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Have you ever been around a dysfunctional business coach or individual that cannot seem to get it together? Now, to be fair, we all have our own levels of dysfunction, but I am talking more specifically about the type of person that seems to always be in chrysis. Their car is always breaking down or they always have an excuse for why they can’t be on time to things. They are constantly dealing with family drama or getting into trouble because of something their “friend” did. I think we all can relate to this in some capacity. It is quite interesting to watch the mess that some people can get themselves into. The key to observe about these people and their dysfunction is that they have a radius around them, and if you get too close, then you will get sucked into their world.

Business coach Jonathan Kelly, Clay Clarks business partner and the owner of multiple businesses says, “Don’t let their dysfunction mess up your function”. The reality is that you are the sum total of the top five people you spend the most time with. If you choose to allow dysfunctional people into your sphere of influence, then very soon you will become dysfunctional, or you are already dysfunctional and don’t even know it. You must make an intentional choice to take an honest look at who you are surrounding yourself with. When you really look at your core group, do you see people that you want to be like? Do you see people who are heading towards the future that you are wanting? If the answer is no then you must choose to remove yourself from those relationships. Yes, you heard me correctly, you must fire your friends. But, don’t stop there. You have got to go find the right friends.

Have you ever noticed that when you observe how most people develop friendships, they tend to make friendships based on convenience? Most people choose their relationships based on geography. Who is near me that I can call my friend? This is a terrible way to make friends for so many reasons. First, the majority of people will not be successful, so your chances of organically falling into a group that can help lead you to success are slim to none. Second, the successful people all understand the principle that I am talking about and are all hanging out with each other. Third, if you actually want to be successful, you need to find a group or individuals that have accomplished what you want to accomplish and go learn from them, spend time with them and make their influences, your influences. 

If you find yourself reading this article and you are not sure if you are functional or dysfunctional, then ask yourself the following questions…

  1. Are you consistently late to things?
  2. Do you seem to always find yourself in some sort of problem or predicament?
  3. Who are the top 5 people you are spending time with?
  4. Are they living or headed towards a future that you want?
  5. Who do I need to fire from my sphere of influence?

If you are willing to answer these questions honestly and take the necessary actions, then you stand a chance of moving your life in a trajectory that can actually help you hit your business coach goals. Be an implementer today and do the things I am talking about. Don’t be like most people and just accept the hand you’re dealt. Pick the hand you want. That is how life can be.

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