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  • Business Coach on Having the Correct Focus class=

    Business Coach on Having the Correct Focus

    Have you ever just sat back and observed the world? It seems like in today's age, if you look around, it's almost like there are a lot of blind people wandering around in the woods. People seem lost, they don't know what to do. They don't know how to manage their time or finances. People seem oblivious to what is[ Read More ]
  • How to Solve Conflict in All Situations class=

    How to Solve Conflict in All Situations

    No matter what type of industry you are in, or in my case, what type of business coaching clients I'm working with, at some point every person is going to encounter stressful and intense situations. While we want to do everything that we can to bring our best to every interaction and not intentionally walk into a conflict-ridden situation, when[ Read More ]
  • The DOOM Loop class=

    The DOOM Loop

    I have a business coaching client who is going through a sort of a doom loop in his business. The situation that he finds himself in is that while he is growing every year, because his business model has very low profitability, as he grows his revenue, his expenses also increase simultaneously. While he is excited about bringing in new[ Read More ]
  • The Four Letter Word in Business class=

    The Four Letter Word in Business

    The word SELL seems to be a four-letter word for a lot of people. When it comes to selling, there can be a lot of hesitation or ambivalence or just straight-up fear of rejection. I'm sure we've all experienced what it's like to work with the stereotypical salesperson at a used car lot. We probably come to expect that they[ Read More ]
  • How to Find Good Managers | Business Coach class=

    How to Find Good Managers | Business Coach

    A common problem that entrepreneurs face over and over again that I see as a business coach is finding good managers. When it comes to duplicating yourself for being able to trust someone to oversee aspects of your business, most entrepreneurs tend to believe that they have to do it all. This is a trap that I've seen many clients[ Read More ]
  • The Customer’s Experience class=

    The Customer’s Experience

    What makes your customer experience different from the competition? What do customers experience when they experience your organization? Do they experience disorganization, poor customer service, and an overall low level of excellence? Do they experience an environment that is memorable, service that is exceptional, and are wowed from the beginning to the end of their exposure to your organization? Hopefully,[ Read More ]
  • The Fear of Rejections class=

    The Fear of Rejections

    Do you hate rejection? Is it always in the back of your mind, that no matter what you do, someone won't like it? Here's the deal, when it comes to being an entrepreneur, you literally cannot be successful without rejection. What is your favorite recipe? What meal did you always love for your mama to make you for your birthday?[ Read More ]
  • You Snooze, You LOSE! class=

    You Snooze, You LOSE!

    Wake up! Why do people find it so necessary to sleep in? I mean, my good friend, Benjamin Franklin once said: "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise." Maybe you are not a person who feels the need to listen to Benjamin Franklin. I mean, he was only an author, a printer, political[ Read More ]
  • Why Do People Hate Processes? class=

    Why Do People Hate Processes?

    Why do people hate processes? I mean, come on. It has become such a cultural norm to look for instant gratification in everything. Whether you're considering what we eat or the media that we consume or text messaging or social media or virtually any aspect of our culture, instant gratification has become an epidemic. It has become the social norm[ Read More ]
  • What Does It Mean to Manage class=

    What Does It Mean to Manage

    Do you consider yourself a manager? Do you have managers in your organization? If so, from your perspective, what is a manager? What is the purpose of the manager? What are managers supposed to accomplish? These are great questions. We as business coaches, want you to understand that managers are simply people who entrepreneurs have put in place to make[ Read More ]
  • Do What Works. class=

    Do What Works.

    Do what works. Interesting. This is a concept that, at least in my business coaching opinion, should be common sense. Do what works. Take a system or process or approach that you have seen work in the past and use it to work for you. This doesn't seem to revolutionary does it? Well, when it comes to business, why do[ Read More ]
  • In My Feelings class=

    In My Feelings

    Although we are a business coaching company, not a counseling service, it sure seems like it sometimes. Feelings are everywhere. "I feel this and I feel that". "Can you validate my feelings?". "I feel like this business tip will work." "I feel like this business tip won't work. I feel like what you're doing is not working. I feel like[ Read More ]
  • What’s the Temperature? class=

    What’s the Temperature?

    What is the temperature in here? Have you ever gone into a restaurant or store and there was clearly an issue with the temperature? It was either too hot or too cold and it was obvious to you that the guests were uncomfortable, yet the owner or employees didn't seem to notice or care? Temperature is an essential element to[ Read More ]
  • Success is in the Day in and Day Out class=

    Success is in the Day in and Day Out

    What does your day-to-day look like? Are you the type of person who knows exactly what they will be doing at every moment during the day? Do you have your time scheduled and you've developed consistent routines and habits, or are you the individual who flies by the seat of their pants? I would say that the majority of people[ Read More ]
  • The Purple Cow class=

    The Purple Cow

    Have you ever heard of a purple cow? If not, you are not alone. When it comes to your business, a purple cow is a thing that makes you stand out in the middle of a sea of brown cows. If you were to drive around the Bixby, OK area where I make my residence, you are very likely to[ Read More ]
  • Rejection Is a Statistical Probability class=

    Rejection Is a Statistical Probability

    Rejection is a statistical probability. Rejection is a statistical probability. Rejection is a statistical probability. I can keep going if you want me to. So many people treat life as if the rejection is the worst thing ever. We go through life trying to get through all of our experiences that we face like a river finds a path. The[ Read More ]
  • The Power of a Weekly Meeting | Business Conferences class=

    The Power of a Weekly Meeting | Business Conferences

    The Thrivetime Show Business Conferences are truly an incredible experience. Business owners and hopeful entrepreneurs from all over the country came together for a time of investing in themselves and in their business. You could tell as you interacted with people that they were truly there to help their businesses go to the next level and hopeful for the possibilities.[ Read More ]
  • The Journey of a Real Entrepreneur class=

    The Journey of a Real Entrepreneur

    Spending time with Clay is always an adventure. From the moment that you sit down with him, you quickly realize that not only is he a wealth of knowledge and experience, but he thinks differently than most people. He is a true entrepreneur. Everything that he does is intentional and is focused on creating and building towards specific goals. I[ Read More ]


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