Business Coaching Diary Posts

  • The Customer’s Experience class=

    The Customer’s Experience

    What makes your customer experience different from the competition? What do customers experience when they experience your organization? Do they experience disorganization, poor customer service, and an overall low level of excellence? Do they experience an environment that is memorable, service that is exceptional, and are wowed from the beginning to the end of their exposure to your organization? Hopefully,...[ Read More ]
  • Scheduling Your Life or Else! class=

    Scheduling Your Life or Else!

    This week we are starting at the beginning.  My husband and I have achieved one of our big financial goals.  Now that we have hit one of them we have sat down and written out the steps to our next milestone.  If it weren’t for writing out our goals my husband and I wouldn’t have turned our first home into...[ Read More ]
  • Search Engine Optimization 101 class=

    Search Engine Optimization 101

    With search engine optimization, Clay teaches the mindset of domination. That means that you should be able to own all of the listings on the front page of Google for your desired keyword. If you want more people to find your gym in Joplin, Missouri, you would want to dominate the search results for the keyword “Joplin gyms”. Sure, you...[ Read More ]
  • Focus On Strengthening Your P’s, Not Just Dotting Your I’s and Crossing Your T’s class=

    Focus On Strengthening Your P’s, Not Just Dotting Your I’s and Crossing Your T’s

    Prepare To Be Pummeled With a Perfuse Population of P’s   Are you a fan of vegetables? You know, those multi-colored bits of agony that all of us had to endure as a child in order to get to the ice cream portion of dinner. I would assume that if you are an adult reading this business coaching articles that does...[ Read More ]
  • The Three O’s Of Successful People class=

    The Three O’s Of Successful People

    This past weekend we had one of our Business Conferences and it was fantastic! We had several wonderful guest speakers; Matt Kline from OxiFresh, Jill Donovan, founder of Rustic Cuff, and Michael Levine, PR consultant for Nike, Prince, and David Bowie. All of the people that spoke delivered powerful action steps and knowledge bombs. Something that really stood out to...[ Read More ]
  • Masterminds class=


    This past weekend Thrive had a business conference that we hold every two months. These business conferences are held in our offices where we invite business owners from all over the world to listen to Clay and other presenters. There are successful business owners who own gyms, plumbing companies, HVAC specialists, and many others who come to learn from the...[ Read More ]
  • Read a Book Instead class=

    Read a Book Instead

    “If you are ever going to ask someone for advice, don’t. Read a book instead from someone who actually knows what they are talking about.” - Clay Clark  Does this seem a little harsh? Maybe. But it is 100% true. The fact is, most people are wrong about most things. How do I know this? According to the Washington Post,...[ Read More ]
  • The Fear of Rejections class=

    The Fear of Rejections

    Do you hate rejection? Is it always in the back of your mind, that no matter what you do, someone won't like it? Here's the deal, when it comes to being an entrepreneur, you literally cannot be successful without rejection. What is your favorite recipe? What meal did you always love for your mama to make you for your birthday?...[ Read More ]
  • The Power of Sowing and Reaping class=

    The Power of Sowing and Reaping

    This week at the Thrivetime Show business coaching program I saw the power of the law of sowing and reaping. It is not easy to take the time and effort to plant the seeds of success, tend to the seeds as they grow to be able to then reap the works of your efforts. To reap the harvest of time...[ Read More ]
  • The Art of Closing the Deal class=

    The Art of Closing the Deal

    Having worked with many great business owners and business coaches, I’ve been able to see one common limiting factor that I have seen and that is closing the deal. Many times, we will receive a lead, call the lead, make a quote, and send the quote. Getting that far into the process is a great accomplishment but it is all...[ Read More ]
  • B2B Marketing… It’s Just Marketing To Humans class=

    B2B Marketing… It’s Just Marketing To Humans

    What’s B2B? No… not the hip-hop boy band from the early 2000’s  In the immortal words of the iconic Snoop D-O-Double-G, “What’s Good Thrive Nation?”. I’m excited to be sharing another knowledge bomb with our business coaching readers. This past week I’ve actually been workshopping a fan club name for any of you readers out there that keep coming back...[ Read More ]
  • Don’t Let Pride Hold You Back From Success class=

    Don’t Let Pride Hold You Back From Success

    While talking about helping business coach clients sell things and get google reviews at a faster rate this week Clay said this “What matters more, your pride or succeeding?”. He said this in regards to clients that may have a harder time getting reviews or selling their products and services. Whether that is because they are scared to ask or...[ Read More ]
  • That “Big Break” class=

    That “Big Break”

    Before I was at the Thrivetime show business coaching program I thought luck was a real thing, I thought that everyone that made it big had a big break. People like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and many others simply got lucky and hit the jackpot of luck. That is what the vast majority of people think and therefore...[ Read More ]
  • Live the F6 Life class=

    Live the F6 Life

    Tuesday, I was asked a question that I realized a year ago, I would not have had the answer, advice or any type of system to provide. The question was, “How do you avoid drifting in different aspects of your life?”  This is something that I truly believe most people struggle with; living a balanced and intentional life. I want...[ Read More ]
  • The No-Brainer Power class=

    The No-Brainer Power

    Why do we offer your first haircut for only a dollar at Elephant In The Room? Because it’s a no brainer offer you won’t say no to! Our incredible offer takes the worry out of trying out our men's grooming lounge and brings people in the door.  “It’s a dollar, what the heck, I’m going to try it!” Is what...[ Read More ]
  • Checklists Are Sexy class=

    Checklists Are Sexy

    One thing that Clay teaches in his business coaching book Start Here is the importance of checklists, guardrails, and quality control loops. These systems are all around us whenever we go into large businesses. If you have ever gotten your oil changed at Jiffy Lube you have experienced a checklist. The technician points at the screen and says “This is what...[ Read More ]
  • You Snooze, You LOSE! class=

    You Snooze, You LOSE!

    Wake up! Why do people find it so necessary to sleep in? I mean, my good friend, Benjamin Franklin once said: "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise." Maybe you are not a person who feels the need to listen to Benjamin Franklin. I mean, he was only an author, a printer, political...[ Read More ]
  • The Best Business Conference On The Planet – Day 1 class=

    The Best Business Conference On The Planet – Day 1

    Day 1 and a Double Dose of Dragon Energy  The official date today is December 19th. That means it has been 6 full days since the December Thrivetime Business Conference, and I am STILL riding the energy wave that it generated. Now keep in mind, I've attended every Thrivetime business conference since December of 2018, but this past one was...[ Read More ]
  • Turn It On class=

    Turn It On

    This week in the Thrivetime business coach office we had a guest speaker at our all-staff meeting. Clint Howard, owner, and founder of Tulsa Fitness Systems. He came in to talk to us about health, fitness, and how his program is different than all the others. The Tulsa Fitness Systems system is "KISS", keep it super simple. Often Health professionals...[ Read More ]
  • Comfort is an Illusion class=

    Comfort is an Illusion

    Before coming to Thrivetime as a business coach, I was someone who thought that I was growing as a person. I was going to college, working at my old job, and was getting comfortable with the way things were. That is where I had it wrong, and most people for that matter do too. When you get complacent that is...[ Read More ]
  • Go Out on a Limb – That’s Where the Fruit is. class=

    Go Out on a Limb – That’s Where the Fruit is.

    My boss, Clay Clark is always dropping knowledge bombs on our business coach team at the Thrivetime Show. Sometimes, I hear something on the podcast just like you, where I’m going, “Whoa. That’s so good.” Other times, he’ll drop a quote or knowledge bomb in a coaches meeting or in everyday conversation. This week he said, “Go out on a...[ Read More ]
  • The Power of Diligence Over Time class=

    The Power of Diligence Over Time

    Over the past year and a half at the best business coaching program, ThriveTime Show, I have seen the success a diligent doer can earn, as well as the failure they can endure. Growing a business requires diligence and diligence is hard For many, as soon as things get tough they want to quit before they’ve made any headway towards...[ Read More ]
  • Success Is Doing the Same Thing over and Over! class=

    Success Is Doing the Same Thing over and Over!

    Are you looking for the secrets of success? Do you know what it takes for you and your business to be successful? Well if you don't you're in luck because we are the business coaches here to tell you! Often times we as business coaches find that our clients get bored after they passed the struggle phase. The struggle phase...[ Read More ]
  • Jingle All The Way…! Into Bankrupsy… class=

    Jingle All The Way…! Into Bankrupsy…

    We are currently in the season that is commonly known as “The Holiplagues” which is a combination of the words “Holiday” and “Plagues”. The reason for this is because most small business owners decide to decrease the time they are working and increase the amount they are spending. This causes an issue with everybody’s bank accounts because, if you are...[ Read More ]
  • SEO… Say It Ain’t So! (A Beginner’s Guide To SEO Domination) class=

    SEO… Say It Ain’t So! (A Beginner’s Guide To SEO Domination)

    Intro: Oh no, here we go  Breaking down the subtle art of SEO  Making sure when it comes to Google that you’re in the know Gonna teach you how to optimize with my flows With tips so sick you’ll need to blow your nose And I’m almost out of rhymes so let's begin the prose  Welcome back Thrivers! It’s the...[ Read More ]
  • Growth is Contagious…But So Is Stupid class=

    Growth is Contagious…But So Is Stupid

    This week I had the opportunity to be pulled into an episode of the ThriveTime Show with Clay, a business coach in training Adrian, and a guy who was shadowing the office for the afternoon. During this episode, Clay asked Adrian and me some questions about what it was like to work at Thrive as a business coach and then...[ Read More ]
  • You Can’t Handle the Truth! class=

    You Can’t Handle the Truth!

    The vast majority of people think that they can handle the truth or the way things really are. They think that they can handle the truth about the world. The truth about what other people think about them, about their ideas and about their work. The problem that people have when dealing with others is they simply sugar coat everything....[ Read More ]
  • The “Other Profession” | Soft Selling in a Hard World class=

    The “Other Profession” | Soft Selling in a Hard World

    This week, I read Soft Selling in a Hard World again. Because of the occasion, I also listened to the Thrivetime Show Podcast featuring Jerry Vass. He has a way of teaching sales that is transformative to your career. In fact, our weekly business coaching and sales training meetings consist of training directly from his playbook. If I had to...[ Read More ]
  • Why Do People Hate Processes? class=

    Why Do People Hate Processes?

    Why do people hate processes? I mean, come on. It has become such a cultural norm to look for instant gratification in everything. Whether you're considering what we eat or the media that we consume or text messaging or social media or virtually any aspect of our culture, instant gratification has become an epidemic. It has become the social norm...[ Read More ]
  • Instant Managers class=

    Instant Managers

    One of the things I help my a lot of my business coach clients with is training their management team or hiring a new manager. One of the main concerns of many of my clients is that when they hire someone new or promote someone to a management position is that the new person won't know what they are doing...[ Read More ]


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