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What Falgun Has to Say About The Thrivetime Business Conferences

Falgun P’s Business Conferences Testimonial

My name is Falguni Patel. I’m from Tampa, Florida. Actually, I heard about these business conferences, through the owner of the company that came here. He’s been working with thrive15 for quite a few months now. I guess I was just dragged along. So, I’m actually a sales and marketing manager for a company called Katie Holmes. My bachelor’s degree was in marketing management and my master’s degrees in data analytics. So, I’ve gotten the whole college route and learned all those skills, but the reason that I’m here and I think one of the biggest things that people tend to forget is that you can’t do everything on your home. And for me, the biggest thing about being here is the constant reminder of what I need to do and how I can accomplish that. Just being able to stay the track saying motivated to stay on the track.

Clay was fantastic. One of the things that was mentioned during the conference is that your net worth is your network. And being here I feel like I’m surrounded by people that want to succeed at life and in their business, and that motivates me to also want to be better. It’s a very positive environment. I could see why thrive has been a very successful company at these business conferences. Clay’s presentation style is very unique it’s actually not at all what you would expect it to be like and at the same time, it’s incredibly honest. He doesn’t really dumb down what he needs to tell you. He, you know, it’s at a level where you understand it, but he’s not going to baby you to success. That’s something that has to come from that. Something has to come from within and that’s something you’re gonna have to do on your own.

But, definitely provided a cheat sheet to say per se on how to succeed. But it’s been fantastic. It’s been very entertaining and knowledgeable. The watch him watch him at the conference and it’s really hard to say what’s the most valuable thing that I’ve learned at the conferences so far because I’ve learned quite a lot. But I guess if there’s one key takeaway that I had to take away from this conference, it would be maintaining a positive mindset and surrounding yourself by, by people that also want to succeed, and I’m one of the things that clay mentioned during the conferences that we’re surrounded by negative in mainstream media, we’re, we’re surrounded by negative people in sometimes it’s really hard to not be negative, but just having that positive mindset and surrounding yourself with people out that want succeed is the first step and probably the most important step towards your own success. Then there’s so much value that we’ve gotten from thrive 15, so much that we’ve gotten out of these business conferences. If you’re not here, I think what you’re really missing out on is your own success. Even if you already run a successful business, there’s a possibility that you could be even more successful and spending less time on your business at the same time. And if you’re not here, you’re missing out on how to do that.


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