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Diligence Equals Success

This week shadowing Clay and the business coach team, I learned that as the systems and processes begin to be implemented in a company it is never going to be results right away. Sales calls, you will probably not close every lead you call the first few days or maybe weeks, but the diligence of continuing to make the calls is what is going to create the success because you did not give up. Same for Google reviews, testimonials, hiring on a team of A-players. All of this is going to take time because if it was easy everyone would do it. That is why it is very important to start and not give up, if you gain small momentum from 1 or 2 deals closing or someone leaves a review, take that momentum and run with,  aim to improve by 2%. Get 2 leads closed, GREAT! next time shoot for 3. Because once you begin to build on that momentum then you will soon see that it is going to do nothing but keep picking up. 


It is very important to understand the diligence of just starting small building momentum and DO NOT STOP!


When getting action items done for the business (that your business coaching team assigned you) you have to be sure you are completing the action items that can be measured, reviewed, revised and repeated. You must have everything in a scalable and measurable place that way your company can grow since you have the diligence to continue to get your action items done like, asking for reviews, calling leads, writing articles for your website, etc. It is very important you hold yourself and the team accountable to get specific action items done every day to continue company growth each week. As you hold everyone accountable, be sure to record and track all data from leads called, deals closed, money in & out, google reviews, anything that has a measurable data, record it and improve each week on it by 2%. 

The secret formula is just doing the work, if you want to get things done and be successful it is going to take some rolling up of the sleeves, picking up the phones and calling leads, calling past customers and asking for reviews, asking current customers for testimonials and objective feedback. It is going to take you and your team getting out in front of your ideal and likely buyers and getting rejected 5, 10, maybe 15 times before getting a sale, review, subscriber, whatever it may be. Don’t think of how the No’s made you feel because if you focus on the negative it will stay negative. As I have managed the Elephant in the Room stores I have learned when selling a membership to a gentleman that some men will just never be a member and that is okay, but getting a Yes and closing a deal is motivation for another Yes, whether it takes 5 more No’s or not I’m shooting to get a Yes and I let the rest roll off my back and keep grinding. 

All of this is made super simple when you set the right systems and processes in place, like scripting all of your interactions with customers and recording all of the calls made. This ensures the quality of the interaction and eliminates anyone just winging it when interacting with a lead, or customer. It is very important to understand the diligence of just starting small building momentum and DO NOT STOP! Keep calling, keep asking, keep pushing because once the momentum starts you will not want it to stop, so put the systems in place that are necessary and start owning your business. 

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