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How does Clay find the time to get it all done? Clay Clark guides you through his personal morning “Meta” time routine from the sunny beaches of Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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Get ready to enter the business coaching thrive time show the show me the help music like la costa drive time show podcast were talking about today is specifically met a time, and so many people will reach out to us and they’ll say how do you organize your day? How do you plan your day? How do you do it? How do you get it all done? How do you begin to create that momentum in your life, when you currently have no momentum? How do you begin to create and design a life that you love when you’re currently drifting around, not doing anything so I decided to do because I was in on st. Pete beach where west you, you grew up there and st. Pete beach in florida. Can you describe what the beach st. Pete beach hotel, st. Petersburg florida, that whole line is? There is one of the most beautiful beaches in the united states bar none, and so what I did is I got up everyday, like i, do at 4 a.M. And I got up, but I decided to do my meta time from the beach and I decided to film it to demonstrate what my med of time looks like so before I play the audio of my beachy meta time.

I want to ask you my friend:what is your morning planning time. Look like or go look like look like, or is it a night time planning time? What is that planning time? Look for you, mr. Wesley carter, the most of the time it’s in the evening. It’s my last thing. I do before work is review. My to-do list for the next day, because usually my phone and my e-mail are blowing up before i. Even wake up so i, don’t really I know I’m going to get into it not have time the morning so I do it the night before at the end of the work day. At a time when are you doing your mat at I’m at a time even mean bro i? Do my medit I’m early in the morning i. Do it between 3 and 5 I turn on my binaural beats to let a meeting the greek word for above, more critical thinking. So this is  business coaching reviewing legal document planning out my day being proactive, doing all the things that I can’t do around other humans have time to time so to do list, email, inbox, okay and my calendar. For the day you doing this I do this between 3 and 5 on any day that I want to be productive. Okay, so then you get up and listen to. Binaural beats.

What is that just the ones on the beach at 4 a.M. In florida? So what I did I realize I couldn’t feel me the complete dark cuz. It wouldn’t work so on video, so I got up. I, listen to my td. Jakes I went for a walk to get some things. I started filming this particular podcast each day at 6:15, so you’ll notice that as more and more people begin to wake up, it begins to become less and less dark. More and more people come into the screen, there’s more distractions and a hopefully you enjoy this audio, a clip of my med of time from st. Petersburg beach in sunny florida. Is there a lady former home of mr. West carter tulsa number one attorney winners, king.Com of time from me to you, I get asked all the time where and when do you find the time to actually design your f6 life when you actually find the schedule? Do you as a father of five kids as the host of a podcast as of author books, when you find the time to write the business coaching books? When do you find the time to do your outline for your podcast? When do you find the time to plan the epic holiday party wendy, when you find the time to write lyrical miracles? When do you find the time to do abc123 until I thought today? I would just do my meta time like I always do, but I do my all due amount of time today, while looking at the beach in florida, because this demonstrates visually and mentally what my med of time means to make soap. For me, my meta time is basically we’re ii contrast where I’m at versus, where I want to be on my six areas of life, the six areas to faith family finances, fitness, friendship and the fun.

So where do I want to be with my face today, specifically today at work, where do I want to be with my faith today? How am I doing on my face today? I mean I’m. Doing good, like my kids, know that christ as your lord and savior I feel like I am very aware of this is well and today, I’ve already gotten up and listen to my tv jake’s for the day is still asleep, but I’ve already listened to my td jakes sermon, it’s not a spiritual one-upmanship or it’s not a point, scorekeeping point system:it’s just that’s what I need to do every day for me to make sure that I’m staying focused on becoming the person I want to be in the area, my face family. Well, that’s what we’re on vacation for were here celebrating my business coaching wife’s birthday and our anniversary together, and so we’re here in florida, so right that time together. If that’s, what makes it I’m present too because being present is a present and today that I need to be percent involved with the kids and that, having a great time or on this trip and I need to be involved with them today, where we going to do today as a family or some fun activities that are written down, we’re going to go. Do jet ski’s raritan down going to go, eat some dinner tonight, I’ve already written down we’re going to do paddle boats, I just really stinks down, because if you don’t schedule, it won’t get done traction on the beach look forever.

This morning, it’s just been me on this beach here in florida, walk by the beach and I’ve just seen two, and there are distraction, I’m a distraction. You got a phone with a light on it he’s not trying to distract me and I’m not trying to distract him, but now I’ve lost my focus from what we’re talking about to this guy he’s a distraction. That’s why I do my medit I plan out my day? I, don’t have any devices on it’s just me a piece of paper thinking about my f6 goals, my faith, my family, next finance, podcast, I’m not going to get into all the specifics of the financial thing, I’m working on a really big opportunities right now, due to the fact that we were on the top 10 of itunes right now, you know so it’s cool I work hard for years, and we already have really really successful portfolio companies and they’re all doing great and they’re. All growing elephant in the room is right now in the process of franchising, we should sell our first business coaching franchise lord willing. I t I t r lounge., men’s grooming lounge on july 1st, and then we have after that tip top k-9. That’s the dog training, a brand that we work with. That company is in the process of franchising and again, hopefully, we’ll franchise of the first of next year. But please stop podcast, it’s being download about hundreds of thousands of people. It’s presenting a lot of opportunities just to do what I do anyway, but it’s scale down more business owners of the world is always had you know dozens and dozens per month reach out and say:hey. Could you help me grow my business? Could you help me make my business successful and we always wanted to take advantage of the opportunities to help a diligent do her, but now there’s so many more coming in and so financially just got to make sure that i, don’t agree to small deal, still take as much of my time as a big deal and not produce the fruits that I can produce on a big deal, because it begin focus on doing focus means saying no to the thousands of good things. So you can say yes to the great things printed, steve, jobs and so focused so I’m just thinking this morning or should I do that they are not.

And then here we go another distraction. This is why do men have time alone on a piece of paper? Cuz I can’t be distracted.. That neon green shirt is distracting, as runners run by there. They go they’re running their money and they’re out of the freezer, I’m done being distracted, so should I do this deal and I will write down today. The pros and the cons. The deal do I want to do it and maybe I don’t maybe I do but I’m going to do that. That’s what I would be doing better time. I just i, don’t want to bring up the particular situation. Aspects of the deal on this business coaching podcast, because I think that it might be hitting too much information. So faith family, finance, snap, fitness, fitness. You pass kiev fitness’s, something that I think is a kid. We don’t think about a lot of times if we’re raisins homes, where parents don’t shirtless service, a bunch of sugary beverage, if you don’t think about sugar and less were heavy as a kid like me to bring don’t think about wait until they’re, 30 or 40 or late twenties, but faith is all about being in their business I like being intentional, and it’s so important that we don’t eat carbs right, you don’t eat wheat and don’t eat sweets, then go pretty much lose the weight, but that’s intentional or eating so where we going to eat today. What are we going to eat today when am I going to eat today? What’s the last thing I’m going to eat today? What time am I going to stop eating today and I will write down my but I’m going to eat for the day as long as I do that I always eaten great, and if I don’t do that, I won’t I won’t eat healthfully, that’s the thing! So I got to be intentional, but when I’m eating right now, when are we going to eat? Where am I going to eat?

What do I need to bring to work today to eat that right, food and then working out when am I going to workout now I like to work out, i, don’t like to work out, but I did i, don’t like to work at this time, but my schedule I work out my trainer at 4 a.M. And i. Don’t advise that as a move. I would just say you need to schedule it with my current schedule and the things that I’m into and I do in the activities my kids have. It took me once I finish my work day at 5, there’s just never time to work out because it’s like you immediately take your kid to one event for my wife does or we need to pick them up from an event for my wife does or eating dinner or have distractions will come up, and it’s not thanks for me. I have to work out before the day starts of faith family business coaching finances, fitness friendship. This is one I could talk about today. Cuz friendship is interesting thing. What is a friendship, friendship? In my opinion, this is my pin. Friendship is where you have people that you’re, that you know that you spend time with and whose values you share. So you share the same values. You sure the same values, the same goals and you spend time with these people, write the eczema how to push back on a friendship with people you spend time with and who share the same values and you work together spend time together.

You talk together. Well, I have some in my life that last week, I used to spend time with and I used to share values with, but now I don’t share their same values and I don’t spend time with them and so to me now that we’re not spending time together when I was home values. This person is gone on to work at a different business coaching company, doing different things, but those things are doing are antagonistic order against what I’m doing, and so now we no longer have the same values. Nor do we spend the same time together and i. Don’t have the time in my schedule to spend time with every single person I’ve ever met and I can’t spend I can’t make it to do list this one month of the names of everyone, I’ve ever met, and then on that list say hey. You know what this month, I should call. Every single person I’ve ever met, who I ever was friends with so that way, I can continue to be friends with everybody, so I’m making the decision today to block the person from my phone block app for my email and block him out of my life, because I don’t spend time with them anymore. We’re not going the same direction and what they want to do is antagonistic to what I want to do so. Faith family, finance, fitness friendship, no fun define. What am I going to do today for fun? Well, last night I took my wife to two different restaurants that have live music and I announced at those places that it was her birthday and told the band she was turning 21 and she’s actually, but yet again in the band had a good time with it.

They put some hats made. Her laugh have their dance with my kids and had a great day. It was just exhausted. Today we’re going to get wave runners and buzz all over that just buzzing around the tampa bay area on jet skis were have a good time and that’s what you guys were doing. That’s that’s what we’re going to do. Some faith family, finance, fitness branch of fun and because against the podcast i, didn’t get into all the nitty gritty of just a business deal, but this is this is my this is about how long it takes, and this is me doing them at a time. That’s me, having done my medit I’m, so fat. Ask you today paid what are your goals for your faith? Faith again previous two recordings, podcast previous 2 filming this session previous-to having this many time with you today, I had already listen to td jakes, because that’s what I do every single day, t d jakes, is a charismatic pastor in the dallas texas area, so faith, family and family who might go spend business coaching time with today where he has been times where we going to do faith family finances. Is that a good deals at not a good deal? What should you stop spending money on today? What’s a bill, you should quit paying. What’s the deal you should pursue what’s up financial gilliam to go after? What’s at someone, you should cold call today to try a picture of your dick. What’s a new marketing strategy, you need to employ what could you do today to improve your finances by 1% faith family finances, fitness fitness, what it what it? What could you eat today? What do you need to eat today? We need to bring to work as the morning becomes more common to everybody, and it’s in the morning is when it’s dark. That’s when I get my bright ideas with dark. That’s when I get my bright ideas when the sun comes out, everybody comes out and the distractions you see. That’s what gets in the way of your actions. You see the distractions. That’s what’s good for gets in the way of your actions.

Yes I’m as I’m recording this using my phone on a video camera here and you can see the beach tubidy and you can see the boats going by in the background. You can see the way you can hear the waves, but you can also hear that there’s more and more distractions as it gets lighter outside on my bright ideas when it’s still dark and when the light comes out, the distractions come out in the distractions, getting with a way of the actions and all of a sudden that I end up being a real good person. That’s why I do my f6 met a time everyday. If you look at their lives at every successful person, it was every successful person. I’ve ever met. I just have yet to really spend time with a significant number of successful people who have not made it a habit to get up every single day in the schedule, their life to design their life to, to put it to be declarative about their schedule, to put it on the calendar to all these things, we just talked about I’m. Writing these business coaching down and I’ll put this into my calendar. For today. It’s so important i! Don’t just have these goals and going. This is my goal for the s6 golf with that into my schedule. Yes, I got to put it into my schedule, so faith. What am I going to do today already told you td jakes beaches. Are we going to go to we’re going to eat? What do I need to teach my kids today? What is the lesson they need to learn family? Be intentional, that our families, we must be intentional about our families. Faith family finances finances about our finances. What are we going to do today to get ahead financially? What’s one thing we could do today, it’s going to help us to improve financially family finances fitness.

We are work out today. When are we all work out today? When are we going to work out today and what a free today we, where we going to work out, are we going to work out where we going to eat today and are we going to work out? Yes, we’re going to work out today so went where are we working at and what workout are we doing today right? What workout are we going to do today and what are we going to eat today? Faith, family, finance, fitness friendship, i, just told you i, believe that our friendship is based upon you, sharing values with somebody and sharing time with them. We could argue about well, they used to be friends of mine or what they used to be your friend, that’s great I’m, just calling it what it is. Maybe your friendship has drifted into a acquaintances, because, if you’re not intentional., scheduling time, contential at scheduling time to stay in touch with those acquaintances, been overtime, jump just dripped into someone, you used to know sony’s phone number you used to have somebody who you used to talk to sugar, going to maintain a friendship with somebody you need to put in your calendar today, who do I need to call today was a friend that I need to call today, who’s afraid I need to call today. Is there a friend that I I use? Someone is drifting from a friendship into an acquaintance who do I need to talk to the who’s. A business coaching friend of mine, I need to call encourage or check in on and I just told you for me. I had somebody that I just thought about today. That has just that. We no longer work together. We never spend time together, their values are in 2/3, antagonistic to mine, and so we’re, not friends, we’re not so I’m just blocking them for my phone blocking them to my email, blocking them from social media.

Cuz I have nothing that I want to hear from them, because every time I do hear from them. It’s always a negative deal bright and fun that schedule time for fun. What is fun what’s up? We want to do today. That’s a fun. We could do something you would enjoy doing today. Maybe today’s the day that you go watch them naked mutation that you can watch your favorite movie. Maybe today you take your kids to movie. Maybe today you go for you watch your favorite show. Maybe you you. What is something you could do for funny, got to be intentional about scheduling time for fun like any other area of your life, otherwise it won’t get done and here’s. My final little encouragement and I may be a discouragement for somebody up yesterday. My daughter made a sandcastle approximately here, but each morning the waves they come in and the waves go out and the waves eat away everything we built. So even if you spend your whole life building some business castle understand, the waves are eventually going to take it away. The waves are going to take it away, you’re going to be dead soon and when you die, people are going to struggle to remember who you were your grandkids will remember, who you were, but their kids won’t sew. Your own legacy will only live on for one generation, so I would just advise you to not spend your lifetime building sandcastles at the waves are going to walk wash a way you can spend your time building a business instead of crate time, freedom and financial freedom and then spend the rest of your day your week, your month, just enjoying that time.

For you, you don’t need to spend every waking second of every single day working on building sandcastles, because if you do that, if you spend your time building sandcastles are going to be destroyed anyway, they’re going to be gone in the morning, I mean they’re. There is no way that anybody tomorrow, anybody today, even right now, except the people here in this podcast, that my daughter had built a beautiful sandcastle yesterday-waves, the road it and so you’re, going to be dead soon, you’re going to be dead. You’re going to be that when, when your dad, your grandkids will probably remember your name, then then, though, let’s be real, then the grandkids of your grandkids want no idea who you are I have no idea who my great-great-grandfather watson curiosity to figure it out either and that’s the problem:let’s, let’s not spend our life building a sandcastle, a business that is going to be destroyed by a rose and let spinner time relationships that matter. Let’s go, let’s see if we can create a legacy where you can take your family to the next level, you can teach your family new values may become a poverty mindset of family were no one’s ever been successful, maybe you’re. The person is supposed to change the generational cycle from a poverty mindset to a success mindset, maybe you’re supposed to teach your daughter or your son values, maybe you’re supposed to i. Don’t know what you’re supposed to do with a business is just a vehicle to help you go from where you are to where you want to be it’s nothing more. It’s not a sand castles going to last forever and that my friend was my morning meditation with you from the beach at st. Pete beach here in florida previous to 6 a.M. While the world sleeps, we’ve already had our maritime, and it’s always three to


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