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  • Enthusiasm class=


    Enthusiasm, according to business coach Clay and my most recent Google Search from Oxford Languages, originates in Latin as “inspired or possessed by a God”. So essentially, enthusiasm means that God is within. Enthusiasm, and the presence or lack thereof can be both personal and business. People think that having enthusiasm simply means being happy. That is not the case.[ Read More ]
  • Stop Being Lazy and Know Your Numbers class=

    Stop Being Lazy and Know Your Numbers

    Yes -- I said it. Stop being lazy. This is one of those, “If I could write a letter to me” type of blogs today. I say this with as much, “I get you. I feel your pain”, but also with as much intensity because I DO get it and I DO see it all of the time. YOU HAVE[ Read More ]
  • Start Here – With 100 Somethings That Is… class=

    Start Here – With 100 Somethings That Is…

    At the Thrivetime Show, I think those of us who have been here a little while tend to take for granted all of the knowledge and powerful resources we have access to every day. As a business coach for the Thrivetime Show, I’ve been coaching for over one year now. I’ve executed Clay’s 13-Point System with my coaching clients over[ Read More ]
  • Love the Cold Call class=

    Love the Cold Call

    Cold calling is a tool that, if used properly, can funnel your business additional revenue or additional business coaching clients. This of course, in turn, creates more revenue too. So basically, it is true - if you want to get rich, learn to love the cold call. Don’t stop at the cold call. Sales can be rewarding and satisfying in[ Read More ]
  • Practical DOMINATION Sales Tips class=

    Practical DOMINATION Sales Tips

    I love sales. You know this by now if you’ve been following my best business coach blog for a while. In addition to coaching clients, I double as the 13 point assessment caller for the Thrivetime Show. You can see why I love sales so much. You can see why it’s my favorite subject.  Every once in a while, I[ Read More ]
  • An Old Friend and a New Friend class=

    An Old Friend and a New Friend

    An Analysis of Outwitting the Devil and The Believer’s Authority You came to a business coach blog to read about business; systems, sales, the “TOP” “HOTTEST” “SEXIEST” marketing secret of all…. *gasp*. That’s not what this is. Today, I’m going to get preachy for a second. This week, I had a thought that is so profound to me, I hope[ Read More ]
  • Is It Time For a Second Location? class=

    Is It Time For a Second Location?

    Most business owners have a vision, and usually, if they’re serious, a plan to build multiple locations for their business. Most love duplicating their business coach brand because it gives them the ability to provide more of their product or service to more people. But how do you know when it’s time for a second location? I mean, once you[ Read More ]
  • Squash Your Inner B-Player class=

    Squash Your Inner B-Player

    The A-Team is Team Consistency. Team consistency consists of about 3% of the total population. That’s business coach Clay’s theory. Any chance you have of finding an A-Player means you have to interview about 100 people to find three A-Players. That’s not very positive. What’s even worse, and even more eye opening is that even A-Players have B-Player tendencies. Since[ Read More ]
  • Don’t Dwell – Pick Up the Phone Again class=

    Don’t Dwell – Pick Up the Phone Again

    Typically, we write about things we learn. We cover ways to grow your business as a business coach. We talk about super fun things like sales, action steps to lowering expenses in your business, books, systems and if you’re an avid reader, you probably know all of the lingo here at #ThriveNation. If you’ve been reading the coaching blogs for[ Read More ]
  • Branding is Your Foundation class=

    Branding is Your Foundation

    One thing I’ve learned from business coaching, when working with many entrepreneurs and business owners is that, when it comes to branding, it is many times an afterthought. Yet that’s the opposite of how it should actually be. Maybe that’s why, according to Forbes, 9 out of 10 businesses fail. Branding is the firm foundation of your sales and lead[ Read More ]
  • Fast or Slow – You’ll Get There class=

    Fast or Slow – You’ll Get There

    When it comes to business coaching business owners, there are so many things that I learned early on when training to be a coach that I constantly have to remind myself of throughout my career. There are so many basic, fundamental aspects of coaching that Clay teaches us early on during the process of shadowing or learning the systems. We[ Read More ]
  • Freakin’ Lead class=

    Freakin’ Lead

    Why are leaders being silent in the face of adversity during this whole, “plandemic” situation? This is a blog about business coaching and entrepreneurship. It’s not a place to start a political controversy, but here I go. This week had a theme for me. Leadership. Leadership - whether you are leading an all-staff meeting, mentoring your employees, and becoming invested[ Read More ]
  • Don’t memorize – Be intelligent class=

    Don’t memorize – Be intelligent

    In our daily business coach meeting, yesterday, we were going over our key performance indicators (KPI’s) and discussing a win that one of our clients had experienced. This particular client has a window cleaning business and is quite successful, with many different locations. We have been working with him for a while and one of his biggest limiting factors has[ Read More ]
  • Books Are Mentors Too class=

    Books Are Mentors Too

    When it comes to business, one thing ALL successful people realize, whether you are an entrepreneur or not, success comes from many things and proper mentorship or business coaching is a huge part of that. Most of us know we need mentors. Many of you may already have incredible mentors in your lives that help hold you accountable to your[ Read More ]
  • Literally, Spiritually, Emotionally – Raw Entrepreneurship class=

    Literally, Spiritually, Emotionally – Raw Entrepreneurship

    Let’s talk entrepreneurs for a minute. I work with dozens of entrepreneurs every week at our business coaching program. I talk to hundreds of entrepreneurs every month. In all reality, I prefer to talk to entrepreneurs and only entrepreneurs. If anyone knows entrepreneurs better than anyone without actually being one themselves, it’s definitely the Thrivetime Show Business coaches, myself included. [ Read More ]
  • Will You Lose?! class=

    Will You Lose?!

    If I do say so myself, lately, at the Thrivetime Show, the business coach team has been nothing short of making the most offensive statements backed by facts such as, “The mortality rate of the coronavirus is .26% without a vaccine.” https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/planning-scenarios.html?fbclid=IwAR0tN9JHXstc19dF0hojYnRCWbZsD2yl0YkJj1QswxQXXnnhQTcxC-ZMKj8  So, you may be curious why I’m starting my introduction to my blog this week already offending about[ Read More ]
  • Traction vs. Distraction class=

    Traction vs. Distraction

    Traction versus distraction Everything you do, every person you talk to, every decision you make and everything you choose to spend your time on is either making traction toward the one thing you set out to do, or it’s a distraction and must be handled. When it comes to your business coaching goals, you must know your driving factor. That’s[ Read More ]
  • The Power of One class=

    The Power of One

    One thing I have recently learned, it is the power of one. The power of one person, one business coach, - one person with a changed mind, one person with a desire to see something happen, one person can make an impact in waves. If there is one thing that I have learned over the last two months during the[ Read More ]
  • If They Think You Don’t Give a Crap, They Won’t Either class=

    If They Think You Don’t Give a Crap, They Won’t Either

    Customers -- If they think you don’t give a crap, they won’t either. Pardon the title and the language, but it’s so true. This came from one of those random, Jonathan-Kelly-drops-a-knowledge-bomb-in-an-early-morning-conversation quotes. Yet I thought it was so good, people needed to hear it. Folks, if your customers think you don’t care, they won’t buy from you. It’s that simple. [ Read More ]
  • Are Your Goals S.M.A.R.T.? class=

    Are Your Goals S.M.A.R.T.?

    When it comes to entrepreneurship, setting your goals is step one, and arguably the most important step in the game of business. Jack Welch says, “Control your destiny, or someone else will.” As an entrepreneur, if you are not actively setting goals, everyone and everything can and will control your destiny; the market, your circumstances, your employees, friends, family -[ Read More ]
  • Entrepreneurs Overcoming Adversity class=

    Entrepreneurs Overcoming Adversity

    As a Thrivetime Show business coach, I see my clients overcome adversity every day, every week, month after month. Sometimes the adversity is something as simple as isolating the objection during a killer sale. Other times, it can be a challenge such as navigating the economic trials coming from the coronavirus pandemic. Either way, if you are an entrepreneur, you[ Read More ]
  • Nail it, Then Scale it class=

    Nail it, Then Scale it

    This is a common theme this week amongst many of, not only my clients but some of the other business coach clients as well. Most of our clients have great ambitions and big aspirations. They’re entrepreneurs. So they think BIG. I can 100% empathize with the entrepreneur who has the big goal and wants to get on that NOW! For[ Read More ]
  • Life is not a Sprint; It’s a Marathon class=

    Life is not a Sprint; It’s a Marathon

    “Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.” - Clay Clark Marinate on this for a minute. No, really. Stop reading this for 30 seconds and think about that quote over and over. As a business coach, I think this is something we are all a little guilty of, at least I am anyway. Consistency is the hardest thing for[ Read More ]
  • How to Make Compelling Advertisements class=

    How to Make Compelling Advertisements

    When it comes to advertising, it truly is a simple process that most marketing companies make extremely and unnecessarily complicated. In fact, I can easily make the concept too complicated if I overthink it too much. There is a Steve Jobs quote that I love. He says, “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get[ Read More ]
  • The SEO Deep Dive class=

    The SEO Deep Dive

    There are many things I enjoy about taking on new projects with new or existing clients. One of my favorite examples of the week is the infamous Clay Clark and Jonathan Kelly SEO Deep Dive. P.S. If you haven’t downloaded Search Engine Domination for free on our website or bought a hard copy so you can tab and outline (for[ Read More ]
  • If They Aren’t For You, They’re Against You class=

    If They Aren’t For You, They’re Against You

    One thing that I am slowly starting to learn from my boss and mentor, Jonathan Kelly is the fact that there is no middle ground, and keeping the peace is not peaceful, or it accomplishes nothing. The Power of One is only as powerful as the opposition you are willing to incur. How does this apply to me as a[ Read More ]
  • Bet on Yourself class=

    Bet on Yourself

    A business coach client asked Clay what advice Clay had about the option for the business owner to invest his retirement account from a former job into his business. Clay’s response was, “Do you want to bet on yourself?”. Naturally, this got me thinking. Would I bet on me? What kind of people would you bet on and what is[ Read More ]
  • The Technical Side of Writing a Call Script class=

    The Technical Side of Writing a Call Script

    Sales is truly a beautiful thing. I LOVE sales. If you are one of my business coach clients, you know there is nothing that will get me more pumped up than when you tell me you closed a big deal. My business coaching clients know I love talking sales and they know that if they didn’t get all of their homework[ Read More ]
  • The Powerful Influence of Scarcity class=

    The Powerful Influence of Scarcity

    This week as a business coach, I learned about the power within the law of scarcity. Or maybe it was simply brought to light more so this week. People want what they can’t have. We all know this to be true.  In fact, Business Insider talks about the psychology of this and how our primal desire makes certain people seem[ Read More ]
  • You Won’t Get Paid – Deal With It class=

    You Won’t Get Paid – Deal With It

    If you have been following my business coach diaries blog for some time, and I hope you have, you probably have noticed that most of my articles are about happy things. I like to talk about successful mentors, being a business coach, positivity, overcoming obstacles and challenges, designing the life you want to live, and all things encouraging, educational and[ Read More ]


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