourself. If you’re going to be in business for yourself, you need to come here, this is the school to come to. Clay’s presentation and speaking style is honest, forthright, and he is in his own area, so it’s a comedy show mixed in with nuggets of truth and actually really, really good advice, common sense, and actually nuggets of good advice. It’s very interactive. He asks you questions, you get to answer questions. It’s set up just as a group and there’s no right or wrong answer. It’s just being real and really get into the nitty gritty of it. I think they’re missing everything. I think if anyone’s struggling to start a business or they’re going to have their business where you have any problems, you’re missing it because you’re not gonna. Find the answers online tutorials or instagram ads or videos.

You have to come and actually just immerse yourself in a school such as this from beginning steps one all the way through 14, you have to immerse yourself. It’s completely different because at the very end, actually starting in the middle to the end, I was asking, what more can I buy? What more can I get into? What do you have books? Do you have classes? What else can I take? So it was actually reverse. It left me wanting more and not feeling like I’m being scuttled to the back of the room to sign up now. And that urgent pressure that everyone hates. I think everyone should check it out. I it is one of the best things. I’m going to be a walking billboard for them because I just. Everybody needs this. Everyone tells you how to start a business, but nobody’s really giving you the practical steps to do it in. This doesn’t.

John Kelly’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is John Kelly. I’m from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. I originally heard about thrive 15 business conferences from a friend, actually a thriver named Paul Hood. He recommended checking it out. The business I currently founded or started here, active cbd. This is actually my second time back to the workshop just to kind of want to brush up on a few things. Probably the biggest thing I want to pick up on is the systems that drive helps business owners put in place to where we’re not so dependent upon the business so we can get time freedom to describe Cay’s atmosphere and the atmosphere at thrive15. It’s really, it’s unique. You can’t really describe it or compare it to anything. I guess you can describe it. It’s very upbeat, positive. When you have a momentum force or a good driving factor in your business. They got a gong, you go and you hit that with a hammer if something good happens.

Everyone here is always happy to see you. They are always energetic and they engaged. They truly care, including Clay. I mean, he’s probably the most compassionate business coach I’ve ever met. He truly, genuinely wants your business to succeed, but you got to put in the effort as well to make it work. Clay’s delivery and presentation style is raw and real. It’s the truth and some people don’t like to truth. So if they’ve got some problems in their business, they might not want to hear what he has to say, but he’s going to say it, get it out there, identify the problems, and get you on a path to get your business going where it needs to go for time freedom and financial freedom. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned so far is, uh, probably the HR section of the thrive 15 with clay stairs.

Hire on character trained from there. With every business owners probably hiring and firing employees are trying to find that right person they take, they take the process, cut it down, turn it into a system and make it really easy to navigate through that. And so that’s probably one of my favorite segments of the thrive time show. So what you’d be missing out on if you didn’t attend a thrive 15 workshop is you’re cutting yourself short. You’re, you know, you’re only hurting yourself. Um, you take the two days to get here, to do it. You’re gonna learn so much is a little overwhelming, but they give you the books, the materials, and the access of what you need to implement the systems, the processes. The idea is to put into place why does everyone need to attend at least one thrive time workshops? Because we all have something in our business that needs to be improved upon it. I don’t care how great your business is. There’s something to be improved somewhere and you can get it right here at these workshops.


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