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There Is No Such Thing As Neutral | Business Conferences

Recently Clay said something during a coaches meeting that really stood out to me. He was giving us all the feedback about our most recent business conferences. He said that one of the many things that makes us unique is the energy that we as a team give off. He said our energy at the business conferences was great but then Clay said: “There is no such thing as neutral energy if you aren’t positive you are negative.” He was speaking to the energy that you put off on a day-to-day basis. 

Something that Jonathan says frequently is that it is really easy to be excellent for a day or a week, or even a month but true excellence comes with consistency. The same goes for giving off good, high energy vibes. Anyone can be outgoing and energetic for a day or even a week, but the true benefit from comes from giving off that type of energy on a daily basis. For some people, this comes more naturally than others. For extroverts, this would be considered “easier” than for introverts. What has been great for my learning is seeing that like myself Clay is an introvert but manages to always put off positive energy. No matter where he is; the car rental place, the grocery store, the gas station, or the office he always manages to make the room more positive than it was before. This is a skill that is so important to so many aspects of running a business. The main two being sales and managing employees. Without the ability to energize those around you or be able to build rapport with future customers life will be much more difficult for you. Clay said it best when he said: “if you choose to be quiet, you will be poor”.


“There is no such thing as neutral energy if you aren’t positive you are negative.”


As I was thinking about this throughout the week after the business conferences I thought about how the basis of this principle is a part of every successful person’s life. Meaning there is no in-between. There are no grey areas in life, no half-done projects in the lives of the successful. You either did it or you didn’t, you were on time or you weren’t, you agree or disagree. The point is successful people are polarized in their opinions.  Jonathan Kelly recently wrote an article about this same subject titled “Love It Or Hate It, There’s Power In Polarity” In this article, he dives into the polarity of people like Donald Trump and Kanye West. He ends the article with a powerful sentence that reads “Stop living your life in the middle. Stand for something. Take on the fight. Divide the masses. You just might make an impact.” 

So start living your life on a side, no more fence-sitting. Decide to get up at four, form your opinions and stick to them, and decide to intentionally have positive energy. Making this and other decision like this will benefit your business life and personal life more successful and happier.

If you would like to check out Jonathan’s article you can check it out here: 

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