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Shaping Yourself

Before my time at this great place known as Thrivetime business coaching, I have often heard that you should not conform to the world. I heard that you should be your own person free as the birds. Many people say they live by this rule, but in reality they do not. They often conform to what others say they should be or what others have said they should do. They might have heard growing up that they will never amount to anything, be it success or any sort of skilled, high thinking job. Or they may have drunk the college Kool-aid and think they are being different but really they are just conforming. Being yourself is important and being self aware is also super important. Without realizing who you are and being self aware, you will be that crazy person on the bus that is talking to themselves. You might think you are on the path to promotion by being different and who you are, but if your boss is not impressed, or anyone else for that matter, you will quickly find yourself ostracized from the group and out of a job.


As a person you must be willing to accept that you are not good at something and that you will never get good at it.


When it comes to shaping yourself it is so very important to know what you are good at and what you are bad at. For example if I’m really bad at cooking food, I’m most likely not going to apply at a 5-star high end restaurant in New York. However, the sad truth is that this happens all the time. The reason I get into this is that as a person you must be willing to accept that you are not good at something and that you will never get good at it. Even though it might be your hobby you do on the side, making sure that you know it is just a hobby and that you will never be good at it is the first step of accepting this harsh truth. 

I love working here at Thrivetime because I have quickly found out what my business coaching strengths are and most importantly what my weaknesses are. Being a creative person and drawing a beautiful picture is something I will most likely never be good at. Realizing this allowed me to focus on what really matters to my personal growth as a person and shape myself into what I need to be and not what I want to be. This is where the harsh truth comes out and you must be looking for ways that you can improve, see ways you could have handled that differently and so on.  Being around the great minds of Clay and Jon are astounding what I can learn just by asking and also from seeing how they handle certain situations. Shaping yourself is an ongoing process that takes years of constant self reflection. It is an ongoing process that really never is done for those that are successful. The business coaching people who feel like they are done growing as a person are often the ones that need the most personal growth. 

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