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Black and White Perspective

There is an image out there that depicts 2 men arguing about a number on the ground. On one side one of the men is adamant that it is a 9 and the other man, who is standing across from the first man, is arguing that it is 6. To each of them, they believe that they are correct because of where they stand. The original intent of this image was to convey that everyone is entitled to their own perspective and opinion and we should not argue with them because we do not stand where they stand. We should simply accept each other’s opinions as truths. Now the issue I as a business coaching professional have with this image is that when this number was written it was either intended to be a 6 or a 9. So one of those men is wrong. The argument of “just because you are right does not make me wrong” is complete trash. There is always a right or a wrong, a black or white, for or against, a winner or a loser. I do not need to simply accept what I am being told because someone else is passionate about it. The world is full of many voices, the media, pastors, friends, family members, and neighbors. They will ALL have an opinion, and they will all be different. So it is so incredibly important that you form your own opinions. You orient yourself with FACTS and stick to them regardless of what those around you may say. 


I do not need to simply accept what I am being told because someone else is passionate about it.


This is incredibly important that every person needs to grasp. If you don’t use facts to form your opinions you become a sheeple (shee·ple) – people compared to sheep in being docile, foolish, or easily led. As a business coaching professional, I see how this will directly impact a business owner’s livelihood. Often business owners have to swim upstream or fight for what is right. Business coaching professional Clay Clark has always taught me and the other business coaches that whether it be against the government or family members there is always a fight to fight when you own a business. You may have to fight your employees to get them to follow checklists or get Google reviews, or perhaps you have to sacrifice personal time to build your business and get harassed for not having “life balance”. The point is you have to understand that the facts, that checklists work, Google reviews bring in business, you have to put in the work to get the reward. Once you understand you just have to tune out all the other voices. 

This week I have experienced a lot of negative feedback for the stance I have taken on certain topics and that is okay because I know that every one that is yelling at me telling me that my opinion is wrong or that “it is a 6!” I can rest assured knowing that I have done my research I know the facts and I know that it is indeed a 9. Just because someone is passionate does not make it right. There is always one right and one wrong. The world is black and white, not grey. 

To check out the picture I am referring to go here – 

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Amelia S.

Amelia S. is a business coach for the Thrivetime Show coaching team and is married to SEO jedi Ben S. Don't let her smile fool you...she means business when it comes to growing businesses.

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