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Greatness = Opposition

Every time you try to do something great, there will always be opposition. When you are chasing after your business coaching goal, no matter how small or large, there will be people who tell you that it’s not possible. Your friends and family will warn you of every danger and possible heartache on the path to achieving your goal and if you’re not careful, they will chain you down and drag you down with them. When people watch you take risks, they see someone doing what they wish they could do if they didn’t have a paralyzing amount of fear. They fill your head with “What if?” questions and possible disasters that could occur. You have to aggressively and violently push past this fear. You can not stop and listen. You have to keep your momentum going. 


Every time you try to do something great, there will always be opposition.


What I say this, that doesn’t mean that you have to do whatever it takes to prove the doubters wrong (get divorced, live in a van, sell all of your possessions, etc…) It’s a good business coaching decision to look at the pros, the cons, and to look to wise counsel before making a decision. When looking for that counsel, make sure they have already been where you are wanting to go. They know what it’s like and they can tell you the costs you’re about to be paying. If you are willing to pay those costs, go for it. Not every opportunity should be seized because not every opportunity is the right one for you at this time. If it is the right one and the benefits outweigh the pains, go for it with everything within your body. The next step is to throw on the blinders and don’t stop until you cross that finish line.

What I’ve found with every successful business coaching person I’ve met is that they make decisions quickly. This isn’t to say that they make irrational decisions because of speed, but rather that they don’t waste time when making a decision. If it fits the right criteria, go for it. Too many people get stuck analyzing a decision for years and they never make any progress. If you make a decision you can learn from it, adjust, and keep moving in the right direction. Everyone will tell you that it’s risky and you will accept those comments with a smile because you already know. You counted the costs and you know what the future looks like. You have thought 10 steps ahead and you have a plan. You have invested the time to seek wise counsel and you have your blinders on. You’ve burnt the bridges. 

Making big leaps like this can be very difficult to do. In all reality, they can be very risky as well. You must decide that this is truly what you want before you do it and not just someone else’s dream that you feel you must fulfill. It’s important to evaluate your goals regularly so that you don’t find yourself chasing the things everyone says you must have. You may find yourself realizing that this isn’t something you should be pursuing. Maybe your goal is to spend more time with your family, pay off your house, and drive a nice car. That doesn’t take millions and millions of dollars. Before you start chasing that big goal, first find out why you’re really doing it. Don’t find yourself at the end of the tunnel with regret because you didn’t take the time to ask yourself “what do I want to do?” If it is what you want to do and if it helps you to reach your REAL goals, hunker down, put on the blinders, find a guide, and don’t let doubt sway you. Get there and get there fast. You’ve only got one life to live. Don’t forget to live it.

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Andrew B.

Andrew B. currently holds the record for the youngest business coach on the Thrivetime Show business coaching team (he looks like he's 12 years old). But don't let his boyish looks fool you. He is married, currently owns a rental property and saves 35% of his income.

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