Business Coaching and Conferences Testimonials

Case Studies

Business Coach Testimonials

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Dr. Breck Kasbaum

    “We’re Climbing The Google Search Engine Each Day”

    Dr. Breck Kasbaum | Owner, Dr. Breck Chiropractic

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Platinum Pest

    “The number of new customers we’ve had is up 411% over last year.”

    Jared & Jennifer Johnson | Owners, Platinum Pest

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Shaw Homes

    “In 4 months our internet leads have grown 12x”

    Aaron A. | Shaw Homes

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Delricht Research

    “We’ve grown 300% in 11 months.”

    Delricht Research

  • Business Coaching | Taylor Hall - Tulsa Oilers

    “More sales, more attendance, more successes in business, we had a record year last season.”

    Taylor Hall | General Manager, Tulsa Oilers

  • Business Coaching Testimonial | Barbee Cookies

    “We tripled the business and expanded to two locations in three years”

    Kat Graham | Owner, Barbee Cookies

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Adam Beal - Phone Doctors

    “I never thought I needed a business coach or a life coach. It’s great now.”

    Adam Beal | Vice President, Phone Doctors

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Bodycentral

    “We went from owning 3 locations in 2016 to now were up and going in 8 locations and still growing.”

    Jen Allen | Owner, Bodycentral Physical Therapy

  • “Our practice is up between 10-20% over the last year.” class=

    “Our practice is up between 10-20% over the last year.”

    Timothy Johnson | Owner, Tuscaloosa Ophthalmology

  • Business Coach testimonial | Healthworks Chiropractic

    “They helped me know how to get from point A to B…”

    Dr. Jay Schroder

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Witness Security

    “Our growth was averaging pretty close to $10,000 a month to month basis. Now are close to $40,000 on a month to month basis.”

    Keith Shultz | Owner, Witness Security

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Shepherd's Automotive

    “We have hope now, we have hope for our future.”

    Guy Shepherd | Owner, Shepherd's Automotive

  • “It made everything feel possible.“ class=

    “It made everything feel possible.“

    Steven Hall | Owner, Mod Scenes

  • Business Coaching Reviews Tip Top K9

    “We’ve gone from 1 location to 10 locations in a year.”

    Ryan and Rachel Wimpey | Owners, Tip Top K9

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Roy Coggeshall - The Garage BA / RC Auto Specialists“May sales were up from $60,667 last year to $102,837 this year.”

    Roy Coggeshall | Owner, RC Auto Specialists & The Garage BA

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Are you interested in business coaching for your business? As you can see we love helping businesses, like yours, grow to serve you! Let us work with you to get the most out of your business and start seeing results. Learn more about business coaching »

Case Studies

Business Conference Testimonials

  • “I keep coming back” class=

    “I keep coming back”

    Kevin Thomas

  • “You have to do the things they tell you to do” class=

    “You have to do the things they tell you to do”

    Jamie Fagel

  • “The atmosphere is absolutely crazy” class=

    “The atmosphere is absolutely crazy”

    Kevin Youngblood

  • “I’ve learned how to interview and implement my core values” class=

    “I’ve learned how to interview and implement my core values”

    Lonnie Meyers

  • “The atmosphere is NEXT LEVEL. He keeps you engaged the entire time.” class=

    “The atmosphere is NEXT LEVEL. He keeps you engaged the entire time.”

    JT McCormick

  • Business Conference Reviews | Falgun Patel

    “Being here I feel like I’m surrounded by people that want to succeed in life and in business.”

    Falgun Patel

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Donna Saunders

    “By coming to the workshop I learned that a lot of my business ideas are validated.”

    Donna Saunders

  • Business Conference Reviews | Carrie Pitts

    “Clay has more to offer and his teaches practical steps.”

    Carrie Pitts

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Marty Lehman

    “Clay is a very inspirational speaker with a lot of humor injected.”

    Marty Lehman | Safety and PR, Mining Company

  • Business Conference Testimonials | Dr. Melissa Leedy

    “Clay is really funny, but there’s a lot of practical information.”

    Dr. Melissa Leedy

  • Business Conference Reviews | Jon Kelley

    “Clay’s delivery and presentation style is raw and real.”

    Jon Kelley

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  • Business Conference Reviews | Precision Calibration

    “Clay’s presentation and teaching style is very engaging. It’s the keys to business success.”

    Travis Ryan | Precision Calibration

  • Business Conference Reviews | Barry Landon

    “Clays’ a never-ending energizer bunny and I really enjoyed all that he had to say.”

    Barry Landon

  • Business Conference Reviews | Melissa Shay

    “During this conference I have learned more about marketing and SEO than I ever have at one time.”

    Melissa Shay

  • Business Conference Testimonials | Tammy Harrison

    “Even though there are a lot of suits and ties, it’s been a lot of fun.”

    Tammy Harrison

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