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  • One Life, One To Do list, One Calendar class=

    One Life, One To Do list, One Calendar

    One of the most powerful life tips Clay and Jonathan have taught me as a business coach is to have one calendar and one to-do list and to carry them with me at all times. I have mentioned it before but I will say it again. Prior to coming to Thrive, I thought I could remember everything. Ha! I kept[ Read More ]
  • Eat A Big ‘Ole bowl Of Conflict Flakes class=

    Eat A Big ‘Ole bowl Of Conflict Flakes

    Oh, conflict. It's a subject that makes 99% of people recoil. Confrontation is such an unpleasant thing that most people just deal with the things themselves or tell every single person except for the person that it pertains to, all so that they can avoid one conversation or one man's opinion...that’s crazy! For something that is so widely hated it[ Read More ]
  • It’s Time to Recalibrate class=

    It’s Time to Recalibrate

    Quiet time, meditation, meta time, prayer, reflection, whatever you choose to call it, every single human needs time away from the noise. Time to reset your mind and decompress from everyday life. Now before I lose you, this isn’t some woo-woo feelings post it just literally boils down to you need to set time aside for your mind to reset[ Read More ]
  • Don’t Listen To The Voices Of The Average class=

    Don’t Listen To The Voices Of The Average

    This week I was able to witness some killer management moves by Clay and Jonathan Kelly. Without getting into all the details of the issues, Jonathan was trying to get to the root of a particular problem and when we found out how the mistake was made and who made it, me and another co-worker started to think of ways[ Read More ]
  • There Is No Such Thing As Neutral | Business Conferences class=

    There Is No Such Thing As Neutral | Business Conferences

    Recently Clay said something during a coaches meeting that really stood out to me. He was giving us all the feedback about our most recent business conferences. He said that one of the many things that makes us unique is the energy that we as a team give off. He said our energy at the business conferences was great but[ Read More ]
  • The Three O’s Of Successful People class=

    The Three O’s Of Successful People

    This past weekend we had one of our Business Conferences and it was fantastic! We had several wonderful guest speakers; Matt Kline from OxiFresh, Jill Donovan, founder of Rustic Cuff, and Michael Levine, PR consultant for Nike, Prince, and David Bowie. All of the people that spoke delivered powerful action steps and knowledge bombs. Something that really stood out to[ Read More ]
  • Don’t Let Pride Hold You Back From Success class=

    Don’t Let Pride Hold You Back From Success

    While talking about helping business coach clients sell things and get google reviews at a faster rate this week Clay said this “What matters more, your pride or succeeding?”. He said this in regards to clients that may have a harder time getting reviews or selling their products and services. Whether that is because they are scared to ask or[ Read More ]
  • Turn It On class=

    Turn It On

    This week in the Thrivetime business coach office we had a guest speaker at our all-staff meeting. Clint Howard, owner, and founder of Tulsa Fitness Systems. He came in to talk to us about health, fitness, and how his program is different than all the others. The Tulsa Fitness Systems system is "KISS", keep it super simple. Often Health professionals[ Read More ]
  • Growth is Contagious…But So Is Stupid class=

    Growth is Contagious…But So Is Stupid

    This week I had the opportunity to be pulled into an episode of the ThriveTime Show with Clay, a business coach in training Adrian, and a guy who was shadowing the office for the afternoon. During this episode, Clay asked Adrian and me some questions about what it was like to work at Thrive as a business coach and then[ Read More ]
  • Instant Managers class=

    Instant Managers

    One of the things I help my a lot of my business coach clients with is training their management team or hiring a new manager. One of the main concerns of many of my clients is that when they hire someone new or promote someone to a management position is that the new person won't know what they are doing[ Read More ]
  • Built Like A Tank…But Not In A Weird Way class=

    Built Like A Tank…But Not In A Weird Way

    As a business coach, I get to see a lot of similarities between industries. Services and products may vary, but one thing that never changes no matter the industry is managing employees or even just working with another human being in general. Every employee, every partner, every person always has an opinion or a feeling about every procedure and checklist[ Read More ]


    Goals are something we as business coaches spend a lot of time talking about here at Thrive and for a lot of obvious reasons. The great thing to me as a business coach is that no matter how many times we have a discussion about goals I gain something from it. Recently, Clay spoke to us as a coaching team[ Read More ]
  • Live Fearlessly class=

    Live Fearlessly

    This week as a business coach team we read Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill, which if you haven’t read I would 100% recommend this book. It has so many knowledge bombs it would be hard to pick one. In this book, Napoleon Hill is interviewing the Devil. An overarching theme of this book is that the Devil works through[ Read More ]
  • “And That is How You Do It” class=

    “And That is How You Do It”

    This week I watched the magic of psychology and sociology work together for our benefit. There was a tense (or what I then viewed as tense) business coaching conversation that needed to happen. Without getting into the details it was hard to get a hold of this individual and when it looked like we were finally going to get a[ Read More ]
  • Keep It Simple class=

    Keep It Simple

    Let’s take a trip to my College education days. Where I spent hours and hours cramming information for one test only to forget it the next day, going through mountains of busywork that amounted to nothing, and reading thousands of pages of vague information and ideas. A place where Lectures physically pained me and time seemed to come to a[ Read More ]
  • Only The Paranoid Survive class=

    Only The Paranoid Survive

    “Only the paranoid survive” a quote I have heard many times since I joined the Thrive business coaching program. Something that made complete sense to me from the get-go but just when I thought I was paranoid enough...I wasn’t.    When you arm yourself with the facts your metaphorical antennas will be higher and more aware. Checking for any sort[ Read More ]
  • The Most Proactive You class=

    The Most Proactive You

    Becoming proactive is not only helpful, but it saves you a lot of stress later on. Are you tired of just standing on the sidelines and watching your life pass you by? Every move or play is one that will not get you any closer to your end goal. Proactivity helps you assess and weigh out your options and be[ Read More ]
  • Amelia Shares Her Business Conferences Experience class=

    Amelia Shares Her Business Conferences Experience

    Our Thrivetime Show Business Conferences was this past week and it was awesome as per usual. It is a two-day intensive business seminar where business owners and entrepreneurs alike get together and learn more about the proven path to success from Clay Clark, Clay Staires, Tim Redmond, and other special guests. It is a time for learning actionable steps and[ Read More ]
  • Your Goals Are a Lot More Reachable Than You Think class=

    Your Goals Are a Lot More Reachable Than You Think

    We all have goals for each area of our life, whether that’s the big house, nice cars, white picket fence dream or something a little more unique like owning a larger than normal amount of animals ( personal goal of mine is to have at least 3 dogs, 3 cats, a plethora of chickens, ducks, guinea hens, and then ultimate[ Read More ]
  • Take An Inventory Of Your Habits class=

    Take An Inventory Of Your Habits

    Whenever I think about fine-tuning my life and becoming the best at business coaching I could possibly be,  I usually think about adding more and more good things. Get up earlier, exercising daily, sticking to a budget, etc… However, this week the entire business coaching team read the book Rich Habits by Thomas Corley and one of the habits  that[ Read More ]
  • You Can’t Become Wealthy If You Hate Wealthy People class=

    You Can’t Become Wealthy If You Hate Wealthy People

    Clay dropped this knowledge bomb early one morning this week; “You can’t Become wealthy if you hate wealthy people ”, and it got me I hate wealthy people? How has my viewpoint on the successful changed since coming to Thrive and becoming a business coach? It was a very eye-opening thing for me to think about because if you[ Read More ]
  • It Takes Time class=

    It Takes Time

    It takes 3 years to truly get anywhere, This week Clay focused on 2 things. Having goals (check) and having the ability to put your head down and do nothing but repeatable tasks for 3 years to get to your goals. This isn’t a brand new idea, they talk about this concept a lot in business coach books like The[ Read More ]
  • Know Your Why, Get up, Grind, Stay motivated class=

    Know Your Why, Get up, Grind, Stay motivated

    Motivation comes from two different places. A topic I have been thinking about a lot recently. We had the ThriveTime Business Conferences a few weeks ago and afterward I pointed out to Clay how I heard many attendees comment on how motivating it was to them. Clay, in turn, pointed out that in order to hold that motivation we must[ Read More ]


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