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  • Stick to Your Guns class=

    Stick to Your Guns

    One of the main points from this week at the business coach headquarters was saying no to things that get in way of your goals. The successful in life are the ones that have goals and stick to the plan that they made to reach those goals. You know what you want out of life and setting a goal does...[ Read More ]
  • Don’t Flush Your Potential class=

    Don’t Flush Your Potential

    Potential is defined as having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. When most people visualize potential they see an aspiring athlete that is destined to break records, an up and coming business coach or entrepreneur that has the drive to become a legendary business mogul, or a musical artist that will someday master...[ Read More ]
  • Don’t Lose the Fire class=

    Don’t Lose the Fire

    Whenever you begin something new, a new relationship, a new workout plan, a new business coach, a new job, or any sort of new project it is exciting. You have momentum, a sense of resolve. You spend hours meal prepping, talking on the phone about nothing, or preparing for a meeting. But without an intentional attitude that momentum, that motivation,...[ Read More ]
  • It All Comes Down to Training class=

    It All Comes Down to Training

     This week I was able to work on training employees with many of my business coach clients. It is so very important to develop a great training system for your employees so that way when you bring on new employees, you don’t have to personally retrain everybody everything. When you create a great system for training, it allows you to...[ Read More ]
  • The Main Thing class=

    The Main Thing

    Have you ever known anyone that seems to always be doing something but never actually accomplishes or finishes anything? As a former pastor turned business coach, I would watch this happen in ministry a lot. Pastors and staff members would have a “great idea” about a program or a curriculum or a book or a ministry that could reach or...[ Read More ]
  • Essential Marketing class=

    Essential Marketing

    Google reviews, search engine optimization, and dream 100 calls are all essential business coach and marketing tools for businesses to grow and thrive.  It is important to have three ways, legs, to marketing, this is called the three-legged marketing stool.  A three-legged marketing stool enables the business to continue receiving leads in the event that one of the three legs...[ Read More ]


    Something this week has reminded me as a business coach is how important the culture in your company is. The common denominator is the diligence that the employees in the Thrive office display every day. The beginning of the workweek starts off with an all-staff morning meeting that allows everyone to see one another, discuss their weekends, and develop friendships...[ Read More ]
  • Start Here – With 100 Somethings That Is… class=

    Start Here – With 100 Somethings That Is…

    At the Thrivetime Show, I think those of us who have been here a little while tend to take for granted all of the knowledge and powerful resources we have access to every day. As a business coach for the Thrivetime Show, I’ve been coaching for over one year now. I’ve executed Clay’s 13-Point System with my coaching clients over...[ Read More ]
  • Emotion stops the Motion class=

    Emotion stops the Motion

    Do you ever find yourself yelling, getting flustered, unable to process clearly, or perhaps shutting down in some capacity? Have you ever experienced so much joy that you were giddy? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? You may have experienced something called emotions. Woah! Wait, you mean I as a business coach, have emotions? Yes genius, we all...[ Read More ]
  • Delegate

    This week at the amazing Thrivetime show I had a great business coaching opportunity to work on my training skills as well as delegation skills.   Training and delegating are two parts of my day to day that are constant.   There is not a time at the salon where I am not either training or delegating.   This week in...[ Read More ]
  • Self-Reliance: A Jackass’ Understanding Of Individual Strength class=

    Self-Reliance: A Jackass’ Understanding Of Individual Strength

    Every single day that I wake up I have one business coaching goal in mind: Live today as if it were your last and be true to the ridiculous human being that you are. This way of living has helped me beat what have seemed like insurmountable odds, however, I often find myself getting lost in these ideas and projecting...[ Read More ]
  • How to Read a Book class=

    How to Read a Book

    This week at the business coaching headquarters, Clay taught us all how to read a book. I know what you're thinking…” How to read a book” isn’t that more of a lesson for someone in preschool or kindergarten? However, Let me elaborate, it is important to know how to read and retain the information in a book instead of simply...[ Read More ]
  • Carry The Things You’ll Need class=

    Carry The Things You’ll Need

    As the title states, generally, you should carry the tools, skills, materials, and information you need to succeed. This is a broad business coaching statement that has guided me in all aspects of life. It helps to know the results needed to gather tools and skills that will facilitate the success of the results. It is all too common for...[ Read More ]
  • Love the Cold Call class=

    Love the Cold Call

    Cold calling is a tool that, if used properly, can funnel your business additional revenue or additional business coaching clients. This of course, in turn, creates more revenue too. So basically, it is true - if you want to get rich, learn to love the cold call. Don’t stop at the cold call. Sales can be rewarding and satisfying in...[ Read More ]
  • Is It Worth It? class=

    Is It Worth It?

    A new business coaching concept that was introduced to me is that sometimes it is better to have an employee look for another job while the relationship is still good. What I mean by that is in certain companies there are caps that people can rise to. That might be a cap of a manager, a supervisor, or a CEO....[ Read More ]
  • BOOM! class=


    If you spend any time with Clay Clark, his business partner, Jonathan Kelly, or anyone who has been a part of the Thrivetime Show for any length of time, then you will hear, see and experience a word literally every day. That word is “Boom”. This is our response to almost any news, story or bit of information. A couple...[ Read More ]


    Something that stuck with me this week when discussing the best business coach path with the Thrive business coaches is the emotional dependency that some of their clients retain. This is important to bring to light because at all levels of your adult life you will be required to make difficult split-second decisions that have a major impact on your...[ Read More ]
  • Intense Conversations lead to Genuine Interactions class=

    Intense Conversations lead to Genuine Interactions

    Intense conversations lead to genuine interactions. This is a powerful point that the best business coach Clay Clark taught the team and me a few days ago in our Elephant in the Room managers meeting. During this meeting, we discuss burning fires, such as things that need maintenance at the shop, time-off requests, payroll, etc…. It is also a time...[ Read More ]
  • Practical DOMINATION Sales Tips class=

    Practical DOMINATION Sales Tips

    I love sales. You know this by now if you’ve been following my best business coach blog for a while. In addition to coaching clients, I double as the 13 point assessment caller for the Thrivetime Show. You can see why I love sales so much. You can see why it’s my favorite subject.  Every once in a while, I...[ Read More ]
  • Just Do It class=

    Just Do It

    This week at the best business coach program (Thrive) one of the main takeaway points is that no one wants to actually do action. When it comes down to it the vast majority of people will simply just talk the big talk but will not actually do it. I do not know why people do this, why they want to...[ Read More ]
  • Confidence Is Key But Don’t Let It Blind You class=

    Confidence Is Key But Don’t Let It Blind You

    I dedicate this best business coach blog post to my muse for giving me the inspiration to make thoughts a tangible example.  We’ve all been there before. We feel like the textbook definition of the man or woman. Borderline invincible as most people go. But what happens when that's not enough? Confidence can be a rather blinding experience. Riding the...[ Read More ]
  • 3 Moves to Save You HOURS class=

    3 Moves to Save You HOURS

    Setting up management tools in your best business coach company is something that, by doing, will save you hours and hours every single week. Whether you are having difficulties following up with your team, holding them accountable, or even replacing them, these three moves will save you hours of valuable time and a lot of money. Each one of these...[ Read More ]
  • Fear class=


    Fear is something that each of us, even the best business coach deals with in similar ways. Some people shut down their mental states and freeze with fear, others choose to react in terror when fear abounds. Most people however choose to accept fear instead of defeating it. When it comes to things as scary as a pandemic many people...[ Read More ]
  • An Old Friend and a New Friend class=

    An Old Friend and a New Friend

    An Analysis of Outwitting the Devil and The Believer’s Authority You came to a business coach blog to read about business; systems, sales, the “TOP” “HOTTEST” “SEXIEST” marketing secret of all…. *gasp*. That’s not what this is. Today, I’m going to get preachy for a second. This week, I had a thought that is so profound to me, I hope...[ Read More ]
  • The Most Interesting Person in the Room class=

    The Most Interesting Person in the Room

    I was having a conversation with a business coach coworker a couple of days ago and it went something like this…. “Hey Luke, how are you today?” I responded saying “I’m doing well, how are you?” from there things got a little crazy. The coworker proceeded to tell me about how crazy and terrible his life was. He went on...[ Read More ]
  • All In class=

    All In

    This week we talked a lot about being all in and whatever you're doing. Specifically, with the way our coaching program works, we are only able to withhold 160 clients at all times. This means that we can work with 160 different businesses at one given time because that is what Clay has chosen to handle in the number of...[ Read More ]
  • SHOOT TO KILL class=


    This week was an interesting one. There were many moments where I found myself deep in business coach flow states with no thoughts or conditions from feelings. This may sound depressing if you can not relate to the focus this allows. I’ve learned that being intentional about accomplishing goals leads to you zero in on targets in order to produce...[ Read More ]
  • Revel in the Hatred class=

    Revel in the Hatred

    This week at the ThriveTime headquarters during the business coach meeting we watched a trailer for a documentary about Roger Stone. Roger stone is a conservative political consultant. He is a polarized individual that many deeply hate and others love. In this trailer, he said, "I revel in your hatred because if I weren't effective, you wouldn't hate me." BOOM!...[ Read More ]
  • Call Your Freakin’ Leads class=

    Call Your Freakin’ Leads

    It’s time to address the proverbial business coach elephant in the room… When it comes to truly be a successful business it really only breaks down to TWO simple facts. You’re either calling your leads, or you’re not. Plain and simple. Far too often has it been made abundantly clear that this fundamental idea is not only underappreciated but also...[ Read More ]
  • The Power of the Follow Up class=

    The Power of the Follow Up

    Being able to get stuff done on your end is a great feat. We live in a time right now where no one gets anything done by themselves. Being able to be self-motivated enough to complete a task like, finish reading a book, writing a book, growing a business or even learning a new skill. It blows my mind that...[ Read More ]


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