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  • Top Three Game Changers You Learn From the Thrivetime Show Business Conference class=

    Top Three Game Changers You Learn From the Thrivetime Show Business Conference

    This past weekend, it was my pleasure to attend one of the Thrivetime Show Business Conferences. I can promise you one thing, you have never and will never see a business workshop like this. Our conferences are, without a doubt, the best and most affordable business conferences in the world and the entire conference is completely untraditional. As business coaches,[ Read More ]
  • Find Your Calling class=

    Find Your Calling

    The book, Outliers is a book that Clay recommends to us often in our business coaching meetings. The concept states that you must practice something for 10,000 hours before you become great at it. To quote Jonathan Kelly, “You gotta want it.” This week, I learned that mastering a skill, truly becoming the master of something starts with realizing that[ Read More ]
  • Be the Candle! class=

    Be the Candle!

    “Be the candle! It is your job to be the light in the darkness. You have to sniff out the toxic, bring light to the darkness, and move on to focus back on the light.” - Clay Clark  This week, I am quoting Clay Clark, my boss and one of my business coach mentors, because he taught me a very[ Read More ]
  • A Business Coach’s Arithmetical Strategy to Success class=

    A Business Coach’s Arithmetical Strategy to Success

    Everyone has a different outlook on what success actually looks like. In many cases, success is actually gauged differently depending on the setting.  For example, in my mind, I will hold a business coach client closing millions of dollars of revenue per year for their business in the same and equal regard that I would a mother who loves her[ Read More ]
  • The Common 5 Excuses to Avoid Asking for Google Reviews class=

    The Common 5 Excuses to Avoid Asking for Google Reviews

    If there is one common pushback that I see even as a new business coach, it is the oh-so-dreaded-yet-common “Google review” objection.  If you are a business coach client reading this, please do not get offended and hate me. If you are a podcast listener, I ask that you have enough tenacity to read this without unsubscribing to our show. [ Read More ]
  • Give Yourself Grace class=

    Give Yourself Grace

    As a newer business coach, I am learning a vast amount of information quickly. I am absorbing information at such a rapid rate that I actually don’t even realize how much I know until I start talking. Every day, I learn facts, stats, revenue-producing activities, nomenclatures, ways to increase sales, productive habits, Adobe Audience, shortcuts on a keyboard of a[ Read More ]


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