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  • Let it Flow Through You class=

    Let it Flow Through You

    How to deal with difficult people who are angry, and illogical. With the election going on this business coach week it was all that anyone was talking about, who needs to win this state, who needs to win that state, and what is going to happen if Biden or Trump wins. There is a lot of division going on right[ Read More ]
  • Being Actively Engaged class=

    Being Actively Engaged

    One of the points from this week at the business coaching HQ was being actively engaged in the work you are doing. From what I have seen from my experience from managing people to simply working as an employee is that those that are actively engaged, and are not simply mailing it in, are the ones that make it. The[ Read More ]
  • What Am I Going To Do About It? class=

    What Am I Going To Do About It?

    One of the big things that Thrive has taught me during my business coach and was really set into my mind this week, was that taking action is key. I have talked about how not deciding on what to do is damaging to  your business and taking too long to decide or reach a decision is also bad. Taking action[ Read More ]
  • Stick to Your Guns class=

    Stick to Your Guns

    One of the main points from this week at the business coach headquarters was saying no to things that get in way of your goals. The successful in life are the ones that have goals and stick to the plan that they made to reach those goals. You know what you want out of life and setting a goal does[ Read More ]
  • Is It Worth It? class=

    Is It Worth It?

    A new business coaching concept that was introduced to me is that sometimes it is better to have an employee look for another job while the relationship is still good. What I mean by that is in certain companies there are caps that people can rise to. That might be a cap of a manager, a supervisor, or a CEO.[ Read More ]
  • Just Do It class=

    Just Do It

    This week at the best business coach program (Thrive) one of the main takeaway points is that no one wants to actually do action. When it comes down to it the vast majority of people will simply just talk the big talk but will not actually do it. I do not know why people do this, why they want to[ Read More ]
  • The Power of the Follow Up class=

    The Power of the Follow Up

    Being able to get stuff done on your end is a great feat. We live in a time right now where no one gets anything done by themselves. Being able to be self-motivated enough to complete a task like, finish reading a book, writing a book, growing a business or even learning a new skill. It blows my mind that[ Read More ]
  • Masterminds class=


    One of the big things that really struck home was the power of the Mastermind and how your business coach and your friends really do matter. The principle of the Mastermind is where you have a small group of people around you that can help you reach your goal without hurting or denying anyone their freedoms in the process. This[ Read More ]
  • People Do Not Change class=

    People Do Not Change

    People do not change, and if they do they do it slowly and begrudgingly. This business coach topic was the main take away from my week here working with Jon and Clay. Now, this might not be a bad thing if you have developed good habits, you have a strong work ethic, and you are willing to be coachable. However,[ Read More ]
  • Persistence Over Time class=

    Persistence Over Time

    Persistence Mixed With Desire What separates business coach people like Clay, Jon, Dr. Z, and the others that have made it, that have become successful, and who knows what they want out of life? Persistence, and not just regular persistence, but persistence over time mixed with a desire. Those who have been able to make money, grow businesses and hit[ Read More ]
  • Do What Must Be Done class=

    Do What Must Be Done

    What I have noticed this week while managing the business coach team is that people will drift without a manager and that most people will focus on the negative. Actually, from what I have recently seen, people, in general, will always go to the negative side of things. When it comes to mistakes of others, themselves, or when something is[ Read More ]
  • It’s Time to Decide class=

    It’s Time to Decide

    One of the biggest things that really stuck out to me this week in our business coaching meetings was that it is time to decide. Deciding is the biggest thing that holds people back from success. They are either over cautious or they are under cautious when it comes to making a decision. They try to either overthink the decision[ Read More ]
  • What Causes Failures? class=

    What Causes Failures?

    I have recently started setting aside time to read again. Not long, just 30 min of time in the morning or the evenings before the business coaching day starts. In the book I’m reading right now is Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The knowledge and principles in this book are absolutely amazing and I would recommend this book[ Read More ]
  • Reap What You Sow class=

    Reap What You Sow

    The principle of doing more than you are paid for is a foreign concept that many business coaching people fail to grasp. They try to skate by doing the bare minimum of what is expected. The thought of doing something for free or doing something that was not asked of you at work is crazy to some people. There have[ Read More ]
  • Enthusiasm class=


    Enthusiasm, this one simple word has both positive and negative connotations in today's world. This word can both be used to describe someone who has a business coaching goal, who knows what they want and is passionately pursuing it. Or, it could be used by someone to negatively describe someone who annoys them when the other person is going after[ Read More ]
  • Gotta’ Have the Drive class=

    Gotta’ Have the Drive

    One of the big ideas that I realized while working at the business coaching epi-center is that those that have done well all have had the same drive, the same passion for succeeding. It does not matter what drives you, what your passion is, all that matters is that you have one and you work on it. Those that do[ Read More ]
  • Communication is Key class=

    Communication is Key

    This week in all of my business coaching observances and my learnings something really hit home, even though it has been explained to me before. Some things I pick up super fast on and other things not so much. One of the main things that have taken me a while to get through my skull is that communication is key.[ Read More ]
  • Comfortable with the Uncomfortable class=

    Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

    The natural man is to be lukewarm. No one wants to do anything that would cause them to be uncomfortable. They want to get into a set of habits that are comfortable and will not break those habits and routines for anything. People know that in order to grow they have to do new things and do things they might[ Read More ]
  • Working Remotely class=

    Working Remotely

    This week here at Thrive business coaching was a great one! First, we were able to work in the office again, secondly, I was able to get back in the groove of things. There is a huge difference for me and for others when it comes to working at home versus working at work. The narrative is that people love[ Read More ]
  • Nothing is Easy class=

    Nothing is Easy

    Nothing in this world ever comes easy to anyone. The popular belief is that those that are successful got it easy and or they caught some lucky break. This is a belief that is causing more people to just sit back and either wait for a miracle, a lucky break, or the government to give them a handout. There is[ Read More ]
  • The Makings of a Man class=

    The Makings of a Man

    In today's day and age everyone is always trying to “do their best”, but what does that really mean and what does it take to be the best? When you hear stories of Micheal Jordan, Lebron James, Tom Brady, business coach, and many others, what do you think of? Most people see the game-winning shot, they see the height of[ Read More ]
  • Looks Do Matter class=

    Looks Do Matter

    This week at work things were settling in nicely from us not being at the business coach office. Since we have the ten-person rule right now, the SEO team has had to work from other places. It has been a very educational time for me. Keeping the team on pace and making sure that they keep their content quality up[ Read More ]
  • Over The Mark class=

    Over The Mark

    The biggest thing that separates the people that succeed and the people that do not is the goals they have or the lack thereof. Being able to know what your goal is and making sure that it is obtainable is what all the successful people have done. The people that do nothing with their lives are the ones that do[ Read More ]
  • The Great Divide class=

    The Great Divide

    This week as a business coach I learned a whole lot of past big scares in the United States. I learned that a whole lot of people die each day due to various reasons, which is very sad, but in reality there is not much we can do about it. We can not stop our whole lives just because some[ Read More ]
  • Shaping Yourself class=

    Shaping Yourself

    Before my time at this great place known as Thrivetime business coaching, I have often heard that you should not conform to the world. I heard that you should be your own person free as the birds. Many people say they live by this rule, but in reality they do not. They often conform to what others say they should[ Read More ]
  • Remember Where You Once Were class=

    Remember Where You Once Were

    When I first started here at Thrive business conferences I was unaware of how the business world operated. I thought that the only companies that were making it were the big companies like Walmart, Lowes, Nike, and so on. I had no idea that there was a proven path that could help small businesses grow. The longer I work here[ Read More ]
  • No Days Off class=

    No Days Off

    There is something magical about wintertime here in Oklahoma. It starts with the excitement during Christmas time, then it dies out when January and February get here. Not because it is further away from Christmas but because it’s the magical time of the year when everyone gets sick. Your mom is sick, your brother is sick, even your neighbor's cousin[ Read More ]
  • Everything Is Finite class=

    Everything Is Finite

    This week was a great week. It was one of the most productive weeks that I have had at the Thrive business coach office to date. Not to say that my other weeks were not good but this was one where I really felt it. This was the week I decided to really make that big sacrifice of two hours[ Read More ]
  • Just Be Who You Are class=

    Just Be Who You Are

    This week was a big changing point for me and the work ethic that I have been developing during my time here as a business coach. Ever since I started working here at Thrive I have noticed a shift in my life. I have noticed a shift in my work ethic, my personality and who I look up to. Something[ Read More ]
  • Common Sense is Not Common class=

    Common Sense is Not Common

    This week at Thrive was very eventful because business coach Clay said something that really made sense when talking and dealing with other people. The phrase was "Common sense is not common." This was huge for me because what I think is common sense and seems like the normal thing to do is not what other people do. I thought[ Read More ]


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