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  • Hosting vs Domains – What’s the Difference? class=

    Hosting vs Domains – What’s the Difference?

    Welcome back to another edition of “Websites are way over my head.” Know that you are not alone on this one. But hopefully I can help simplify something that seems pretty complex. The topic at hand is, “What is the difference between a domain and hosting?” Here’s the easiest way to visualize it: Hosting - Your house. Domain - Your[ Read More ]
  • Lead with Numbers class=

    Lead with Numbers

    I’m one of the weird ones where I actually enjoy digging through numbers and finding where things aren’t lining up or aren’t going to line up if the current trajectory continues. That’s not to say that I still don’t run into some numerical snafu’s from time to time while in a business coach meeting, but for the majority of the[ Read More ]
  • 备份的原因 (One Reason for Backups) class=

    备份的原因 (One Reason for Backups)

    If you couldn’t understand the Chinese characters in the title, that’s okay, neither can your customers or clients when your website gets hacked. This is just one of the reasons that it is incredibly important to make sure that your website is equipped with automatic backups that save to cloud storage (i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). There are more reasons[ Read More ]
  • Do I Have to Use WordPress? class=

    Do I Have to Use WordPress?

    As the head honcho of all things websites for the Thrivetime Show business coaching program and Make Your Life Epic marketing agency, I’m, understandably, asked a lot of questions about websites and search engine optimization. I enjoy helping business owners better understand how their web presence can help their businesses grow and the part that they can play in getting[ Read More ]


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