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Do You Know What To Do With Feedback?

Another beautiful week has passed in the Make Your Life Epic office of the best business coach team in the World! This is a fact with an average business growth rate of 104% year over year! I reflect on how this is possible for hundreds of clients that have been blessed by the MYLE Business Growth team. I attribute three main factors that play a major part in allowing clients to succeed with our program. Feedback, Accountability, and Testimonials are factors that make business growth and personal growth achievable and fast tracked by the MYLE clients. We’ll focus on the role feedback plays in the business coaching path. Before I dive in, let’s define “Feedback” so we’re on the same page. 

Feedback as defined by Google reads, “information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement.” 

There are 4 types of constructive feedback:

  • Negative feedback provides corrective comments about past behavior
  • Positive feedback gives affirming comments about past behavior
  • Negative feed-forward contains corrective comments about future performance
  • Positive feed-forward is affirming comments about future behavior

Where Do You Find Feedback?

Luckily, life on Earth is in abundance with feedback provided both by the laws of nature and nurture. Nature’s feedback is served through physics and chemistry such as gravity and chemical reactions. When you fail to keep your balance the feedback you will receive is falling to the hard ground causing an injury. A chemical reaction in your brain will send feedback to your body by way of sharp pain. We pay attention to this pain and remember this feedback in order to not repeat that pain that was caused the first time. This feedback keeps us physically healthy. 

Nurturing feedback is how we as humans help/hurt each other through opinions and manipulation. This type of feedback is important in all relationships and every part of commerce. All relationships are rooted in feedback. As children we learned early that when we cry, we get attention. Later in life, We will spend most of our time with people we know can provide positive feedback through love languages. Why? Because it feels great! We love knowing we are loved and cared for. For successful businesses in commerce, it isn’t treated too differently. It should be a major role of any business to let the customer know they are appreciated and cared for, before and most importantly after the sale. They will come back to you with more time, more feedback, and more money. 

Feedback Is Important And Expensive.

Feedback is the most important factor we deal with. Honesty is expected and appreciated though not always given with both positive or negative feedback. Making feedback an abundant and expensive commodity. The action items your business coach gives you is the opportunity for you to gather feedback that will allow you to make improvements on current and future performances. Business feedback can come from both employees on payroll, wandering non paying customers that walk in your shop to browse, and most importantly the past customers you’ve served. They have the feedback that you need to affirm that your business systems are working and the business coach systems that are failing you. Listen, look, and reflect on the feedback in your life to refine your character and business moves. GET YOUR REVIEWS!!!

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Adrian H. is the office teddy bear and manager of the Elephant in the Room call center. With a sense of humor and enthusiasm for life that rivals ALF, he consistently brings the energy needed to help businesses succeed.

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