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  • One Life, One To Do list, One Calendar

    One Life, One To Do list, One Calendar

    One of the most powerful life tips Clay and Jonathan have taught me as a business coach is to have one calendar and one to-do list and to carry them with me at all times. I have mentioned it before but I will say it again. Prior to coming to Thrive, I thought I could remember everything. Ha! I kept[ Read More ]
  • The Powerful Influence of Scarcity

    The Powerful Influence of Scarcity

    This week as a business coach, I learned about the power within the law of scarcity. Or maybe it was simply brought to light more so this week. People want what they can’t have. We all know this to be true.  In fact, Business Insider talks about the psychology of this and how our primal desire makes certain people seem[ Read More ]
  • Common Sense is Not Common

    Common Sense is Not Common

    This week at Thrive was very eventful because business coach Clay said something that really made sense when talking and dealing with other people. The phrase was "Common sense is not common." This was huge for me because what I think is common sense and seems like the normal thing to do is not what other people do. I thought[ Read More ]


    Are you living the life you want to live in?  Or do all of your responsibilities and commitments overwhelm your day? Are you constantly putting out burning fires and allowing tasks to be put off to the next day?  Lee Cockerell, the former head of Walt Disney who managed 40,000 employees says “Time management is not about managing your time,[ Read More ]
  • Business Coach on Having the Correct Focus

    Business Coach on Having the Correct Focus

    Have you ever just sat back and observed the world? It seems like in today's age, if you look around, it's almost like there are a lot of blind people wandering around in the woods. People seem lost, they don't know what to do. They don't know how to manage their time or finances. People seem oblivious to what is[ Read More ]
  • Stop Getting Stuck

    Stop Getting Stuck

    Dragon Energy - It is a mindset that you have to have as an entrepreneur. A mindset of “I will not stop, I will not move on, I will not sleep until I get this action item done.”   Getting stuck is one of the most common things I see as a business coach happens with business owners and in[ Read More ]
  • Hostage Alert! Don’t Let Your Employees Become Terrorists

    Hostage Alert! Don’t Let Your Employees Become Terrorists

    Ample Business Coach Examples: Podcast Inspiration - Don’t Let Your Employees Hold You Hostage  70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs –  “75% of employees steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly.” –    "Danger, Will Robinson!"  This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. We have an employee that is[ Read More ]
  • How to Solve Conflict in All Situations

    How to Solve Conflict in All Situations

    No matter what type of industry you are in, or in my case, what type of business coaching clients I'm working with, at some point every person is going to encounter stressful and intense situations. While we want to do everything that we can to bring our best to every interaction and not intentionally walk into a conflict-ridden situation, when[ Read More ]
  • The 6 Superplays You Need to Know

    The 6 Superplays You Need to Know

    If you don’t have a product or service to offer, then you cannot and will not be successful. In order to earn a profit, you must sell something. Business coach Clay Clark says when you start your own business, the first step to starting a business is to grab a piece of paper and make a list of problems you[ Read More ]
  • Shared Traits of the Super Successful

    Shared Traits of the Super Successful

    Since I started working with Clay over 3 years ago as a business coach, I have been able to meet a lot of very successful people including Clay himself. All successful people share a lot of the same characteristics and mindsets and it is easy to spot them. There is something else that all successful people have. Whether they are[ Read More ]
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