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Have a Freakin’ Goal!

As a business coaching pro, If I’ve said it once i’ve said it 100 times… Have a freaking goal! If you don’t know what you are working for… then how do you know what you are working for. It is not surprising to me that the majority of people I meet are following a pre-set path that culture has taught them is the way their life is supposed to go. They go to school, graduate the head off to, you guessed it, college. From there they graduate, get a “good” job, get married, have 2 kids, and settle into a life that they were pre-programmed to live. So many people put little to no thought into the life they actually want to live and how to get there. I know this to be true because this describes me, almost to a tee, before I met Clay Clark and Jonathan Kelly. I was living a life and I had almost no concept of the trajectory that I was working towards. To be honest, I felt stuck. Most people that I speak to, that are honest, feel very similar to how I felt.


If you don’t know what you are working for… then how do you know what you are working for.


I say “felt” because I have figured out a business coaching path that is going to lead me to my goals, and I was able to do this because I actually figured out what I wanted my life to look like in the future. From there I was able to work backward and come up with a plan that would actually help me get where I am wanting to go. So… my question for you is, “where are you wanting to go”? Are you wanting to travel the world, spend more time with your family, build a business or a platform, tell people about Jesus, or even just sit around eating chips and watching movies? I am not here to tell you what you should want, I am here to tell you that you just need to know what you want. Once you figure out what you want, it gives you a starting point for being intentional with your day to day decisions so that you make sure you are heading in the right direction. So I ask again, where are you wanting to go?

In our weekly staff meeting that we have every Monday at 9 am, where Clay Clark brings the entire team together for development, Clay informed our team that one of his business coaching purposes in having a business is to help us achieve our life goals. However, if we don’t know our goals, then we will just be coming to work every day and doing a job, versus working towards something we want. Today he had us go through an exercise where we asked ourselves the following three questions.

  1. What is my 12-18 month goal?
  2. Who am I surrounding myself with that will help me get there?
  3. How much adversity am I willing to push through to get there?

These questions are vital for every entrepreneur to ask themselves. You can finally figure out your goal, but If you stay surrounded by the dysfunctional environment that you have always been in, then you will not escape it. If you set a goal and surround yourself with great people, but give up after a failure (which you will inevitably experience) then you will not get to where you want to go. You MUST know your goal, surround yourself with people headed in the same direction, and determine to be the most resilient person imaginable and not stop until you get where you are going. As a business coach, I see clients all the time, check only one or two of these boxes, and ultimately find themselves giving up. You must engage wholeheartedly with all three. Determine today to engage with all three and watch your future start to change as you work towards a future that you actually want. Don’t settle for anything less.

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