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This week at the amazing Thrivetime business coach Show I learned about how incredibly important it is to remain consistent. Customers cast their vote with their dollars, customers choose a service or product they know they can trust and rely on.  To build and maintain trust with the customer it requires diligently getting up each day and providing a consistently great product or service. When a business proves consistent with the quality of its work the customers will keep building their trust in the brand. 

Customers who are expecting excellence will come to accept nothing less.  Businesses will find that it is difficult to grow and maintain a customer base if there are constant flaws with the product or service provided.  To continually provide great quality work requires expecting excellence from your team.  Steve Jobs said that “people are not used to being held to a standard of excellence.” This means that the majority of employees you are interacting with are not accustomed to having to show up, bring their A-game, and to do so day after day. This is where the leader’s acceptance of nothing but excellence is the only thing keeping the products and services excellent.


When a business proves consistent with the quality of its work the customers will keep building their trust in the brand.


The Thrivetime Show is an excellent example of how to maintain a team of A-players which in turn attracts other A players.  At the Thrivetime business coach Show, there are consistently interviews with potential new hires going on.  Everyone knows where they stand and what is expected of them.  When team members choose not to meet expectations no slack has to be picked up by people who are meeting expectations, instead B & C players are not kept on the team.  This may sound harsh but the reality is that when someone chooses in their mind to bring in half baked work and not to be reliable this causes A players to have to pick up their slack and soon you won’t have any A-players left on your team.  All-Star players chose to work with other A-players and nothing less.

Customers pick up on who they can rely on when using your business services and if the customer continually finds that the ball is being dropped or the quality is lacking they will choose a competitor.  This is why consistent excellence in the quality of the product and service are important.  Showing up early each and every day, ready with a happy attitude, and bringing great service gets noticed by your customers and the team.  It is incredible how quickly the culture of a business can change just by one bad seed. Don’t waste time continually rooting out and plucking out the bad seeds.

I am thankful to Jon Kelly for being an example of what to expect from a team as well as how to develop your team and help them grow.  Businesses cannot let their guard down when it comes to continually improving the quality of work provided as well as the expectations of the team.  When you work with a team that is committed to producing results consistently you will find a world of difference to that of a team that repeatedly misses deadlines and cannot be trusted for their work.  Build and maintain a reputation for providing excellence in all that you do.  The habit of going above and beyond will bring success in your endeavors.   

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Mannalis B.

Mannalis B. is the "Super Manager" for Elephant in the Room Men's Grooming Lounge and the wife of the youngest Thrivetime Show coach - Andrew B. She is "Manna" for the Elephant team, providing all of the managerial sustenance that they need.

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