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  • Branding is Your Foundation class=

    Branding is Your Foundation

    One thing I’ve learned from business coaching, when working with many entrepreneurs and business owners is that, when it comes to branding, it is many times an afterthought. Yet that’s the opposite of how it should actually be. Maybe that’s why, according to Forbes, 9 out of 10 businesses fail. Branding is the firm foundation of your sales and lead...[ Read More ]
  • It’s Time to Decide class=

    It’s Time to Decide

    One of the biggest things that really stuck out to me this week in our business coaching meetings was that it is time to decide. Deciding is the biggest thing that holds people back from success. They are either over cautious or they are under cautious when it comes to making a decision. They try to either overthink the decision...[ Read More ]
  • Success is Boring class=

    Success is Boring

    As I have observed Clay Clark, one thing really stands out with the business coaching clients he coaches. They are bored. Wait! Hold up! What are you talking about? I am serious. You see, when you do the right things day after day to grow your business, it becomes boring. When you do these boring things every day consistently, then...[ Read More ]


    During this week, I found myself honing my mindset and movements further into the intentional action-packed path of practicing for a purpose. The all too common phrase “Practice makes perfect” is indeed a universal truth that also brings pain and glory. Need proof? Study the most successful humans and companies on Earth. The ONLY way they achieved their specific levels...[ Read More ]
  • Creating The Ideal Schedule class=

    Creating The Ideal Schedule

    When someone decides to start a business, it’s typically because they want to stop working for somebody else and start working for themselves. Oftentimes when I find people find themselves working for themselves but it just becomes a high-paying job. Most business owners work themselves into a spot where the business is reliant on them; you don’t have any time...[ Read More ]
  • Fast or Slow – You’ll Get There class=

    Fast or Slow – You’ll Get There

    When it comes to business coaching business owners, there are so many things that I learned early on when training to be a coach that I constantly have to remind myself of throughout my career. There are so many basic, fundamental aspects of coaching that Clay teaches us early on during the process of shadowing or learning the systems. We...[ Read More ]
  • Without a Sale, Your Business will Fail class=

    Without a Sale, Your Business will Fail

    Let's be realistic, the majority of business coaching people that I talk to are repelled by the word “sell”. When you think of selling I find that the majority of entrepreneurs picture the stereotypical car salesman. They picture an overweight, middle-aged man who is gruff and does all kinds of ridiculous, high-pressure sales moves. This man is a slimy, annoying...[ Read More ]
  • Fun Fact – Nobody Cares How You Feel class=

    Fun Fact – Nobody Cares How You Feel

    I know what you’re thinking, “What in the world?? This doesn’t seem like the same optimistic business coaching article that I’m used to from my dear friend Jason based on the title alone…”, and you’d be right in your assumptions. Dear reader, I need to address a very blatant and rather overweight elephant in the room and unfortunately for you,...[ Read More ]
  • Greatness = Opposition class=

    Greatness = Opposition

    Every time you try to do something great, there will always be opposition. When you are chasing after your business coaching goal, no matter how small or large, there will be people who tell you that it’s not possible. Your friends and family will warn you of every danger and possible heartache on the path to achieving your goal and...[ Read More ]
  • Showtime class=


    Doctor Zoellner, mentor to business coaching wizard Clay Clark teaches a principle called “Showtime”. This has been a big topic of discussion in the office this past week. So what does showtime mean you may ask? That means that as a business owner, business coach, or employee in general you need to view every interaction with a customer or client...[ Read More ]
  • What Causes Failures? class=

    What Causes Failures?

    I have recently started setting aside time to read again. Not long, just 30 min of time in the morning or the evenings before the business coaching day starts. In the book I’m reading right now is Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The knowledge and principles in this book are absolutely amazing and I would recommend this book...[ Read More ]
  • What Communication ACTUALLY Is class=

    What Communication ACTUALLY Is

    Communication happens when two parties understand what is being said. This week I have learned to better communicate with the business coaching team. I have also trained others on how to improve their communication skills. It is very easy for almost everybody in today’s world to assume what was said in a conversation instead of asking or clarifying. There isn’t...[ Read More ]
  • Tri-Actin | Take Two And Shut The Hell Up class=

    Tri-Actin | Take Two And Shut The Hell Up

    Do you want a shortcut to instant gratification?  Are you tired of not hitting your goals? Are you fed up with your constant and seemingly inescapable low levels of energy? Do you find it irritating that other business coaching pros are running circles around you in the game of life? Do you find yourself looking for a way to even...[ Read More ]
  • Meet With Your Team… Just Do It class=

    Meet With Your Team… Just Do It

    I was having a conversation with one of the business coaching clients that I have the privilege of coaching every week, and she was telling me about a situation within her organization that she could not figure out a solution for. She has a successful accounting firm and stays quite busy. Within the context of her busy life managing her...[ Read More ]
  • Positive and Energetic class=

    Positive and Energetic

    This week at the Thrivetime Show business coaching office I realized how great a positive and energetic culture is to work in. Being around high energy and happy people is a normal part of my day to day schedule. Every morning when the grooming professionals arrive at the shop starts with a happy greeting. After all of the opening tasks...[ Read More ]
  • Freakin’ Lead class=

    Freakin’ Lead

    Why are leaders being silent in the face of adversity during this whole, “plandemic” situation? This is a blog about business coaching and entrepreneurship. It’s not a place to start a political controversy, but here I go. This week had a theme for me. Leadership. Leadership - whether you are leading an all-staff meeting, mentoring your employees, and becoming invested...[ Read More ]
  • Reap What You Sow class=

    Reap What You Sow

    The principle of doing more than you are paid for is a foreign concept that many business coaching people fail to grasp. They try to skate by doing the bare minimum of what is expected. The thought of doing something for free or doing something that was not asked of you at work is crazy to some people. There have...[ Read More ]
  • The giveback, not the give out. class=

    The giveback, not the give out.

    Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that your business is not a charity? (Unless your business is an actual charity). The state of our country these days shines such a clear light on how the majority of people think about businesses. Everywhere I look I see people that want a free pass. People want free money from...[ Read More ]
  • Enthusiasm class=


    Enthusiasm, this one simple word has both positive and negative connotations in today's world. This word can both be used to describe someone who has a business coaching goal, who knows what they want and is passionately pursuing it. Or, it could be used by someone to negatively describe someone who annoys them when the other person is going after...[ Read More ]
  • How College Has Ruined Your Brain class=

    How College Has Ruined Your Brain

    Memorizing can be one of the biggest time sucks. Although most of us at the business coaching office have had the concept of memorization hammered into our brain from preschool all the way through college, it is the biggest time-suck that exists. There is so much valuable time and money that is lost when you memorize or when you pay...[ Read More ]
  • Plan The Day class=

    Plan The Day

    Successful People Get Up Prior to 6 AM; They Plan Their Days It is true that all successful people get up prior to 6 am, they plan their days and no is an often-heard word if someone tries to add something, not on their schedule.  Unless it aligns with their business coaching goals of course.  Hearing the trade-ups that attributed...[ Read More ]
  • Don’t memorize – Be intelligent class=

    Don’t memorize – Be intelligent

    In our daily business coach meeting, yesterday, we were going over our key performance indicators (KPI’s) and discussing a win that one of our clients had experienced. This particular client has a window cleaning business and is quite successful, with many different locations. We have been working with him for a while and one of his biggest limiting factors has...[ Read More ]
  • Unless Your Name Is Richard… Don’t Act Like One class=

    Unless Your Name Is Richard… Don’t Act Like One

    First and foremost, this blog has nothing to do with anyone that is actually named Richard. No Richards were harmed during the writing of this business coaching blog. If your name is Richard I need you to genuinely know that the things that I am about to address have nothing to do with YOU personally… Unless your moral compass has...[ Read More ]
  • Gotta’ Have the Drive class=

    Gotta’ Have the Drive

    One of the big ideas that I realized while working at the business coaching epi-center is that those that have done well all have had the same drive, the same passion for succeeding. It does not matter what drives you, what your passion is, all that matters is that you have one and you work on it. Those that do...[ Read More ]
  • Books Are Mentors Too class=

    Books Are Mentors Too

    When it comes to business, one thing ALL successful people realize, whether you are an entrepreneur or not, success comes from many things and proper mentorship or business coaching is a huge part of that. Most of us know we need mentors. Many of you may already have incredible mentors in your lives that help hold you accountable to your...[ Read More ]
  • Give in or Become the Greater Force class=

    Give in or Become the Greater Force

    Every day that we interact with other people, we make a business coaching choice that we don’t often realize that we are making. Whether you are having your weekly team meeting, trying to save your country from communism, or simply being greeted at Starbucks, we all make this choice. This is the choice to either give in to the greater...[ Read More ]
  • Being Resilient is Brilliant  class=

    Being Resilient is Brilliant 

    So here, at the time that I am writing this, one of the things that have recently happened is that the government has decided that it wants to make more money from entrepreneurs. Clay Clark has a multimillion-dollar company called Elephant in the Room, a men's grooming lounge. It is like a country club for men’s haircuts. It is a...[ Read More ]
  • Sustainable Schedule class=

    Sustainable Schedule

    Sustainable schedules provide a better quality of life and lead to more productivity along with less forgotten tasks.  A sustainable schedule is a dream schedule. What are some of your business coaching goals you’d like to accomplish? How many hours a week do you need to spend on your goals to make them happen? Block out the time to answer...[ Read More ]
  • Do not Despise being Criticized class=

    Do not Despise being Criticized

    A really well-known business coaching guest that Clay Clark has had on his podcast, the Thrivetime Show, business school without the BS, was Craig Groeschel. Craig Groeschel is the senior pastor and leader of one of the largest churches in the world, Life.Church. In this interview, Clay was able to talk about Craig's mindset and how he mentally handled criticism....[ Read More ]
  • Pretty Doesn’t Always Mean Perfect class=

    Pretty Doesn’t Always Mean Perfect

    Have you ever met that one business owner that always seems to be starting a new business? Like, a new business every month… Or how about that one manager that always has a new idea about how sales could be streamlined by 2% every single week or are constantly trying to recreate the menu options? Have you noticed the guy...[ Read More ]


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