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  • The Power of One class=

    The Power of One

    One thing I have recently learned, it is the power of one. The power of one person, one business coach, - one person with a changed mind, one person with a desire to see something happen, one person can make an impact in waves. If there is one thing that I have learned over the last two months during the...[ Read More ]
  • The Pursuit of Happiness class=

    The Pursuit of Happiness

    The Declaration of Independence does not state that all men are guaranteed happiness, but the pursuit of happiness.   In the Declaration of Independence, there is a well-known sentence that reads “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,...[ Read More ]
  • Embrace The Suck class=

    Embrace The Suck

    “The hardest part for most of us was learning how to embrace the suck”   My older brother was an infantryman in the United States Army before I was a business coach. I’ll never forget the first time he got back from his first-ever deployment. I had a million questions for him. I asked him everything from: what’s it like...[ Read More ]
  • Follow the Path class=

    Follow the Path

    This week as a business coach at the incredible Thrivetime Show I was able to learn even more about what it takes to run a business. When it comes to running a business while the entire world has shut down that does not mean that you can shut down as well. It is very important that business owners see what...[ Read More ]
  • Find a Problem and Solve It class=

    Find a Problem and Solve It

    Who do you hang out with? As you look at the different individuals, business coaches, and groups of people that you spend the most time with asking yourself, how do they think and how do they live? One of the things that I recognize as I take the time to look at the world around me is that the majority...[ Read More ]
  • Do The Five class=

    Do The Five

    If you have spent any time on Google recently, which everyone is including me as a business coach, considering they are forced to stay home and are not able to work, you will often see a little informational logo at the bottom of This is the “Do The Five” logo and the goal of this campaign is to slow...[ Read More ]
  • For Pete’s Sake, Stop Invoicing! class=

    For Pete’s Sake, Stop Invoicing!

    It is unwise to purposefully do harmful things to your business if you ever want it to succeed Hey, you! Yeah... YOU. The one that just made the poor life decision that was opening this business coach blog post. I need to have a serious discussion with you. It’s not going to be easy or fun, but regardless, it is...[ Read More ]
  • Bad News is Best in Person class=

    Bad News is Best in Person

    Well…. I recently did something that no man, who hopes to stay in a relationship with his significant other, should ever do. I sent “bad” information to my wife through the mode of communication commonly known as text message. The information I sent wasn't even that bad when you take into account typical ideas associated with “bad”, like death, sickness,...[ Read More ]
  • Tenacity is the Key class=

    Tenacity is the Key

    One thing that I have seen over the past week as a business coach is how the people who have had tenacity are always the ones who end up on top. While the economy is slowed down dramatically because of the fear of the coronavirus, the business owners who have wanted to succeed more than those who have given up...[ Read More ]
  • If They Think You Don’t Give a Crap, They Won’t Either class=

    If They Think You Don’t Give a Crap, They Won’t Either

    Customers -- If they think you don’t give a crap, they won’t either. Pardon the title and the language, but it’s so true. This came from one of those random, Jonathan-Kelly-drops-a-knowledge-bomb-in-an-early-morning-conversation quotes. Yet I thought it was so good, people needed to hear it. Folks, if your customers think you don’t care, they won’t buy from you. It’s that simple. ...[ Read More ]
  • You Gotta Work For It class=

    You Gotta Work For It

    You Need to be Your Own Cheerleader As a business coach, once the concept that I teach all of my business coach clients is that you need to be your own cheerleader, no one is going to care about your business as you do. No one will care that you have invested years of hard work and money into your...[ Read More ]
  • Nothing is Easy class=

    Nothing is Easy

    Nothing in this world ever comes easy to anyone. The popular belief is that those that are successful got it easy and or they caught some lucky break. This is a belief that is causing more people to just sit back and either wait for a miracle, a lucky break, or the government to give them a handout. There is...[ Read More ]
  • How SEO Really Works class=

    How SEO Really Works

    This week at the Thrivetime Show business coach program I have learned how search engine optimization works.  Clay has a phenomenal book about how search engine optimization works. In Search Engine Domination Clay breaks down what it takes to rank high in Google.  Why should business owners be concerned with their google rank? According to the marketing analytics firm Jumpshot,...[ Read More ]
  • The Real King (is Consistency) class=

    The Real King (is Consistency)

    I don't know about you, but I love me some Chick-fil-a. There is just something about their Deluxe spicy chicken sandwich meal that puts me as a business coach over the edge. When you take the spice of the tender chicken and combine it with the sweetness of the Chick-fil-a sauce, it is a magical party for my taste buds....[ Read More ]
  • Don’t Quit, Hit The Reset class=

    Don’t Quit, Hit The Reset

    If you were born in the early 90’s like me then you are most likely familiar with the video game revolution. Growing up through this time period afforded me with the amazing opportunity to see the video game industry explode and really start to evolve. Possibilities seemed endless as new tech companies unveiled their version of the next generation, game-changer...[ Read More ]
  • Adding or Subtracting? class=

    Adding or Subtracting?

    There are two types of people in this world. Ones that are on your side, you know, the people that are excited for your success and encourage you to hit your goals. Then, there are those that are against you. The people that criticize your work, are constantly negative and are resentful because they are jealous of your success. This...[ Read More ]
  • The Makings of a Man class=

    The Makings of a Man

    In today's day and age everyone is always trying to “do their best”, but what does that really mean and what does it take to be the best? When you hear stories of Micheal Jordan, Lebron James, Tom Brady, business coach, and many others, what do you think of? Most people see the game-winning shot, they see the height of...[ Read More ]
  • Are Your Goals S.M.A.R.T.? class=

    Are Your Goals S.M.A.R.T.?

    When it comes to entrepreneurship, setting your goals is step one, and arguably the most important step in the game of business. Jack Welch says, “Control your destiny, or someone else will.” As an entrepreneur, if you are not actively setting goals, everyone and everything can and will control your destiny; the market, your circumstances, your employees, friends, family -...[ Read More ]
  • The Necessary Need for Uncomfortable Conversations class=

    The Necessary Need for Uncomfortable Conversations

    The popular podcast host, Tim Ferris, has said, “A person's success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” Currently, there is a virus that is sweeping the world causing massive overreactions and panic. The Coronavirus is a new strand of virus that is a lot like the flu...[ Read More ]
  • Put the Phone Down class=

    Put the Phone Down

    I was sitting on my couch at my home the other day after a busy week of being a business coach and was experiencing a sense of being overwhelmed by my kids. I have three children, ages 8, 6, and 2, and I love being a father. Hanging out with my kids is one of my favorite things. In this...[ Read More ]
  • Thinking For Yourself class=

    Thinking For Yourself

    This week at the best business coach program across the globe I have realized something important about myself.  I am not fooled by propaganda and fear-mongering.  When someone suggests I should be scared I ask why.  I don’t just agree to be scared.  I don’t agree with the fear and downright panic all of the globe has decided to succumb...[ Read More ]
  • Knowledge Bombs From Clay and Jonathan class=

    Knowledge Bombs From Clay and Jonathan

    This week there were a lot of super moves taught by business coach Clay and Jonathan, so buckle up, and take some notes.  Repeat the last three words someone says...or ask them “what they mean by that.” This is a power move I now use with my business coach clients. Jonathan Kelly taught me to use this move when you...[ Read More ]
  • Looks Do Matter class=

    Looks Do Matter

    This week at work things were settling in nicely from us not being at the business coach office. Since we have the ten-person rule right now, the SEO team has had to work from other places. It has been a very educational time for me. Keeping the team on pace and making sure that they keep their content quality up...[ Read More ]
  • Entrepreneurs Overcoming Adversity class=

    Entrepreneurs Overcoming Adversity

    As a Thrivetime Show business coach, I see my clients overcome adversity every day, every week, month after month. Sometimes the adversity is something as simple as isolating the objection during a killer sale. Other times, it can be a challenge such as navigating the economic trials coming from the coronavirus pandemic. Either way, if you are an entrepreneur, you...[ Read More ]
  • Nail it, Then Scale it class=

    Nail it, Then Scale it

    This is a common theme this week amongst many of, not only my clients but some of the other business coach clients as well. Most of our clients have great ambitions and big aspirations. They’re entrepreneurs. So they think BIG. I can 100% empathize with the entrepreneur who has the big goal and wants to get on that NOW! For...[ Read More ]
  • Why Are People More Successful Than You? class=

    Why Are People More Successful Than You?

    Why are people more successful than me? Why are people more successful than you? If you don't ask this of yourself on a consistent basis, then you're missing out on a huge opportunity. This is something that I consistently ask myself on any given day. As I look around and I see the strengths and weaknesses of those around me,...[ Read More ]
  • The Google Domination Equation class=

    The Google Domination Equation

    If I was to ask the common person if they have used Google in the past week, they would more than likely say, “Yes”. If I went a little further and asked them if they knew how Google worked, what determines what comes up to the top of the search results, and how to get a website there, 99% of...[ Read More ]
  • Commit To Habits, Not Goals class=

    Commit To Habits, Not Goals

    If you’ve read the title of this blog and find yourself wondering if I’ve abandoned my previous emphasis on setting goals to achieve a greater life please allow me to explain my business coach logic here.    While goals are necessary for structure and motivation, a goal simply is not enough. Discipline is needed to achieve the goal itself.  ...[ Read More ]
  • We All Have the Same 24 hours class=

    We All Have the Same 24 hours

    When you don’t have a plan you drift. That means with no list you will, by default, waste that precious free time.   Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, TD Jakes, business coach Clay Clark, all of these people have something in common, they are super successful. So what’s their secret? Are they superhuman? Were they born into privilege and...[ Read More ]
  • Over The Mark class=

    Over The Mark

    The biggest thing that separates the people that succeed and the people that do not is the goals they have or the lack thereof. Being able to know what your goal is and making sure that it is obtainable is what all the successful people have done. The people that do nothing with their lives are the ones that do...[ Read More ]


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