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Emotions are Crap

Emotions. Everyone has them. They are crap.

Let me explain. Emotions block Motions and motions are required to be successful. Successful people don’t take mental health days.  Successful people don’t break down because they feel overwhelmed. Successful people don’t make decisions based upon emotions. They gather the facts and they act. Successful people don’t get offended…..noticing the trend yet? Do you want to be successful? You have to stop being emotional. Business coaching is all about making sure my business coach clients take action. The only thing that I have seen stop my clients from taking the needed action is some sort of emotion. If you are going to let every little thing bother you then entrepreneurship is not for you. As a business owner, you will experience betrayal, lies, and an incredible amount of rejection. 

This week business coach Clay stressed the importance of knowing that emotions are crap. That feeling stressed, sad, or overwhelmed are all excellent ways to get stuck. When we are business coaching we need to help our clients shut down those emotions and act. Entrepreneurs define what needs to be down, take action, measure the results, refine the process and repeat. Whereas people who are not business owners tend to define what needs to be done, refine the process, define again, refine again, and repeat forever. People don’t want to take action because they are scared of the outcome (emotion) or too nervous to take the needed action (also an emotion). It’s very easy to want to play business, to do the “fun” part of creating a website, business cards, and other branding materials. But eventually, you have to start selling some crap. And that’s where emotions tend to hold people back. 


So stop talking about it, make those sales calls, write your book, charge your clients a fair price, ask for Google reviews, just do the thing!


Don’t overthink it, just act. Everyone is going to have something sad or difficult to happen to them. Just because you are a business owner doesn’t mean that you are exempt from all of life’s difficulties, in fact, one could argue that as a business owner you get more (yay!). So it is vital that you learn how to push all those feelings aside and do what needs to be done. Your reward is that you get to hit your goals, whatever they may be. 

So weigh the upside and downside of the action you need to take. What is the best-case scenario and what is the worst? This is one of Clay’s business coaching super moves. Look at the pros and cons (briefly) and then act. You can always adjust if need be. But you will absolutely 100% not hit your goals if you just sit around having feelings about it. Success only comes from taking action. So jump! Ready, fire, aim! I have seen this way of living to improve my life exponentially. I was able to buy a house. I was able to start a family. I was able to start a business. None of that would have been able to happen if I let every business coach rejection or worry slow me down. 

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Amelia S.

Amelia S. is a business coach for the Thrivetime Show coaching team and is married to SEO jedi Ben S. Don't let her smile fool you...she means business when it comes to growing businesses.

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