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  • The Purpose of a Three-Legged Marketing Stool

    The Purpose of a Three-Legged Marketing Stool

    One thing that we teach our business coaching clients here at The Thrivetime Show is the purpose of a three-legged marketing stool.  I have heard this concept over and over again. After all, I teach this concept, so one might think I probably know the theory fairly well.  But, as week after week continues to demonstrate, I am continuing to[ Read More ]
  • Penny For Your Thoughts

    Penny For Your Thoughts

    Before I started working at the Thrive business coaching program I was not really aware of myself, as in my strengths and my weaknesses. I was going through life never taking into account what I could improve on in my daily life. I knew there were ways that I could improve, but as far as figuring out what that was[ Read More ]
  • Only The Paranoid Survive

    Only The Paranoid Survive

    “Only the paranoid survive” a quote I have heard many times since I joined the Thrive business coaching program. Something that made complete sense to me from the get-go but just when I thought I was paranoid enough...I wasn’t.  Before working at Thrive I had a general wariness of people and I always took things people said with a grain[ Read More ]
  • Zen and the Art of Managing Humans

    Zen and the Art of Managing Humans

    Managers, unite! Are you currently managing a team of employees? Do you constantly find the everyday struggle of shepherding people to stay on task to be a Sisyphean struggle? Do you find the mention of the name Sisyphus confusing and annoying? Well if you answered yes to each of these three questions then this business coaching diary post was made[ Read More ]
  • But Wait… There is More!

    But Wait… There is More!

    One of the most difficult things about owning or starting a business is the fact that there are so many other people in our great country who are already trying to sell the exact same thing you are selling. With the help of the internet, there are more and more people who are able to start a business and dive[ Read More ]
  • Do You KPI?

    Do You KPI?

    How are you keeping track of what your employees are doing in your business? How are you holding your employees accountable? Do you have KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for them? Are you holding them responsible? If you are not you need to be.  With any business, you need to pull all of the knowledge you have about all practices for[ Read More ]
  • How to Conduct a Meeting

    How to Conduct a Meeting

    Have you ever worked for someone or a company where every time you found out you had a scheduled meeting with anyone, you just absolutely dreaded it? Have you ever sat down with your family to try and hammer out what you’re all going to do for Thanksgiving, or who’s giving who gifts this year for Christmas, and then found[ Read More ]
  • Hosting vs Domains – What’s the Difference?

    Hosting vs Domains – What’s the Difference?

    Welcome back to another edition of “Websites are way over my head.” Know that you are not alone on this one. But hopefully I can help simplify something that seems pretty complex. The topic at hand is, “What is the difference between a domain and hosting?” Here’s the easiest way to visualize it: Hosting - Your house. Domain - Your[ Read More ]
  • Rejection Is a Statistical Probability

    Rejection Is a Statistical Probability

    Rejection is a statistical probability. Rejection is a statistical probability. Rejection is a statistical probability. I can keep going if you want me to. So many people treat life as if the rejection is the worst thing ever. We go through life trying to get through all of our experiences that we face like a river finds a path. The[ Read More ]
  • Diligence Equals Success

    Diligence Equals Success

    This week shadowing Clay and the business coach team, I learned that as the systems and processes begin to be implemented in a company it is never going to be results right away. Sales calls, you will probably not close every lead you call the first few days or maybe weeks, but the diligence of continuing to make the calls[ Read More ]
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