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  • Common Sense is Not Common class=

    Common Sense is Not Common

    This week at Thrive was very eventful because business coach Clay said something that really made sense when talking and dealing with other people. The phrase was "Common sense is not common." This was huge for me because what I think is common sense and seems like the normal thing to do is not what other people do. I thought[ Read More ]
  • Constant State of Distraction class=

    Constant State of Distraction

    Before my time here at Thrive I never really knew how distracted I was. I never knew the number of times that I got off task and would do something less productive. At my last job, it was a common occurrence for the other workers to start a project for someone or to be given a list of things that[ Read More ]
  • Conflict Resolution class=

    Conflict Resolution

    When I was at my last job it was common for the other employees to argue with customers. They would argue with them about the materials that we got or argue with them because they both thought that they were right. The biggest problem was that no one listened to what the other was saying, no one tried to resolve[ Read More ]
  • Delaying the Pleasure class=

    Delaying the Pleasure

    The big things in life always come after hard work, time and persistence. All of the millionaires and billionaires that Clay has interviewed as a business coach have all made their money after years of work. The biggest shock to me was the fact that Warren Buffett made 99.7% of his money after age 52. This was absolutely mind-blowing to[ Read More ]
  • The Holidays | Business Coaching class=

    The Holidays | Business Coaching

    This past week was Christmas Eve and Christmas for us here. The business coaching office had Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off of work. For the whole of America, they pretty much had the whole week and or month off as well. The Holidays are a great time to connect with the family in a way that only the holidays can[ Read More ]
  • Masterminds class=


    This past weekend Thrive had a business conference that we hold every two months. These business conferences are held in our offices where we invite business owners from all over the world to listen to Clay and other presenters. There are successful business owners who own gyms, plumbing companies, HVAC specialists, and many others who come to learn from the[ Read More ]
  • That “Big Break” class=

    That “Big Break”

    Before I was at the Thrivetime show business coaching program I thought luck was a real thing, I thought that everyone that made it big had a big break. People like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and many others simply got lucky and hit the jackpot of luck. That is what the vast majority of people think and therefore[ Read More ]
  • Comfort is an Illusion class=

    Comfort is an Illusion

    Before coming to Thrivetime as a business coach, I was someone who thought that I was growing as a person. I was going to college, working at my old job, and was getting comfortable with the way things were. That is where I had it wrong, and most people for that matter do too. When you get complacent that is[ Read More ]
  • You Can’t Handle the Truth! class=

    You Can’t Handle the Truth!

    The vast majority of people think that they can handle the truth or the way things really are. They think that they can handle the truth about the world. The truth about what other people think about them, about their ideas and about their work. The problem that people have when dealing with others is they simply sugar coat everything.[ Read More ]
  • Thinking Ahead with Your Head class=

    Thinking Ahead with Your Head

    The thought of having a plan or even knowing what to do in a given situation is a skill and an asset that many people pay for. Many people have been put into leadership positions not because they are good people or even well-liked, it is because they have plans and have the ability to plan all the way through.[ Read More ]
  • What it Means to Sell Soft class=

    What it Means to Sell Soft

    Before my time here at the business coaching headquarters that is Thrivetime Show. I had no idea how to sell, be persuasive, or overall use my words. I always thought that I was bad with my words, which did not help my cause. I thought that to use one's words to sell well was a natural talent. There are many[ Read More ]
  • What People Really Want class=

    What People Really Want

    Before my time here as a business coaching team member, I was a naive person who didn’t really question people’s motives or if they told me anything I took it at face value. I guess I still do this from time to time but I am still working on this. In the real world, there are lots of people who[ Read More ]
  • Me, Myself , and I class=

    Me, Myself , and I

    What I have learned this week really set into stone what I knew what I needed to work on but had no idea how to put it into words. It’s a skill set that 98 out of 100 people haven't mastered and do not think is a problem. The problem that I face and others in the business coaching program[ Read More ]
  • The Privilege of Thought class=

    The Privilege of Thought

    The privilege of thought is one of the greatest gifts that any person can get. We are all born with it and we all have the option to use it or lose it. Let us take a magical journey back to before I worked at Thrive on the business coach team and was surrounded by the average person. I was[ Read More ]
  • The Lowest Common Denominator class=

    The Lowest Common Denominator

    Before my time as a business coach at Thrive and before I knew a little about people management, I had no idea what to look out for. At my previous job, I head of fellow employees openly complaining about the managers, about their job and the customers. I never thought that I should say something to the managers, or to[ Read More ]
  • Penny For Your Thoughts class=

    Penny For Your Thoughts

    Before I started working at the Thrive business coaching program I was not really aware of myself, as in my strengths and my weaknesses. I was going through life never taking into account what I could improve on in my daily life. I knew there were ways that I could improve, but as far as figuring out what that was[ Read More ]
  • It All Starts with Just One class=

    It All Starts with Just One

    This past week at Thrive we had one of our two-day business conferences that Clay hosts every two months. It is a great opportunity for staff members, business owners, and business clients to hear what Clay and others that present have to say. There are many great knowledge bombs that are dropped at these conferences. Clay goes over all different[ Read More ]
  • What REALLY Makes the Dream Work? class=

    What REALLY Makes the Dream Work?

    What is one of the most commonly used phrases that children, teenagers, and adults use but is a huge lie? The phrase “teamwork makes the dream work” is constantly repeated in schools and everywhere else you go. They say that in order for anything to get done then it must be done with teamwork, cooperation, and fairy dust. However, more[ Read More ]
  • Living with Clarity of Mind class=

    Living with Clarity of Mind

    One of the biggest things that I learned this week, and better realized that I need to work on, is to be more precise with myself, with what I want, and where am I now and where do I want to go? There are many reasons why being precise is a good thing, it can help stop confusion, make sure[ Read More ]
  • The Important Middle class=

    The Important Middle

    Let’s take another trip back to pre-Thrive Ben and back when I was at Lowes and before I was able to learn the importance of the middle 70%. This was before I knew about A Players, B Players, and C Players. In Jack Welch’s book  Winning, he talked about something called the top 20%, the middle 70%, and the bottom[ Read More ]
  • Focus Until Mastery class=

    Focus Until Mastery

    Before I came here to Thrive I never thought I was too good at anything and was just bound to be mediocre. In full honesty, I thought I was bound to live a life of hard labor and never really amount to much. That was before I was at the Thrive business coaching offices, before I had goals before I[ Read More ]
  • Finding a Mentor is a Must class=

    Finding a Mentor is a Must

    In all my time working outside of this amazing place I was constantly surrounded by people that did not have the drive to do the right thing or to do what they said they were going to do. Before working at Thrive I thought that everyone told the truth about the hours they worked if they stole something from the[ Read More ]


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