Business Coach Testimonials

  • “We just closed a deal for $9-10 million…”

    Travis Williams | Founder - Williams Contracting

  • “They over deliver.”

    Dr. Joe Lai

  • We have closed about $250k in business in the last week

    Josh Wilson - Owner, Living Water Irrigation

  • “We have sky-rocketed our reviews and we have people calling us almost every single day.”

    Elizabeth W. | Nook & Cranny

  • Kat G.

    Owner - Barbee Cookies

  • “In 4 months our internet leads have grown x12”

    Aaron A. | Shaw Homes

  • “I would not have been able to start my second business without Clay”


  • “I’ve seen immediate results. It’s all inclusive.”

    Christopher S.

  • “We’ve grown 300% in 11 months.”

    Delricht Research

  • “Clay has done wonders for our business”

    Ben B. - Owner, Long Lake Resort

  • The team has helped us make big progress QUICKLY.


  • We did over 2 times as much business as we did last year…

    Complete Carpet

  • “We increased our biggest monthly gross sales by 35%”

    Owners - Tip Top K9

  • We have seen a marked increase in the number of new patients we are seeing every month.

    Dr. Mark Morrow

  • We hit a new sales record of 230 members

    Don Calvert | Score Basketball

  • Thrive15 has helped me to create the time time freedom I’ve always wanted.


  • I have gotten more done in the last month than the previous 3 years.

    Geoff Rottmayer | Athletic Mission Baseball Academy

  • Danielle Sprik

    Founder, Sprik Realty

  • I am getting all of the leads I need

    John Carter | John Carter Bathrooms

  • “From startup to $10,000 per week of sales in less than 1 year”

    Thomas C. | Owner - Full Package Media

  • Don C.

    Owner, SCORE Basketball

    Everybody needs a gameplan. Thrive15 has helped me tremendously with that gameplan. We changed how I was charging, we changed the programs we were doing, we changed the advertisements we were doing, we started doing everything smart. We wouldn’t be where we’re at today without Thrive15.

  • “We are closing more deals…”

    Stephen Cale | Cale Law Office

  • The script that you developed is the reason they choose me.


    Business Coach Testimonials - The Script Works

  • We can run our business profitably

    Mark Burgess | Best Choice Auto Glass

  • Last August we had 114 new patients compared to this August we had 180 new patients

    Dr. April Lai

  • Nick S.

    Farmers Insurance

    The trainings themselves, they will rock your world. It really will change the way you think, and look at, business.

  • “We’ve grown by 30% since March (3 months)”

    Melissa - LIREA

  • A client found me from my Google reviews!

    Stephen Cale | Cale Law Firm

  • “I can over deliver now and keep my clients the top priority.”

    John Carter | Owner - John Carter Bathrooms

  • “We’ve increased productivity by 30%”

    Owner - Preferred Prepaid

  • They helped us be more profitable

    Lanny Smith | Arrival 3D

  • We grew over 20%

    Tim Borgne | Duct Armor

  • Clay S.

    Leadership Mentor

    Thrive15 has provided this confidence that I never had before. I’ve been able to look through the lens not of my capacity, but of my destiny.

  • “We have made it on the map in two markets.”

    Kelly Herneisen | Owner - American Document Shredding

  • “They helped me know how to get from point A to B…”

    Dr. Jay Schroder

  • We’ve had phenomenal growth this year

    Shawn K, Property Management Inc.

  • “Excited about all of the changes we are implementing.”


  • We have gotten our sales super high.

    Ron Howell | Keystone Harbor & Cross Timbers Village

  • “Instrumental in Developing My Business & Me as a Person”

    Owner - Elite Cabinets

  • We’re confident that we will be successful

    Donna Burgess | Best Choice Auto Glass

Business Conference Testimonials

  • I’ve seen Jack Canfield. I’ve seen Tony Robbins and I will tell you that Clay made a far greater impact than either of them.

  • “Clay is very entertaining and his presentation style is amazing.”

    Paul H. - Founder, Hood & Associates

  • Couldn’t have chosen a better speaker

  • I learned some great leadership skills and some personal accountability skills that we can take and implement in our business.

  • “I am overwhelmed with motivation!”

  • Business Coach | Best Speaker

    One of the best speakers I’ve walked away from

  • Business Coach | Grow Your Business

    Learn to grow your business from good to great

  • Business Coach | ABC Advertising

    Tony Crabtree

    ABC Advertising

  • Business Coach | Connected with Our Audience

    “Clay really connected with the audience”


  • Business Coach | Steve Cox | ABC Advertising

    Steve Cox

    ABC Advertising

  • Business Coach | Light House Advertising

    Eddy Vehill

    Light House Advertising

  • Business Coach | Tracy P

    Tracy Pelot


  • Business Coach | West Passo Chamber

    Eric Anderson

    West Passo Chamber

  • Business Coach | David H.

    David Harper

    Sells Manager

  • Business Coach | Risk Management

    Joe O.

    Risk Management

  • Business Coach | Testimonials - Bryan Hall - Shell

    Bryan Hall


  • Business Coach | Rochester Chamber of Commerce

    Becca Nogosek

    Rochester Chamber of Commerce

  • Business Coach | Robin M.

    Robin Michelle

    Account Executive

  • Business Coach | Mortgage Banker

    Wendi Lanthier

    Mortgage Broker

  • Business Coach | Filtration System Products

    Josh Pruit

    Filtration System Products- Salesman

  • Business Coach | Todd L.

    Todd Langlen


  • Jeremy Devaal


  • Paul Friedlander

    West Pasco Chamber of Commerce

  • Marie Mich

    Practice Manager

  • Margaret J.

    President - Ideal Training Inc.

    Thank you SO much for coming to Houston to speak to our organization! It was super – I feel motivated to block out quiet reflection time every day and be more consistent with my scheduling of marketing activities!
    I look forward to meeting you again – onward and upward!

  • Greg W

    Owner, Wild’s Cabinets & Flooring

    I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone at Thrive15. I joined my father in our small family business about 10 yrs ago. While we have grown, I have really only created a very demanding and low pay job for myself. Last year I told my wife I would give everything I have to the business for one more year. After that I would just go get a normal job. We needed to make more money but the only way we could do that is to do more jobs which require me to work even more .. not sustainable. I have already spent plenty of time reading books and listening to various business podcasts relating to business but few seemed to touch on the real things small business owners have to deal with. A few months ago I heard Clay on the Profit First Podcast. I was intrigued and decided to look him up and discovered Thrive15. I decided to give it a chance and actually signed up while stressing out about business during our family vacation. I navigated a little without much expectation. I didn’t really dig in too deep until I started listening to the podcasts. All of a sudden things started to make sense to me. In just a few short months we have totally turned our business upside down by completely reorganizing our shop and have actually made our first real hire. While we have a very long way to go and much more to learn, I actually have hope again that we can be successful. I wake up every morning now with a renewed love for the business and have no problems putting in late evenings and weekends. Since there is now a purpose and a goal it is not a burden to do so. You guys have no idea the change you have brought into the life of my family and business. It really is sort of like having a business coach. It can be lonely at times trying to run a business, not many other people get excited about talking about making checklists lol. I really do not feel alone and aimless anymore. This may all sound a little sappy but it is the truth. I have since been reading the Start Here Book and plan to try to attend a conference in the near future. I would love to one day be able to afford the personal business coaching but y’all have given me plenty to keep me busy until then. Again, Thanks for all you are providing at Thrive, it really is changing lives.

  • Kiley


  • Zach Melendrez


  • Tim Houser

    President of Askew-Houser Funeral Homes, Inc.

  • “He kept my attention, very active. Fun!”


  • Hanna Walters


  • Hannah Carranza & April Segretto


  • Betty Brown


  • Marty Lehman

    Safety & PR for Mining Corporation

  • “Clay is one of the most entertaining & intelligent speakers I’ve had the privilege to come see”


  • Sahar Zair


  • Steve Hulsey

    Residential Window Service

  • Stan Greil


  • Cody Wickersheim

    Industrial Mining

  • Steve Hart

    Executive VP of Badger Mining


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