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  • The Psyche Of A Champion | Coaches Diaries | Adrian Hernandez class=

    The Psyche Of A Champion | Coaches Diaries | Adrian Hernandez

    For those of you diligent doers who read these epic business coach diaries from the best business coaches on the planet, you will see a common denominator… a psyche of greatness. I can make the assumption if you are reading this you are looking to increase or develop your ability to be a champion in your chosen field of work[ Read More ]
  • Uniting Your Team class=

    Uniting Your Team

    Form A Team That Communicates The idea of having a well organized and productive business coaching team in your company should be a reachable goal and not a dream. It is possible to have a team of enthusiastic and intentional employees who implement your business coaching systems and support the culture of the company. The level of support that your[ Read More ]
  • Do You Know What To Do With Feedback? class=

    Do You Know What To Do With Feedback?

    Another beautiful week has passed in the Make Your Life Epic office of the best business coach team in the World! This is a fact with an average business growth rate of 104% year over year! I reflect on how this is possible for hundreds of clients that have been blessed by the MYLE Business Growth team. I attribute three[ Read More ]


    Something this week has reminded me as a business coach is how important the culture in your company is. The common denominator is the diligence that the employees in the Thrive office display every day. The beginning of the workweek starts off with an all-staff morning meeting that allows everyone to see one another, discuss their weekends, and develop friendships[ Read More ]
  • Carry The Things You’ll Need class=

    Carry The Things You’ll Need

    As the title states, generally, you should carry the tools, skills, materials, and information you need to succeed. This is a broad business coaching statement that has guided me in all aspects of life. It helps to know the results needed to gather tools and skills that will facilitate the success of the results. It is all too common for[ Read More ]


    Something that stuck with me this week when discussing the best business coach path with the Thrive business coaches is the emotional dependency that some of their clients retain. This is important to bring to light because at all levels of your adult life you will be required to make difficult split-second decisions that have a major impact on your[ Read More ]
  • SHOOT TO KILL class=


    This week was an interesting one. There were many moments where I found myself deep in business coach flow states with no thoughts or conditions from feelings. This may sound depressing if you can not relate to the focus this allows. I’ve learned that being intentional about accomplishing goals leads to you zero in on targets in order to produce[ Read More ]
  • Compartmentalize Weakness And Systemize Strength class=

    Compartmentalize Weakness And Systemize Strength

    As a business coach, I recently found out that it is crucial to leverage your strengths to overcome the weaknesses in your “game.” I define one's “game” as the methods of doing things, the attitude expressed when everyone is looking, and the character when no one is. I find it imperative to periodically audit these attributes with the people you[ Read More ]
  • Timing The Jumps class=

    Timing The Jumps

    If you grew up like me before I was a business coach, skipping rope for fun served many purposes. It was the best way to get the heart rate up really quick for a workout, compete with friends for bragging rights, or even settle a heated debate. Why would skipping rope be relative to my week? Ill gladly explain. This[ Read More ]


    One of the many blessings of waking up before the Sun as a business coach is FOG, aka condensation of atmospheric water vapor that is low to the surface of Earth in the early morning. Driving through this very thick fog early in the morning and one might find themselves in a mild to major panic. Why, we ask? Is[ Read More ]


    During this week, I found myself honing my mindset and movements further into the intentional action-packed path of practicing for a purpose. The all too common phrase “Practice makes perfect” is indeed a universal truth that also brings pain and glory. Need proof? Study the most successful humans and companies on Earth. The ONLY way they achieved their specific levels[ Read More ]


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