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  • Greatness = Opposition class=

    Greatness = Opposition

    Every time you try to do something great, there will always be opposition. When you are chasing after your business coaching goal, no matter how small or large, there will be people who tell you that it’s not possible. Your friends and family will warn you of every danger and possible heartache on the path to achieving your goal and[ Read More ]
  • How College Has Ruined Your Brain class=

    How College Has Ruined Your Brain

    Memorizing can be one of the biggest time sucks. Although most of us at the business coaching office have had the concept of memorization hammered into our brain from preschool all the way through college, it is the biggest time-suck that exists. There is so much valuable time and money that is lost when you memorize or when you pay[ Read More ]
  • Give in or Become the Greater Force class=

    Give in or Become the Greater Force

    Every day that we interact with other people, we make a business coaching choice that we don’t often realize that we are making. Whether you are having your weekly team meeting, trying to save your country from communism, or simply being greeted at Starbucks, we all make this choice. This is the choice to either give in to the greater[ Read More ]
  • The Sales Cycle class=

    The Sales Cycle

    For some people, selling a product comes natural but for most, you have to train for hours and hours before you can consistently sell. Clay has built a repeatable business coaching system for selling that works if you implement it properly. Selling can be scaled out to you and your team when you implement the four steps. Rapport, Needs, Benefits,[ Read More ]
  • Time class=


    So often we (even business coaching team members) say that there is a huge list of things to do but not enough time. Our to-do list keeps growing but we never chip away at it. We constantly tell ourselves that we can never find the time because we are too busy putting out burning fires. The real test has come[ Read More ]
  • Do The Five class=

    Do The Five

    If you have spent any time on Google recently, which everyone is including me as a business coach, considering they are forced to stay home and are not able to work, you will often see a little informational logo at the bottom of This is the “Do The Five” logo and the goal of this campaign is to slow[ Read More ]
  • Tenacity is the Key class=

    Tenacity is the Key

    One thing that I have seen over the past week as a business coach is how the people who have had tenacity are always the ones who end up on top. While the economy is slowed down dramatically because of the fear of the coronavirus, the business owners who have wanted to succeed more than those who have given up[ Read More ]
  • The Necessary Need for Uncomfortable Conversations class=

    The Necessary Need for Uncomfortable Conversations

    The popular podcast host, Tim Ferris, has said, “A person's success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” Currently, there is a virus that is sweeping the world causing massive overreactions and panic. The Coronavirus is a new strand of virus that is a lot like the flu[ Read More ]
  • The Google Domination Equation class=

    The Google Domination Equation

    If I was to ask the common person if they have used Google in the past week, they would more than likely say, “Yes”. If I went a little further and asked them if they knew how Google worked, what determines what comes up to the top of the search results, and how to get a website there, 99% of[ Read More ]
  • The Business Conference of All Business Conferences class=

    The Business Conference of All Business Conferences

    The Thrivetime Show Business Conference that Clay hosts every other month is an incredible event that every business owner, who is willing to take the action needed to grow their business, should attend. The business conference is so incredibly different from all other business conferences that you have ever been to. You really do have to visit Tulsa, Oklahoma to[ Read More ]
  • Stay In Your Lane class=

    Stay In Your Lane

    One huge time saving tip that business coach Clay talks about often and uses every day is the concept of “Lanes”. You have heard the saying “Staying in your lane” and this is exactly what you should be doing as a business owner. You have to sit down, look at your schedule, and decide what is in your lane and[ Read More ]
  • Look at Your Finances Every WEEK! class=

    Look at Your Finances Every WEEK!

    This week at the Thrivetime Show, we have covered a lot about being profitable and staying on top of your accounting. Business Coach Clay talks about the 5 financial super moves that you must perform if you want to remain profitable and stay ahead of your expenses. Often times, we consider “accounting” as looking in the rearview mirror and seeing[ Read More ]
  • Yours Truly, The Disappointment Panda… class=

    Yours Truly, The Disappointment Panda…

    This week, working at the Thrivetime Show with Clay Clark, I have learned a lot about problems. So many of us are always searching for the one thing, the one job, the one business, the one source of income, or the one perfect employee to make all of the problems stop. Something that you can install into your life that[ Read More ]
  • It’s a Numbers Game class=

    It’s a Numbers Game

    Something that really hit home this week while I was at the radio show recording with business coach Clay and some other great people is that it’s all a numbers game. So many people look at marketing as a hugely daunting task that has no end goal. There is a goal, we just have to find it first. Here is[ Read More ]
  • Track Your Wins class=

    Track Your Wins

    As an entrepreneur, you will have many wins throughout your weeks and months. As a business coach, I see it all the time. As you grow larger and larger, your company will also have more and more problems. One way to combat these problems is by celebrating the wins that you have already collected from the past. If you want[ Read More ]
  • Stop Getting Stuck class=

    Stop Getting Stuck

    Dragon Energy - It is a mindset that you have to have as an entrepreneur. A mindset of “I will not stop, I will not move on, I will not sleep until I get this action item done.”   Getting stuck is one of the most common things I see as a business coach happens with business owners and in[ Read More ]
  • Shared Traits of the Super Successful class=

    Shared Traits of the Super Successful

    Since I started working with Clay over 3 years ago as a business coach, I have been able to meet a lot of very successful people including Clay himself. All successful people share a lot of the same characteristics and mindsets and it is easy to spot them. There is something else that all successful people have. Whether they are[ Read More ]
  • The Soft Selling Art class=

    The Soft Selling Art

    One of the great things that Clay teaches as a business coach is the art of Soft Selling. Soft Selling is where you are selling to your customer but they don’t even know it. There are many ways to soft sell your product or service and it is a must if you are trying to sell in this day in[ Read More ]
  • Write It Down! class=

    Write It Down!

    One thing Clay always teaches as a business coach is the fact that you have to document everything or you will lose your mind. Documenting everything from your passwords, images, videos, legal files, and marketing pieces should be mandatory in every business and in everybody’s life. Everyone has experienced the consequences of this at least once. It’s the classic case[ Read More ]
  • Business Coach | Work, Work, Work, Work class=

    Business Coach | Work, Work, Work, Work

    Since I have started working for Clay Clark as a business coach, I have been able to meet many successful entrepreneurs and watch many of them win at building their business. Every single person that succeeds at growing their businesses have one thing in common. They all have a completely different set of standards than everybody else. They all are[ Read More ]
  • Search Engine Optimization 101 class=

    Search Engine Optimization 101

    With search engine optimization, Clay teaches the mindset of domination. That means that you should be able to own all of the listings on the front page of Google for your desired keyword. If you want more people to find your gym in Joplin, Missouri, you would want to dominate the search results for the keyword “Joplin gyms”. Sure, you[ Read More ]
  • The Art of Closing the Deal class=

    The Art of Closing the Deal

    Having worked with many great business owners and business coaches, I’ve been able to see one common limiting factor that I have seen and that is closing the deal. Many times, we will receive a lead, call the lead, make a quote, and send the quote. Getting that far into the process is a great accomplishment but it is all[ Read More ]
  • Checklists Are Sexy class=

    Checklists Are Sexy

    One thing that Clay teaches in his business coaching book Start Here is the importance of checklists, guardrails, and quality control loops. These systems are all around us whenever we go into large businesses. If you have ever gotten your oil changed at Jiffy Lube you have experienced a checklist. The technician points at the screen and says “This is what[ Read More ]
  • Jingle All The Way…! Into Bankrupsy… class=

    Jingle All The Way…! Into Bankrupsy…

    We are currently in the season that is commonly known as “The Holiplagues” which is a combination of the words “Holiday” and “Plagues”. The reason for this is because most small business owners decide to decrease the time they are working and increase the amount they are spending. This causes an issue with everybody’s bank accounts because, if you are[ Read More ]
  • How to Close More Deals class=

    How to Close More Deals

    This week, Clay had all of the business coaches read a fantastic book by Jerry Vass called Soft Selling in a Hard World - Plain Talk on the Art of Persuasion - An Essential Handbook for Professionals & Small Business Owners. In this book, Vass breaks down in detail exactly what to do and exactly what not to do when[ Read More ]
  • Why People Buy class=

    Why People Buy

    I have always seen as a business coach that different people buy goods and services at different times for different reasons but have never known why they made their decisions. Business coach legend Clay broke down why people buy into 6 different reasons. When you think about it, it’s pretty incredible that you can break all of the reasons why[ Read More ]
  • Repeatable Systems or Death! class=

    Repeatable Systems or Death!

    One of the things Clay talks about in the BOOM Business coaching Playbook is that you have to create repeatable systems so that you can create time freedom. Whether it is signing for UPS packages or answering the phone, there should be a system for everything. The hardest part about the owner of business creating repeatable systems is the time[ Read More ]
  • Consistency is King class=

    Consistency is King

    One of the things that Clay focused on this week during the business coaching meetings was the fact that successful people love doing the exact same thing every single week. That doesn’t mean that your entire life has to be boring, gray, or lifeless. Unless you want it to be. This just means that in your business, you have to[ Read More ]
  • Outwitting The Devil class=

    Outwitting The Devil

    Every once in awhile, Clay will have us read a great book when he thinks the time is right for our business coach team to read through it. This time, Clay had us read a fantastic book called Outwitting the Devil by a man named Napoleon Hill and Sharon Lechter. Napoleon Hill wrote this “Article” right after he finished his[ Read More ]
  • Did Moses Really Use Spotify? class=

    Did Moses Really Use Spotify?

    This week in one of our 6:00 AM business coaches Meetings at the Thrivetime Show Offices, Clay was talking to everyone about the importance of having a best practice path for your employees to follow. Whenever you hire someone onto your staff to do something specific, you have to get it out of your head, onto something physical, and into[ Read More ]


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