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  • $ales, $ales, $ales class=

    $ales, $ales, $ales

    This week at the Thrivetime business coach Show I have learned more about the importance of sales.  Selling is the key part of any business if nothing gets sold then no money is made, if no money is made then no one gets paid.  Therefore selling should be the number one priority.  Unfortunately, there are many business owners and employees[ Read More ]
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals class=

    S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    In order to achieve success it is imperative to set S.M.A.R.T. goals.  This week at the Thrivetime Business Coach Show I listened to an older podcast of Clay’s from the beginning of this year.  In this podcast Clay interviewed Steve Currington and talked about Steve’s success.  During the interview Clay broke down why setting S.M.A.R.T goals is so critical to[ Read More ]
  • Checklists? Check! class=

    Checklists? Check!

    Checklists are an important part of a business coach business.  The argument could be made that checklists are an essential part of time and financial freedom.  The usefulness of a checklist starts with transferring the knowledge of what has to be done from the business owners' cranium to lists that can be used over and over again. After having even[ Read More ]
  • V.I.S.M class=


    At the Thrivetime Show this week I had the incredible opportunity to work in a successful business coach company.  Many states are closed and just now beginning to open however the great state is Oklahoma opened up the last week of April. Opening up the Broken Arrow salon meant that after a month and a half of being shut down,[ Read More ]
  • What Communication ACTUALLY Is class=

    What Communication ACTUALLY Is

    Communication happens when two parties understand what is being said. This week I have learned to better communicate with the business coaching team. I have also trained others on how to improve their communication skills. It is very easy for almost everybody in today’s world to assume what was said in a conversation instead of asking or clarifying. There isn’t[ Read More ]
  • Positive and Energetic class=

    Positive and Energetic

    This week at the Thrivetime Show business coaching office I realized how great a positive and energetic culture is to work in. Being around high energy and happy people is a normal part of my day to day schedule. Every morning when the grooming professionals arrive at the shop starts with a happy greeting. After all of the opening tasks[ Read More ]
  • Plan The Day class=

    Plan The Day

    Successful People Get Up Prior to 6 AM; They Plan Their Days It is true that all successful people get up prior to 6 am, they plan their days and no is an often-heard word if someone tries to add something, not on their schedule.  Unless it aligns with their business coaching goals of course.  Hearing the trade-ups that attributed[ Read More ]
  • Sustainable Schedule class=

    Sustainable Schedule

    Sustainable schedules provide a better quality of life and lead to more productivity along with less forgotten tasks.  A sustainable schedule is a dream schedule. What are some of your business coaching goals you’d like to accomplish? How many hours a week do you need to spend on your goals to make them happen? Block out the time to answer[ Read More ]
  • Showtime class=


    This week at the amazing business coaching Thrivetime Show I learned how important it is to have hustle.  When it comes to running a business whether you are running your business or managing someone else’s.  In business, you have got to be able to kick your energy into high gear.  The moment you step into your workspace is showtime. Showtime[ Read More ]
  • A-Players class=


    This week at the amazing Thrivetime business coach Show I learned about how incredibly important it is to remain consistent. Customers cast their vote with their dollars, customers choose a service or product they know they can trust and rely on.  To build and maintain trust with the customer it requires diligently getting up each day and providing a consistently[ Read More ]
  • Reviews are GAME-CHANGERS class=

    Reviews are GAME-CHANGERS

    At the business coaching Thrivetime Show, you will learn more about business and life than you ever did in school. Hitting the top ten on the iTunes business charts as well as being the highest-rated and most reviewed business coaching program are just a few reasons why listening in to the Business School Without the BS is a great decision[ Read More ]
  • Follow the Path class=

    Follow the Path

    This week as a business coach at the incredible Thrivetime Show I was able to learn even more about what it takes to run a business. When it comes to running a business while the entire world has shut down that does not mean that you can shut down as well. It is very important that business owners see what[ Read More ]
  • How SEO Really Works class=

    How SEO Really Works

    This week at the Thrivetime Show business coach program I have learned how search engine optimization works.  Clay has a phenomenal book about how search engine optimization works. In Search Engine Domination Clay breaks down what it takes to rank high in Google.  Why should business owners be concerned with their google rank? According to the marketing analytics firm Jumpshot,[ Read More ]
  • Thinking For Yourself class=

    Thinking For Yourself

    This week at the best business coach program across the globe I have realized something important about myself.  I am not fooled by propaganda and fear-mongering.  When someone suggests I should be scared I ask why.  I don’t just agree to be scared.  I don’t agree with the fear and downright panic all of the globe has decided to succumb[ Read More ]
  • It All Starts With a Great Product class=

    It All Starts With a Great Product

    Warren Buffet said “Buy into a business that’s doing well so an idiot could run it because sooner or later, one will,"  The key to the success of a business starts with having a great product, once you have a great product you’ll need to sell said great product.  Creating the product, selling the product, and providing any ongoing support[ Read More ]
  • Stoicism class=


    According to the dictionary, stoicism is "the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint."  Notice that the definition doesn’t say feelings weren’t felt or complaining wasn’t warranted.  Instead, stoicism is the ENDURANCE of adversity without the DISPLAY of feelings.  No griping, no rolling of the eyes, whimpering, no excuses, or justifying one's actions just[ Read More ]
  • Consistency in Leadership class=

    Consistency in Leadership

    This week at the Thrivetime show business coaching program I learned more about management and how to develop myself as a leader.  Last week I wrote about consistency and the diligence that is required to own and grow a business successfully.  This week I am typing about the consistency it takes to be a leader with an organization.  Management can[ Read More ]
  • Be Consistent class=

    Be Consistent

    It is important to be consistent in business.  Many people have the big dream of being their own boss and having their own schedule and it sounds like the best idea. It is only the diligent doers, however, that succeed in business; the happy hopers do not succeed, ask any business coach.  Immediately upon opening up shop for yourself, you[ Read More ]
  • Management = Friction class=

    Management = Friction

    Clay Clark himself says that without friction your success is only fiction. This week at the ThriveTime Show business coach offices, I learned more about managing people and how to hold people accountable. Managing is being in constant friction with people. Any time that there is something that needs to be done you can count on people to do everything[ Read More ]
  • USE A CALENDAR!! class=


    Are you living the life you want to live in?  Or do all of your responsibilities and commitments overwhelm your day? Are you constantly putting out burning fires and allowing tasks to be put off to the next day?  Lee Cockerell, the former head of Walt Disney who managed 40,000 employees says “Time management is not about managing your time,[ Read More ]
  • The 6 Superplays You Need to Know class=

    The 6 Superplays You Need to Know

    If you don’t have a product or service to offer, then you cannot and will not be successful. In order to earn a profit, you must sell something. Business coach Clay Clark says when you start your own business, the first step to starting a business is to grab a piece of paper and make a list of problems you[ Read More ]
  • Marketing is KEY! class=

    Marketing is KEY!

    This week at the Thrivetime Show business coach offices, I learned about how our marketing keeps us top in Google and brings in leads.  Marketing is a necessary aspect of any business that wants to be successful. Many people do not understand how to effectively market their service or product.  Clay Clark teaches how turn-key marketing will bring in leads[ Read More ]
  • The Power of Getting Pissed class=

    The Power of Getting Pissed

    This week at the best business coaching program in the universe I had another great week learning more and more about managing a team.  Specifically how to follow up and get pissed to get things done. Managing means you are regularly pissing someone off. Colin Powell, the United States Secretary of State from 2001 to 2005 said that “Being responsible[ Read More ]
  • Systems = Freedom | Business Coaching Programs class=

    Systems = Freedom | Business Coaching Programs

    This week at the number one business coaching programs in America I learned about systems in business.  Systems are the framework of success. Successful companies across the globe use them, from Chick-fil-A to Quiktrip to Wal-Mart.  Every part of these companies involve a system; hiring, training, managing, selling, answering the phone, even the cleaning has a system in place to[ Read More ]
  • Scheduling Your Life or Else! class=

    Scheduling Your Life or Else!

    This week we are starting at the beginning.  My husband and I have achieved one of our big financial goals.  Now that we have hit one of them we have sat down and written out the steps to our next milestone.  If it weren’t for writing out our goals my husband and I wouldn’t have turned our first home into[ Read More ]
  • The Power of Sowing and Reaping class=

    The Power of Sowing and Reaping

    This week at the Thrivetime Show business coaching program I saw the power of the law of sowing and reaping. It is not easy to take the time and effort to plant the seeds of success, tend to the seeds as they grow to be able to then reap the works of your efforts. To reap the harvest of time[ Read More ]
  • The No-Brainer Power class=

    The No-Brainer Power

    Why do we offer your first haircut for only a dollar at Elephant In The Room? Because it’s a no brainer offer you won’t say no to! Our incredible offer takes the worry out of trying out our men's grooming lounge and brings people in the door.  “It’s a dollar, what the heck, I’m going to try it!” Is what[ Read More ]
  • The Power of Diligence Over Time class=

    The Power of Diligence Over Time

    Over the past year and a half at the best business coaching program, ThriveTime Show, I have seen the success a diligent doer can earn, as well as the failure they can endure. Growing a business requires diligence and diligence is hard For many, as soon as things get tough they want to quit before they’ve made any headway towards[ Read More ]
  • Get Better At Selling! class=

    Get Better At Selling!

    This week at the Thrivetime show all the business coach teams read Soft Selling in a Hard World by Jerry Vass.  In Vass’s book, he breaks down selling into practical steps. I have read Soft Selling in a Hard World before and it increased my personal closing rate when I sell. Selling does not come naturally to people; you are only[ Read More ]
  • Looking at the Right Perspective class=

    Looking at the Right Perspective

    This week at Elephant in the Room we are adding artwork painted by members of the ThriveTime Show and Elephant business coaching teams.  The paintings can be seen at our shop on 91st and Yale. The added artwork compliments the handmade, industrial look of our shops.  Small details such as added artwork are always a welcome addition to business coaching[ Read More ]


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