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Search Engine Optimization | Social Proof
Search Engine Optimization | Social Proof

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Learn The Google Domination Equation

Google earns money by creating the best and most relevant search engine results possible for people who search the Internet.

If no one is used Google’s search engine because the results that were displayed are not logical and relevant, soon Google would not be able to make any money from selling advertising. Thus, Google is obsessed with making sure that their search engine results are the best in the world. As it relates to search engines, Google is the boss, the referee, the judge, and always the final word on who is deemed the “most relevant” website. If you follow their rules, you will win. If you choose to not follow their rules for artistic, personal, psychological, religious, political, or emotional reasons, you will lose.

In this book, you will learn how to dominate Google’s search engine.


Search Engine Optimization | Testimonial - Papagallos“We now have more money in our
bank account that we’ve ever had.”
– David and Tricia Rich
(The founders of – Satellite Beach, Florida)


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This Book Contains:

Learn which tools are key to effective Search Engine Optimization

Learn Which Platforms are most Google-friendly

Learn how to write content to boost your ranking

How to effectively build a search engine-friendly website

About The Authors

Search Engine Optimization | Jonathan Kelly - Author

Jonathan Kelly is a self-made entrepreneurial success story as well as a contributor. He was named top 30 under 30 for Marketing and Advertising and is owner and partner of 4 different businesses. He manages a 100+ member team that helps entrepreneurs ignite their brand and increase their profit, and he also serves as the project manager for 200+ clients both nationally and internationally.

Search Engine Optimization | Clay Clark - Author

Clay is the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Co-Host of the Radio Show, and the founder of Over the course of his career, he has been a founding team member of many successful companies including,,, etc. (Dallas, Oklahoma City, etc.).

What our Clients Say About Us

You Have What It Takes.

Some people chose to not buy this book because they felt that they didn’t have the “techie” background needed to make money as a result of marketing their business on the internet, but you are different. You have chosen to believe in yourself and your abilities to apply what you learn to increase what you earn. Thus, to encourage you, we have chosen to include dozens of success stories from people just like you who previously had no technical background and who are now thriving as a result of implementing the systems and processes that we have taught them over the years. The money-making internet marketing systems found within this book will help you to climb to the top of search engine results, regardless of which search engine your ideal and likely buyers are using.

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Search Engine Optimization | Testimonial - Platinum Pests

“The number of new customers that we have is up 411% within just the past year. We went from being virtually non-existent to the top page of Google and our competition Orkin and Terminix are massive companies.”

Jennifer and Jared Johnson

(The founders of Platinum- – Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Search Engine Optimization | Testimonial - Delricht Research

“We’ve grown our business by 300% within 11 months. I would highly recommend Clay’s systems to any entrepreneur or small business out there that is looking to take their business to the next level.”

Tyler and Rachel Hastings

(The founders of – New Orleans, Louisiana)

You must make a decision today.

You can either decide that Doctor Zoellner and I have become successful in multiple and completely unrelated industries because of luck or because we are implementing these proven best-practice systems that really work for us and that will really work for you if you invest the time needed to implement these strategies. Everything found within this book has been researched, cited, tested, executed and applied to my own life and business. We’ve used these systems over and over and now you can too. I wrote this book to be the world’s best business book and to be the ultimate entrepreneurship resource for you and millions of others. These systems have changed my life and I know they will change yours too if you will just invest the time to learn and apply these systems.


Clay Clark
(Former U.S. Business Administration Entrepreneur of the year)

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