Will this system work for my business?

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Clay Clark and Dr. Z have created 13 of their own multi-million dollar businesses (DJConnection.com, DrZoellner.com, EITRLounge.com, EpicPhotos.com, Z66AA.com, etc.) while also investing the time needed to design the systems YOU need to create a business capable of producing both time and financial freedom for YOU and YOUR family. Since 2008, between Clay has been able to help to directly impact the growth of nearly 2,000 + businesses including: BarbeeCookies.com, Bama Companies, EXP Realty, FullPackageMedia.com, Hewlett Packard, KLOrtho.com, Maytag University, MLKDentistry.com, OxiFresh.com, RevolutionHealth.org, ShawHomes.com, TipTopK9.com, UPS, Valspar Paint, WintersKing.com, etc…it’s a long list…just do a quick Google search for “Clay Clark Reviews” and you will find over 1,000 former and current clients on Google who have shared their success stories.

Yeah, but will this work for me?

If you are thinking about joining the business coach program (we only take on 160 clients at any given time) or attending one of the business conferences (we cap our event attendance at 2,500 attendees per year) you may find yourself saying, “Yeah, that’s great for them, but will it work for me and my industry?” And the answer is always a resounding YES! Click some of the links below and read actual testimonials from specific clients in YOUR industry who were courageous enough to share their success stories.

Will these systems work for my industry?

We have produced game-changing results in countless industries and we are confident we can help you too (unless you are a cat-juggler or the owner of a reptile petting zoo). If you do not see your industry or have further questions about whether we have the capacity to help you to achieve your business goals send us an email to [email protected]. At the Thrivetime Show, we focus on providing business school without the BS and thus we do not provide vague feelings-focused leadership tips and spiritual epiphanies, but we DO PROVIDE YOU WITH THE PROVEN STEPS TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS AND A TEAM TO HELP YOU TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS. We believe that the iconic inventor and entrepreneur behind the creation of the first modern light bulb, recorded audio and the video was correct when he once wrote that, “Vision without execution is hallucination.”  This is why we provide practical and actionable steps that are guaranteed to help your business grow if you actually schedule the specific times in your schedule needed to get things done.

Business Coaching Starburst Less Than Hiring 10 Per Hour Employee

Don’t See Your Industry?

These are just a few of the industries that we have been able to help throughout the years. In fact, the only industry we have not helped is a cat juggler so if you know someone…please send them our way! If you have further questions about how we can help you achieve your business goals, send us an email to [email protected].

Strategic coaching with a team to help you implement the plan

  • Business Coaching Icon Graphic DesignGraphic Design
  • Business Coaching Icon Team PhotographyPhotography
  • Business Coaching Icon Team Sales ScriptingSales Scripting / Coaching
  • Business Coaching Icon Team VideographyVideography
  • Business Coaching Icon Team Web DevelopmentWeb Development
  • Business Coaching Icon Team Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization
  • Business Coaching Icon Team Workflow DesignWork-flow Design
  • Business Coaching Icon Team Proforma DesignProforma Design
  • Business Coaching Icon Team Employee Management TrainingEmployee Management Training
  • Business Coaching Icon Team Online Campaign ManagementOnline Advertisement Management
  • Business Coaching Icon Team Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing


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For conference / customer service related questions and help text 918-851-0102

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