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10 Habits of the Rich

Over this last week, one thing I did was read Rich Habits, by Thomas C Corley. This book walks you briefly the lives or troubling situations of three individuals. Each situation has to do with them losing their employment, or finding themselves in such a difficult financial strain. It then goes on to walk you through 10 habits of the rich.

The first rich habit was forming good daily habits and doing them every single day. The second rich habit is; Setting daily, monthly, and yearly goals, and then doing something to work on them each day. Rich habit #3- Engaging in Self-improvement every day. Rich habit #4- Devoting part of each and every day to your health. Rich habit #5- Devoting time each and every day to forming good, life-long relationships. Rich habit #6- Living each and every day in a state of moderation. Rich habit #7- Complete each daily habit/task, and adopt a “do it now” mindset. Rich habit #8- Engaging in rich thinking every day. Rich habit#9- saving 10 percent of your gross income every single paycheck. Rich habit #10-Controlling your thoughts and emotions every single day.


Most people when faced with a difficult situation often just react. Successful and rich people, think, evaluate, then react.


After reading this book, I would highlight or mark things that I enjoyed, or I thought I could implement more fully into my everyday life. One part of the book that I particularly enjoyed and learned from, was why the rich and successful percent of the population are stoic people. One of my favorite quotes from that book is “ Successful people are masters of their thoughts and emotions”. This means that when you go throughout your day, week, month, or year, whether part of your business fails, maybe an employee quits, or you had the biggest sales month yet, etc. Or despite jealousy, pettiness, anger, excitability or other emotions, a successful person who masters and commands their emotions will be consistent, and steady. Whether they have a great day or a horrible day, they’re still going to do what they do every day. 

Most people when faced with a difficult situation often just react. Successful and rich people, Think, Evaluate, then react. They give themselves time to ponder the situation and find the best outcome or solution. Being stoic is important because if you lead a team, or are in charge of employees, they look at you to be the consistent, steady one. If you were furious one moment, then giddy the next, don’t you think it would make it difficult to successfully run a business? Or even just your life? Successful people have total control of their thoughts and actions because they are constantly involved in productive activities, or self-improvement, which promotes positive feelings and allows their minds to be taken off their sadness or frustration. Once you are in control over your thoughts and actions, you become the master of your day, of your life. Being actively engaged in good thinking, great daily habits, and controlling your thoughts, not only keeps you out of bad situations, but it allows you to reach your goals because you’re not constantly riding this emotional rollercoaster of dysfunction junction.

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Angela J. is the manager of the Broken Arrow location of Elephant in the Room Men's Grooming Lounge. As a fitness guru, she is "on track" to be coaching several clients by the end of the year.

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