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  • The Systems of Success class=

    The Systems of Success

    Reading the Boom book for business coaches this week I went over step nine which covers the steps to create a system of success. At Elephant In The Room, I have 3 checklists, each listing the tasks I need to complete.  I have a daily, weekly, and monthly checklist. All of the tasks managers or business coaches need to complete[ Read More ]
  • Stop Invoicing! class=

    Stop Invoicing!

    This week in the business coaching I learned the huge benefits of taking payment upfront for services rendered.  Many times it is tempting to just send an invoice instead of asking for payment upfront. First, you finish a job or service and when it comes time for payment you send an invoice, then comes the task of taking payment a[ Read More ]
  • A Business Coach Review on Outwitting the Devil class=

    A Business Coach Review on Outwitting the Devil

    This week at the ThriveTime Show, Clay asked the business coach team to read Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill.  Outwitting the Devil is a powerful book that I wish I had read years ago. Every page I listened to and read held nuggets of wisdom and truth.  In fact, I just finished the book but will be picking it[ Read More ]
  • The Power of Saving class=

    The Power of Saving

    Finances.  Over the past year working with Clay and the business coaching team, I have learned many life tips that have changed the way I do things at work and in my personal life.  The first biggest tip was to track our spending and the second to start automating our savings. I always paid bills and made sure to pay[ Read More ]
  • Having a Group Interview | Business Conferences Takeaways class=

    Having a Group Interview | Business Conferences Takeaways

    At the Thrivetime Show business conferences, one of the many takeaways I received is how important having a group interview is. This process for many business owners is a huge help.  It sounds like such a large task but it really is a time-saver that only takes one hour a week.   The group interview is held every week at the[ Read More ]
  • The Power of Intentional Meta Time class=

    The Power of Intentional Meta Time

    Meta Time has saved my sanity. Before I started working with Clay and the business coaching team, I had never planned out a day before or actually blocked out time for my responsibilities. The expectation that I had was “Oh... I’ll remember to do that later.” After spending time at the Thrivetime Show and with Clay, I’ve come to figure[ Read More ]
  • Choosing to Make Your Dreams Happen class=

    Choosing to Make Your Dreams Happen

    This week I learned about choosing to make your dreams happen. Not in a, one morning you wake up and poof you have your dream life! I’m talking about the journey to the mountain. My husband and I recently made a decision to make one of our dreams a reality by purchasing our 1st dream home. We had originally talked[ Read More ]
  • The Power of Rich Habits class=

    The Power of Rich Habits

    This month Clay had all of the business coach team read Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals. There are 10 habits that Thomas Corley gives for anyone looking to live a successful life. This week I implemented 2 of the Rich Habits into my schedule. The first one was Rich Habit #1: I will form good daily[ Read More ]


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