Nich S - Diary Posts

  • Diligence Equals Success class=

    Diligence Equals Success

    This week shadowing Clay and the business coach team, I learned that as the systems and processes begin to be implemented in a company it is never going to be results right away. Sales calls, you will probably not close every lead you call the first few days or maybe weeks, but the diligence of continuing to make the calls[ Read More ]
  • You Have to Want Success class=

    You Have to Want Success

    This is my 2nd week shadowing as a business coach, I have embedded in my head that: Reviews, Content, Mobile, Canonical are the 4 ways to get to the top of Google, as I talked about previously how important it is to get your Google map up as well as getting customers to leave a review for your business. Aside[ Read More ]
  • Call Your Leads!! class=

    Call Your Leads!!

    This is my first week shadowing as a business coach. In my first week, I have come to learn that it is very important that sales calls get completed every day for a growing business; that NO lead goes uncalled. Not making the calls necessary to get sales would mean that the company misses out on any possible sales, and[ Read More ]


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