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  • Checklists? Check!

    Checklists? Check!

    Checklists are an important part of a business coach business.  The argument could be made that checklists are an essential part of time and financial freedom.  The usefulness of a checklist starts with transferring the knowledge of what has to be done from the business owners' cranium to lists that can be used over and over again. After having even[ Read More ]
  • Know your Goals – F6 (Goal Oriented)

    Know your Goals – F6 (Goal Oriented)

    Goals or Objectives Drive Everything Ok, I get it, here we go with another business coach post about growing your business and they want to start out talking about goals. Geeze, why do people always bring up the topic of goals? You ask a great question. I'm always curious when was the last time you were at a basketball game[ Read More ]
  • Question EVERYTHING

    Question EVERYTHING

    When was the last time you stopped and questioned something? It might seem like you did not too long ago especially with all these current events going on. But as a business coach, I’m not saying that you simply stopped and wondered if something was true. I’m saying living life in a paranoid state where you always assume that what[ Read More ]
  • Is Your Check Engine Light On

    Is Your Check Engine Light On

    Is Your Check Engine Light On? You Should Probably Do Something About That…  Picture yourself driving down the highway as a business coach. It’s the same routine that you’re used to executing every single day. All is going according to plan when suddenly you hear a dinging noise. You look down at the dash and see that your check engine[ Read More ]
  • Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

    Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

     A long time ago in a galaxy far far away (just kidding it was earth), some caveman invented the wheel. An object that greatly impacted the quality of his life and subsequently the lives of all humans since then. If I were to tell you to spend 80 plus hours a week designing your custom wheel for your industry you[ Read More ]
  • Persistence Over Time

    Persistence Over Time

    Persistence Mixed With Desire What separates business coach people like Clay, Jon, Dr. Z, and the others that have made it, that have become successful, and who knows what they want out of life? Persistence, and not just regular persistence, but persistence over time mixed with a desire. Those who have been able to make money, grow businesses and hit[ Read More ]
  • Squash Your Inner B-Player

    The A-Team is Team Consistency. Team consistency consists of about 3% of the total population. That’s business coach Clay’s theory. Any chance you have of finding an A-Player means you have to interview about 100 people to find three A-Players. That’s not very positive. What’s even worse, and even more eye opening is that even A-Players have B-Player tendencies. Since[ Read More ]
  • Don’t Dwell – Pick Up the Phone Again

    Don’t Dwell – Pick Up the Phone Again

    Typically, we write about things we learn. We cover ways to grow your business as a business coach. We talk about super fun things like sales, action steps to lowering expenses in your business, books, systems and if you’re an avid reader, you probably know all of the lingo here at #ThriveNation. If you’ve been reading the coaching blogs for[ Read More ]


    One of the many blessings of waking up before the Sun as a business coach is FOG, aka condensation of atmospheric water vapor that is low to the surface of Earth in the early morning. Driving through this very thick fog early in the morning and one might find themselves in a mild to major panic. Why, we ask? Is[ Read More ]
  • Emotions are Crap

    Emotions are Crap

    Emotions. Everyone has them. They are crap. Let me explain. Emotions block Motions and motions are required to be successful. Successful people don’t take mental health days.  Successful people don’t break down because they feel overwhelmed. Successful people don’t make decisions based upon emotions. They gather the facts and they act. Successful people don’t get offended…..noticing the trend yet? Do[ Read More ]
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