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  • Who Wants A Worthy Why?

    Who Wants A Worthy Why?

    Feeling Stuck? You’re Not Alone Amigo! Have you ever woken up one morning and asked yourself, “What’s the point of doing anything?” If you have I’m here as a business coach to tell you that’s entirely normal and that you are in no way a freak of nature. Everyone is susceptible to going through the daily motions of life on autopilot.[ Read More ]
  • Rush to Revenue

    Rush to Revenue

    This week, I worked with one of my business coaching clients and we were reviewing the percentage of growth that he had experienced. This is a client that owns a business up in California and we have been working with him for a few months at this point. When we started working with him, he was at a spot where[ Read More ]
  • Show What You Know

    Show What You Know

    This week during our business coach meeting business coach Clay talked about the importance of taking action. He said that as the business coach it is our job to get the business coaching client moving faster. We need to get into it, meaning the initial path, faster. The initial path contains things like gathering passwords, launching the website, creating ads,[ Read More ]
  • Let it Flow Through You

    Let it Flow Through You

    How to deal with difficult people who are angry, and illogical. With the election going on this business coach week it was all that anyone was talking about, who needs to win this state, who needs to win that state, and what is going to happen if Biden or Trump wins. There is a lot of division going on right[ Read More ]
  • How You Can Increase Profitability

    How You Can Increase Profitability

    Have you ever asked yourself how you can increase profitability and production in one fail business coaching swoop? I have an answer for you. If you are like a lot of my clients then you are not going to like it, but, if you implement this into your business then you will take your business to the next level. Honestly,[ Read More ]
  • The Psyche Of A Champion | Coaches Diaries | Adrian Hernandez

    The Psyche Of A Champion | Coaches Diaries | Adrian Hernandez

    For those of you diligent doers who read these epic business coach diaries from the best business coaches on the planet, you will see a common denominator… a psyche of greatness. I can make the assumption if you are reading this you are looking to increase or develop your ability to be a champion in your chosen field of work[ Read More ]
  • Enthusiasm


    Enthusiasm, according to business coach Clay and my most recent Google Search from Oxford Languages, originates in Latin as “inspired or possessed by a God”. So essentially, enthusiasm means that God is within. Enthusiasm, and the presence or lack thereof can be both personal and business. People think that having enthusiasm simply means being happy. That is not the case.[ Read More ]
  • Are You Willing to Do What It Takes

    Are You Willing to Do What It Takes

    Everyone can agree that they want time and financial freedom. The problem is not everyone is willing to make the business coaching, the trade-ups it takes to stay on the path to time and financial freedom. Many people quit when they’ve only just taken one step and some people quit when they’re even halfway there. But the few that go[ Read More ]
  • Focus On What You Can Control

    Focus On What You Can Control

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire business coaching life it is not difficult to see that there is a lot of crazy stuff happening in the world. Not only during the time of COVID and electron fraud. There is always stuff going on around you. A skill that Clay and Jon have helped me develop as a[ Read More ]
  • Have a Freakin’ Goal!

    Have a Freakin’ Goal!

    As a business coaching pro, If I've said it once i’ve said it 100 times… Have a freaking goal! If you don't know what you are working for… then how do you know what you are working for. It is not surprising to me that the majority of people I meet are following a pre-set path that culture has taught[ Read More ]
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