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The SEO Deep Dive

There are many things I enjoy about taking on new projects with new or existing clients. One of my favorite examples of the week is the infamous Clay Clark and Jonathan Kelly SEO Deep Dive. P.S. If you haven’t downloaded Search Engine Domination for free on our website or bought a hard copy so you can tab and outline (for the overachievers) on Amazon, you should probably do one of those two things right now. But in the meantime, I’ll give you a few tips from a project I worked on this week for a client. This is something you can actually take back to your desk and do a little bit of a deep dive yourself for your business. 

How Do You Know What Keywords to Search For? 

Well, this can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. Anytime we teach search engines to our business coaching clients, that’s one of the most common things we say as we guide you down Clay’s plan – Don’t overcomplicate this!  You as a business owner know, or you should have an idea of what your ideal and likely buyer is searching for if they are looking to find you on Google. Now, you could take an extra step and use third party tools, which is fine too. In this case, I used Google Keyword Planner. Another tip from Jon and Clay’s book… do a quick Google search for something you think your customers would type in Google to find you, scroll to the very bottom until you see “searches related to…”. And there you have it, a huge list of keywords Google is actually telling you people are also typing in. 

Scenario: You own a bow store in Tulsa. Your keyword would probably be something like “Tulsa Bows” or “Bows Tulsa”. Here’s the thing though, either way, you go, there’s money at the top. Meanwhile, you are still establishing authority with Google on the subject matter in general. So, life is good. 

Action Step: Determine Your Keyword

Scope the Competition

With this, you need to know where you stack up. If your competitors have a ton of content and zero Google reviews, Google reviews are certainly a huge part of what you have to do, but your focus should be more on content. Start a blog. Write search engine content articles. Start and transcribe a podcast. You should make your goal to write an obscene amount of content. Or, you’re probably like most of my clients and you have competitors who have both content and reviews.  

Scenario: Competitor A has 100 Google Reviews and 12 pages of content. Competitor B has 12 Google Reviews and 489 pages of content indexed. If this were our top two competitors, we would know both reviews and writing content is a major part of our marketing strategy here and therefore we can set goals accordingly. 

Action Step: Search your keyword. Write down the top results based on reviews. Multiply that number by 3. That’s the number of reviews you have to get. Next, go back to the search results for that keyword. Under the maps in the organic search results and determine who comes up top (Yelp does not count). Next, go to the home page URL of this competitor’s business. Enter site: followed by the domain name. (Example: site: The results show the number of pages Google has indexed for that particular page. 


Now, just write the content and get the reviews. We have a team that can help you implement the system and strategies to gather reviews and write content. Set goals. Research. Do the math. For more tips on search engine content, have our team conduct a website audit for you, or send us an email at [email protected] with the subject titled Ask Clay Anything for SEO Questions and the chance for Clay to answer your question on the podcast.

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