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Marketing is KEY!

This week at the Thrivetime Show business coach offices, I learned about how our marketing keeps us top in Google and brings in leads.  Marketing is a necessary aspect of any business that wants to be successful. Many people do not understand how to effectively market their service or product.  Clay Clark teaches how turn-key marketing will bring in leads for businesses and how important marketing your business is.


The first part of marketing your product or service is to get in front of future buyers. 


“No one woke up with a burning desire to buy from you today.”
– Clay Clark


The first priority is to get in front of the buyer as quickly as possible. If no one knows about your business then it is next to impossible to sell your product or service.  According to Forbes, 88% of consumers read reviews before buying. Forbes also highlights that “50% of all offline purchases were preceded by reading an online review.” The best way to the best way to attract buyers to your business is by showing up first in Google.  If you search Tulsa men’s haircuts in Google Elephant In The Room comes up first. Our grooming lounge always comes up first and always will come first for Tulsa men’s haircuts. Why will the Elephant In The Room always come up first? Our website has the most content and the most reviews over any other men’s salon.  Why do we care to come up first on Google for men’s haircuts? 88% of people look at the reviews before buying!


The second part of marketing is once people have found your business then they need to be wowed. 

Today, business is more competitive than ever, once you have your client in the door it is your turn to take the initiative and offer a no brainer.  No brainers are always for first-time visits. The number one response I receive from people about the one-dollar first haircut is unbelief. When a client comes in for an appointment at Elephant in the Room they receive a complimentary beverage, we grab a cookie and provide a tailored haircut.  Right after the haircut is the shampoo room. Clients are styled up and brought back up to the front where I get asked again if everything was just a dollar for today. The answer yes is followed by the question: Do three or four weeks work better for you? Our business coach clients enjoy their experience so much the first time that they are coming back for their next haircut.

So far we have made our way to the top of Google and consumers can now find us, we have a no brainer deal that is too crazy to pass up, and finally, we are repeating steps one and two without stopping. We don’t ever stop uploading content to the website or asking for video reviews.  Our $1 first haircut will always be the craziest no brainer on the internet. The combination of these three steps keeps our Men’s Grooming Lounge alive. Subscribe to the business coach podcast today to listen and learn more about the Thrivetime Show!! 

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Mannalis B. is the "Super Manager" for Elephant in the Room Men's Grooming Lounge and the wife of the youngest Thrivetime Show coach - Andrew B. She is "Manna" for the Elephant team, providing all of the managerial sustenance that they need.

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