Angela J - Diary Posts

  • Showcasing A.W.E. class=

    Showcasing A.W.E.

    When it comes to working with employees or doing what you can to wow the business coaching clients you always want to do your best to showcase A.W.E. You not only want to showcase A.W.E. but you want it to become a part of you, how you act, and present yourself to your clients. Now let me tell you about[ Read More ]
  • How to Conduct a Meeting class=

    How to Conduct a Meeting

    Have you ever worked for someone or a company where every time you found out you had a scheduled meeting with anyone, you just absolutely dreaded it? Have you ever sat down with your family to try and hammer out what you’re all going to do for Thanksgiving, or who’s giving who gifts this year for Christmas, and then found[ Read More ]
  • Hard Work, Manual Labor, and Honesty Is the Key to Happiness, Wealth, and Satisfaction class=

    Hard Work, Manual Labor, and Honesty Is the Key to Happiness, Wealth, and Satisfaction

    If you haven’t already read The Gospel of Wealth by Andrew Carnegie, I would highly encourage you to go online to Amazon and buy it right now! That is exactly what I did a week ago, and over the last seven days have been reading The Gospel of Wealth, and taking notes, listening to what other business coaches have gotten[ Read More ]
  • Focus on Your Goals class=

    Focus on Your Goals

    This week I learned in one of our business coaching sessions how important it is to stay focused on your goals. That may sound cliche and most people hear that every day but you would be surprised at how few actually do it. As highly motivated and highly driven people, we often find ourselves chasing things that we call “goals”[ Read More ]
  • 10 Habits of the Rich class=

    10 Habits of the Rich

    Over this last week, one thing I did was read Rich Habits, by Thomas C Corley. This book walks you briefly the lives or troubling situations of three individuals. Each situation has to do with them losing their employment, or finding themselves in such a difficult financial strain. It then goes on to walk you through 10 habits of the[ Read More ]
  • Just Listen! class=

    Just Listen!

    One of the most important skills I think anyone can learn in this life is how to listen. Listening is such a powerful tool! It can mend relationships, build others up, and allow you to be a better business owner, business conferences attendee, leader, friend, or employee. Everyone thinks that it’s easy to listen to, but then about 30 seconds[ Read More ]
  • Having a Calendar is a MUST! class=

    Having a Calendar is a MUST!

    As my week passes on, one thing I am forever grateful for is my calendar and my to-do list. Having these two things with me helps me as a business coach stay organized, prepared, and allows me to set aside time for things that are important to me. Knowing exactly what needs to get done, what I have going on,[ Read More ]


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