Business Coaching Diary Posts

  • This is Your Wake up Call class=

    This is Your Wake up Call

    Today I want to discuss your wake up call. How late do you sleep in the mornings? Do you know that almost everyone who works at Thrive as a business coach gets up between three and four am every day? Most of us arrive at work long before six am. Since we wake up so early and get to leave...[ Read More ]
  • What’s the Temperature? class=

    What’s the Temperature?

    What is the temperature in here? Have you ever gone into a restaurant or store and there was clearly an issue with the temperature? It was either too hot or too cold and it was obvious to you that the guests were uncomfortable, yet the owner or employees didn't seem to notice or care? Temperature is an essential element to...[ Read More ]
  • Stop Invoicing! class=

    Stop Invoicing!

    This week in the business coaching I learned the huge benefits of taking payment upfront for services rendered.  Many times it is tempting to just send an invoice instead of asking for payment upfront. First, you finish a job or service and when it comes time for payment you send an invoice, then comes the task of taking payment a...[ Read More ]
  • Consistency is King class=

    Consistency is King

    One of the things that Clay focused on this week during the business coaching meetings was the fact that successful people love doing the exact same thing every single week. That doesn’t mean that your entire life has to be boring, gray, or lifeless. Unless you want it to be. This just means that in your business, you have to...[ Read More ]
  • Management IS Mentorship class=

    Management IS Mentorship

    In a typical week of business coaching owners, I find myself addressing a multitude of the same issues and questions. As a business coaching team, we do a detailed deep dive into tracking, finances, systems, and marketing. The fundamental backbone of every proper business. However, this week I found myself having a much different conversation with a majority of my...[ Read More ]
  • Live Fearlessly class=

    Live Fearlessly

    This week as a business coach team we read Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill, which if you haven’t read I would 100% recommend this book. It has so many knowledge bombs it would be hard to pick one. In this book, Napoleon Hill is interviewing the Devil. An overarching theme of this book is that the Devil works through...[ Read More ]
  • Me, Myself , and I class=

    Me, Myself , and I

    What I have learned this week really set into stone what I knew what I needed to work on but had no idea how to put it into words. It’s a skill set that 98 out of 100 people haven't mastered and do not think is a problem. The problem that I face and others in the business coaching program...[ Read More ]
  • The Machine That Nearly Operates Itself class=

    The Machine That Nearly Operates Itself

    No. It's not a Tesla! As business coaches, we often refer to a business as a machine. Like a machine, a business is a tool to serve a purpose in your life. A business exists to serve you, the business owner. Clay talks about this often. But before this is possible and you achieve time and financial freedom, you must...[ Read More ]
  • A Business Coach Review on Outwitting the Devil class=

    A Business Coach Review on Outwitting the Devil

    This week at the ThriveTime Show, Clay asked the business coach team to read Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill.  Outwitting the Devil is a powerful book that I wish I had read years ago. Every page I listened to and read held nuggets of wisdom and truth.  In fact, I just finished the book but will be picking it...[ Read More ]
  • Subtle Tips For Outwitting Your Own Personal Devil Using The Kaizen Method class=

    Subtle Tips For Outwitting Your Own Personal Devil Using The Kaizen Method

    Mentorship By Example Every week that I work as a business coach and for Clay Clark, I learn a little bit more about the world, as well as myself. I’m constantly finding myself facing new challenges or obstacles head-on. I find myself on an unexpected path of self-growth, or I find a new way to relate to my business coaching...[ Read More ]
  • “And That is How You Do It” class=

    “And That is How You Do It”

    This week I watched the magic of psychology and sociology work together for our benefit. There was a tense (or what I then viewed as tense) business coaching conversation that needed to happen. Without getting into the details it was hard to get a hold of this individual and when it looked like we were finally going to get a...[ Read More ]
  • The Privilege of Thought class=

    The Privilege of Thought

    The privilege of thought is one of the greatest gifts that any person can get. We are all born with it and we all have the option to use it or lose it. Let us take a magical journey back to before I worked at Thrive on the business coach team and was surrounded by the average person. I was...[ Read More ]
  • Can You Compete If All You Seek is Sleep? class=

    Can You Compete If All You Seek is Sleep?

    If you are reading this, chances are you probably already know the answer to the title question. But honestly, can you compete if all you seek is sleep? The fact is -  you, me, our spouses, family, and friends all have the same 24 hours in one day. This is the same 24 hours that Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or...[ Read More ]
  • Does Website Content Really Matter? class=

    Does Website Content Really Matter?

    Does website content really matter? Have you talked to your business coach and they have mentioned content for your website? Have you ever asked yourself what do I put in it and why does it matter? Here you are going to be given the secrets of content for your website to help get you to the top of Google! (In...[ Read More ]
  • Outwitting The Devil class=

    Outwitting The Devil

    Every once in awhile, Clay will have us read a great book when he thinks the time is right for our business coach team to read through it. This time, Clay had us read a fantastic book called Outwitting the Devil by a man named Napoleon Hill and Sharon Lechter. Napoleon Hill wrote this “Article” right after he finished his...[ Read More ]
  • Success is in the Day in and Day Out class=

    Success is in the Day in and Day Out

    What does your day-to-day look like? Are you the type of person who knows exactly what they will be doing at every moment during the day? Do you have your time scheduled and you've developed consistent routines and habits, or are you the individual who flies by the seat of their pants? I would say that the majority of people...[ Read More ]
  • The Purple Cow class=

    The Purple Cow

    Have you ever heard of a purple cow? If not, you are not alone. When it comes to your business, a purple cow is a thing that makes you stand out in the middle of a sea of brown cows. If you were to drive around the Bixby, OK area where I make my residence, you are very likely to...[ Read More ]
  • How Are You Spending Your Time? class=

    How Are You Spending Your Time?

    So you are supposed to be living the dream as a business owner. It was supposed to give you the time and financial freedom you have always wanted, yet here you are working 15 hour days running your business, struggling to spend time with your family. You haven’t been to the gym in months, and you forgot what your best...[ Read More ]
  • The Power of Saving class=

    The Power of Saving

    Finances.  Over the past year working with Clay and the business coaching team, I have learned many life tips that have changed the way I do things at work and in my personal life.  The first biggest tip was to track our spending and the second to start automating our savings. I always paid bills and made sure to pay...[ Read More ]
  • Showcasing A.W.E. class=

    Showcasing A.W.E.

    When it comes to working with employees or doing what you can to wow the business coaching clients you always want to do your best to showcase A.W.E. You not only want to showcase A.W.E. but you want it to become a part of you, how you act, and present yourself to your clients. Now let me tell you about...[ Read More ]
  • Did Moses Really Use Spotify? class=

    Did Moses Really Use Spotify?

    This week in one of our 6:00 AM business coaches Meetings at the Thrivetime Show Offices, Clay was talking to everyone about the importance of having a best practice path for your employees to follow. Whenever you hire someone onto your staff to do something specific, you have to get it out of your head, onto something physical, and into...[ Read More ]
  • The Power of a Changed Mind: Mindset Manipulation and the Power of Social InFluence class=

    The Power of a Changed Mind: Mindset Manipulation and the Power of Social InFluence

    One of the hurdles I personally struggle with as a business coach on a weekly basis is the constant input I receive from multiple sources. In an era where everyone bases their own personal beliefs and actions on those that are practiced or preached by others, it can be difficult to focus on or commit to the ones that are...[ Read More ]
  • Keep It Simple class=

    Keep It Simple

    Let’s take a trip to my College education days. Where I spent hours and hours cramming information for one test only to forget it the next day, going through mountains of busywork that amounted to nothing, and reading thousands of pages of vague information and ideas. A place where Lectures physically pained me and time seemed to come to a...[ Read More ]
  • The Lowest Common Denominator class=

    The Lowest Common Denominator

    Before my time as a business coach at Thrive and before I knew a little about people management, I had no idea what to look out for. At my previous job, I head of fellow employees openly complaining about the managers, about their job and the customers. I never thought that I should say something to the managers, or to...[ Read More ]
  • Is It Taking You Almost Half an Hour to Complete One Simple Task? class=

    Is It Taking You Almost Half an Hour to Complete One Simple Task?

    This week, during the business coach meeting on Monday morning I learned an interesting fact that prompted some habit changes on my part. According to the New York Times , “It takes 25 minutes to return to the original task after being interrupted.” Think about this and the habits of your day. If you are only able to complete a...[ Read More ]
  • The Purpose of a Three-Legged Marketing Stool class=

    The Purpose of a Three-Legged Marketing Stool

    One thing that we teach our business coaching clients here at The Thrivetime Show is the purpose of a three-legged marketing stool.  I have heard this concept over and over again. After all, I teach this concept, so one might think I probably know the theory fairly well.  But, as week after week continues to demonstrate, I am continuing to...[ Read More ]
  • Penny For Your Thoughts class=

    Penny For Your Thoughts

    Before I started working at the Thrive business coaching program I was not really aware of myself, as in my strengths and my weaknesses. I was going through life never taking into account what I could improve on in my daily life. I knew there were ways that I could improve, but as far as figuring out what that was...[ Read More ]
  • Only The Paranoid Survive class=

    Only The Paranoid Survive

    “Only the paranoid survive” a quote I have heard many times since I joined the Thrive business coaching program. Something that made complete sense to me from the get-go but just when I thought I was paranoid enough...I wasn’t.    When you arm yourself with the facts your metaphorical antennas will be higher and more aware. Checking for any sort...[ Read More ]
  • Zen and the Art of Managing Humans class=

    Zen and the Art of Managing Humans

    Managers, unite! Are you currently managing a team of employees? Do you constantly find the everyday struggle of shepherding people to stay on task to be a Sisyphean struggle? Do you find the mention of the name Sisyphus confusing and annoying? Well if you answered yes to each of these three questions then this business coaching diary post was made...[ Read More ]
  • But Wait… There is More! class=

    But Wait… There is More!

    One of the most difficult things about owning or starting a business is the fact that there are so many other people in our great country who are already trying to sell the exact same thing you are selling. With the help of the internet, there are more and more people who are able to start a business and dive...[ Read More ]


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