Will this system work for my photography business?

Business Coaching for Photographers

“It’s just real, real stuff.”

Hey, how’s it going? I’m Thomas Crosson, owner and founder of Full Package Media in Dallas, Texas. I’ve been a client of the Business Coaching for Photographers program with Clay Clark since the beginning of our business. We started about a year ago, August of last year, had no clients, no idea what we were doing, no clue really what was going on. Now we’ve grown to where we’ve got six photographers, got office space here, I have an admin/sales person that works for us full-time, developing an online system; and a lot of that growth we attribute to Clay helping us.

There’s so many things that … He’s stuff is not revolutionary, it’s not this crazy walk on hot coals and all this stuff. It’s just real, real stuff and group interviews. We were totally against group interviews. We were like, “No, we’re different and we’re special. We need to do one-on-one interviews, so we can find good quality candidates and not just kind of do this group interview thing.” We tried that and we failed, miserably. We did group interviews, now we do them every two weeks. It’s awesome, it works good. We always have kind of influx of new people that we can train, get going.

He’s helped us a lot with our website, graphic design, SEO. SEO’s another thing that I thought before I started this business and before Clay and the Business Coaching for Photographers program that it was kind of a joke or something that only your Apples of the world and Amazon could get to the top of Google. But Clay said, “No, just do these things, follow these steps, and you’ll get there.” I think now, we’ve looked today and we’re number two for Dallas real estate photography. If you don’t believe it, you can look. So we’re getting to the top of there, that’s really cool. It’s really awesome to get leads that people will call you and say, “Hey, found you on Google. Yeah, we want to hear about your services.” So that’s really great.

I’d say there’s nobody out there that’s not a good coaching client for Clay. I mean, regardless of the business, it’s not about what the business is, what the specialty is; it’s about following the steps, doing what he says. It’s a good thing, an hour a week. It gets you on track and it keeps you inline of what you’re doing and what you shouldn’t be doing. It’s good to kind of give you some flow and future goals of your business.

I remember with our first meeting, we set our goals and our goal was just do 16 shoots a week. At the time, me and my business partner/girlfriend, Gretchen, were like, “We’re never going to do 16 a week. That’s just crazy.” And today, we’re doing nine and we did about 54 last week, so he’s helped us grow. We’ve put in a lot of hours, a lot of hard work as well, but if you follow his steps and do what he says, there’s a lot of principles that he’s kind of taught and instilled in us that help us.

So yeah, Clay Clark is the way to go. I wouldn’t venture out to find someone else. They’d be more expensive and a lot more fluff and no real action will work and things to get your business growing, so that’s the way to go. Thanks.


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