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  • Do not Despise being Criticized

    Do not Despise being Criticized

    A really well-known business coaching guest that Clay Clark has had on his podcast, the Thrivetime Show, business school without the BS, was Craig Groeschel. Craig Groeschel is the senior pastor and leader of one of the largest churches in the world, Life.Church. In this interview, Clay was able to talk about Craig's mindset and how he mentally handled criticism.[ Read More ]
  • Pretty Doesn’t Always Mean Perfect

    Pretty Doesn’t Always Mean Perfect

    Have you ever met that one business owner that always seems to be starting a new business? Like, a new business every month… Or how about that one manager that always has a new idea about how sales could be streamlined by 2% every single week or are constantly trying to recreate the menu options? Have you noticed the guy[ Read More ]
  • Literally, Spiritually, Emotionally – Raw Entrepreneurship

    Literally, Spiritually, Emotionally – Raw Entrepreneurship

    Let’s talk entrepreneurs for a minute. I work with dozens of entrepreneurs every week at our business coaching program. I talk to hundreds of entrepreneurs every month. In all reality, I prefer to talk to entrepreneurs and only entrepreneurs. If anyone knows entrepreneurs better than anyone without actually being one themselves, it’s definitely the Thrivetime Show Business coaches, myself included. [ Read More ]
  • The Sales Cycle

    The Sales Cycle

    For some people, selling a product comes natural but for most, you have to train for hours and hours before you can consistently sell. Clay has built a repeatable business coaching system for selling that works if you implement it properly. Selling can be scaled out to you and your team when you implement the four steps. Rapport, Needs, Benefits,[ Read More ]
  • Communication is Key

    Communication is Key

    This week in all of my business coaching observances and my learnings something really hit home, even though it has been explained to me before. Some things I pick up super fast on and other things not so much. One of the main things that have taken me a while to get through my skull is that communication is key.[ Read More ]
  • Showtime


    This week at the amazing business coaching Thrivetime Show I learned how important it is to have hustle.  When it comes to running a business whether you are running your business or managing someone else’s.  In business, you have got to be able to kick your energy into high gear.  The moment you step into your workspace is showtime. Showtime[ Read More ]
  • Crave Rejection

    Crave Rejection

    Rejection is something that all of us try to avoid. It's so fun to be able to observe people and watch as they navigate their lives in the hope of taking the path of least resistance and avoiding any form of rejection. We all have a story. We've all been through pain and know what the sting of rejection can[ Read More ]
  • A-Players


    This week at the amazing Thrivetime business coach Show I learned about how incredibly important it is to remain consistent. Customers cast their vote with their dollars, customers choose a service or product they know they can trust and rely on.  To build and maintain trust with the customer it requires diligently getting up each day and providing a consistently[ Read More ]
  • Different Values = Different Paths

    Different Values = Different Paths

    A Business Coach Thoughts on Value Your Values The always epic Jocko Willink once said, “Your values and your goals should always be aligned. They should not be adversarial. They should not be counterintuitive. If you’re setting up goals that are contrary to your values then you’re going to have issues”.  I mean, if that right there doesn’t qualify as[ Read More ]
  • Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

    Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

    The natural man is to be lukewarm. No one wants to do anything that would cause them to be uncomfortable. They want to get into a set of habits that are comfortable and will not break those habits and routines for anything. People know that in order to grow they have to do new things and do things they might[ Read More ]
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