Business Coaching Testimonials – Page 2

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Dr. Chad Edwards - Revolution Health

    “It’s worth every penny to have someone in your team that can walk you through and even avoid some of the pitfalls that are almost invariable in starting your own business”

    Dr. Chad Edwards | Owner, Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Winters & King

    “They make it enjoyable to actually do work with them. They make it practical to help me do my job better.”

    Wes Carter | Shareholder, Winters & King

  • “Thrive has been a fantastic tool” class=

    “Thrive has been a fantastic tool”

    Andy Mathurin & Larry Montgomery | Restore Home Health

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Breakout Creative

    “We’ve doubled our incoming leads, set a record for the biggest January ever, and were up 59% from last year”

    Chris De Jesus | Owner, Breakout Creative

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Kelly H., American Document Shredding

    “It’s been really exciting to help me get the processes in place to know where to spend money and to know how much I’ve got left.”

    Kelly H. | Owner, American Document Shredding

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Total Lending Concepts

    “At Total Lending Concepts we have had tremendous growth”

    Steve Currington | Executive Vice President, Total Lending Concepts

  • Business Coach Testimonials | Property Management Inc.

    “We’ve had phenomenal growth this year”

    Shawn K, Property Management Inc.

  • Business Coaching Reviews | H2Oasis

    “We are up 17% over last year already this year and we aren’t even in our busy season yet.”

    Debra Worthington | Owner, H2Oasis

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Pappagallos

    “We have more money in the bank than we’ve ever had”

    Dave & Trisha Rich | Owners, Pappagallos

  • We had our best January ever class=

    We had our best January ever

    Stuart Weikel | Owner, Accolade Exteriors

  • Business Coach Reviews | Score Basketball

    “We hit a new sales record of 230 members”

    Don Calvert | Score Basketball

  • Business Coach Review | Mission Baseball Academy

    “I have gotten more done in the last month than the previous 3 years.”

    Geoff Rottmayer | Athletic Mission Baseball Academy

  • Williams Contracting | Business Coach Testimonial

    “We just closed a deal for $9-10 million…”

    Travis Williams | Founder - Williams Contracting

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Macro Meals

    “We’ve tripled our sales since mid-summer.”

    Doug Green | Owner, Macro Meals

  • We grew by over 20% class=

    We grew by over 20%

    Tyler Hallblade | Owner, Primo Trailers

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Nook & Cranny Homekeeping

    “We have sky-rocketed our reviews and we have people calling us almost every single day.”

    Elizabeth W. | Nook & Cranny

  • “They have helped us improve our business.” class=

    “They have helped us improve our business.”

    Marcos Brandao | Owner,

  • Business Coach Reviews | Preferred Prepaid

    “We’ve increased productivity by 30%”

    Owner, Preferred Prepaid

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Keystone Harbor

    “We have gotten our sales super high.”

    Ron Howell | Keystone Harbor & Cross Timbers Village

  • Business Coach Review | Elite Cabinets

    “Instrumental in Developing My Business & Me as a Person”

    Owner - Elite Cabinets

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Essential Oils Academy

    “We are going to break any records we’ve ever had!”

    Angela Newsom | Owner, Essential Oils Academy

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Clinch Martial Arts

    “I believe that everybody needs a coach.”

    Christian Derr | Owner, Clinch Martial Arts

  • Business Coach Reviews | Best Choice Auto Glass

    “We can run our business profitably”

    Mark Burgess | Best Choice Auto Glass

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Refuel Athletics

    “This is the best deal ever!”

    Dr. Tristan Owens | Owner, Refuel Athletics

  • Business Coach Testimonial | Implementing Changes

    “Excited about all of the changes we are implementing.”

    Greg Wild | Owner, Wild's Cabinets

  • Business Coaching Reviews | Full Package Media

    “From startup to $10,000 per week of sales in less than 1 year”

    Thomas C. | Owner - Full Package Media

  • Business Coach testimonial | Don C.

    “We changed how I was charging, we changed the programs we were doing, we changed the advertisements we were doing, we started doing everything smart. We wouldn’t be where we’re at today without Thrive15.”

    Don Calvert | Owner, SCORE Basketball

    Everybody needs a gameplan. Thrive15 has helped me tremendously with that gameplan.

  • “We’re directing everything from our weekly meetings with our staff.” class=

    “We’re directing everything from our weekly meetings with our staff.”

    Vidar Ligard | Founder, Safari Mission

  • “We have hit our goals and now we’re just working the system.” class=

    “We have hit our goals and now we’re just working the system.”

    Kurt Hutflesz | Owner, Powerpoint Design 24/7

  • Business Coach Reviews | Arrival 3D

    “They helped us be more profitable”

    Lanny Smith | Arrival 3D


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