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Knowledge Bombs From Clay and Jonathan

This week there were a lot of super moves taught by business coach Clay and Jonathan, so buckle up, and take some notes. 

Repeat the last three words someone says…or ask them “what they mean by that.”

This is a power move I now use with my business coach clients. Jonathan Kelly taught me to use this move when you are looking for clarification or need them to talk for a little longer, simply repeat the last 3 words in the form of a question and they will keep on talking. For example, if a client were to say “ I am concerned with the effectiveness of SEO so then I would say “ effectiveness of SEO?” or “ What do you mean by that?” Then I just wait for them to fill the silence. This not only buys me time as a business coach but also gives me more insight to what the client is thinking and where they need help.  Don’t believe me? Try it out, on anyone, it always works. Even on those that know this move, it still works.


Optimize Your YouTube Account!

This is the hidden super SEO move. When you do a Google search for something, because Google and YouTube are owned by the same people, Google automatically pulls up the most relevant YouTube videos and places them on the first page. Not many people think to upload and optimize YouTube videos, especially if they are in a service industry like plumbing or outdoor living. It is so easy to win in this area because not many people take advantage of it. So take advantage of it. Simply take several short videos a week. They can be video testimonials from your clients as well as videos of you explaining your services or products. Then you simply upload your videos to YouTube and optimize them as follows “ Keyword | Company Name”  You will then want to include your company name and desired keyword in your description. Then use your keyword and one variation of your keyword for your tags. For example for Elephant in the Room we are going after the keyword Tulsa Men’s Haircuts so our video would look like this : 

  • Title – Tulsa Men’s Haircuts | Elephant in the Room 
  • Description – Are you looking for your next Tulsa men’s haircuts? Then come to the Elephant in the Room today! Your first haircut is just $1! Reserve your spot at or by calling 918-877-2219
  • Tags – Tulsa Men’s Haircuts, Men’s Haircuts Tulsa


Do something for 90 days to create a habit.

Consistency is something that Clay as a business coach is very passionate about. He and Jonathan have often said that anyone can be great for a day. It takes a truly persistent person to be successful. This week I was working with one business coaching client and we were working on implementing Meta time and scheduling. He had successfully done one week of it and noticed a huge difference in his day. I told him it would take consistency to make this into a habit, particularly 90 days to turn it into a habit. I was able to work with this client and create a visual chart that would help him track his progress towards this particular lifestyle change. At the end of the day you can have all the tools and resources available but it still comes down to you, making an intentional choice to continue creating those good habits. 


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