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The Thrivetime Business Conference, Taking the ‘E’ out of ‘Emotion

This past weekend we had our February business conference. This Conference was smaller than the previous conference but I loved that it was. I have noticed that when we have 100 conference attendees verses 300 Clay and the other speakers are able to interact much more with all of the conference attendees. They are able to answer more one on one questions, specific to that individual’s business. I love watching my clients and other people get actual, actionable, steps to grow their business and reach their goals. We had two particular clients who came to our business conference for the first time. They stayed through Monday and were able to shadow Clay and the team, and while they were there we were all able to ask them questions about what made this business conference different than the other conferences they had attended. It was great to hear that they both had very similar answers. They both said that the biggest thing that made us stand apart from the other conferences was that we gave the actual steps that they needed to take to make their business successful. It was not a conference about feelings and motivation but about action, which they both said they didn’t find anywhere else, and even better they didn’t have to be upsold to learn any of it. 

As I was reflecting on this I thought about something that Clay has talked about on several occasions, and that is that to be successful you have to take the ‘e’ out of ‘emotion’ so that you are left with only ‘motion’. Emotion prevents motion and motion equals success. The thing is it is so much easier for us to naturally focus on the emotion of our current situation vs the action that is needed to take. Success comes from taking consistent action, no matter the case. We can not simply watch motivational youtube videos all day and expect to somehow become successful from that. We have to actually take action and work towards our goals. Something that we often deal with as a business coach is the emotional roller coaster that our clients go through when owning a business, and it is our job to help coach them through those moments and help them push through and take the needed action. Clay also teaches that we don’t need to avoid all emotion or become robots but we should focus on positive emotions, such as humor. Focusing on negative emotions will only hinder action. 


It was not a business conference about feelings and motivation but about action, which they both said they didn’t find anywhere else, and even better they didn’t have to be upsold to learn any of it.


What is so great about the ThriveTime Business Conference is that that is exactly what it is, in a nutshell. It is a conference created around actionable steps for real business owners. It is the proven path to success, no beach balls, no fluff, no upsells, or long motivational speeches. It is motivational but in the sense that it focuses on the positive emotions such as humor and high energy. It is a place where you come to learn what actions to take and leave feeling motivated because you have the answers you need. 

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